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Nicholson, W. Keith - Introduction to Abstract Algebra, ebook

Introduction to Abstract Algebra

Nicholson, W. Keith


—Zentralblatt MATH
The Fourth Edition of Introduction to Abstract Algebra continues to provide an accessible approach to the basic structures of abstract algebra: groups, rings, and fields. The book's unique presentation

Roffe, Jon - Abstract Market Theory, ebook

Abstract Market Theory

Roffe, Jon


Table of contents
1. Introduction — For an Abstract Market Theory
Jon Roffe
Part I. The Being of the Market
2. Probability and Contingency
Jon Roffe
3. From Price to the Market
Jon Roffe
4. The Writing of Price
Jon Roffe
5. The Intensive Pricing Surface
Jon Roffe
Part II. Realization

Hackett, Paul M.W. - Psychology and Philosophy of Abstract Art, ebook

Psychology and Philosophy of Abstract Art

Hackett, Paul M.W.


Table of contents
1. Defining Two-Dimensional Abstract Art
Paul M. W. Hackett
2. Theorizing Perception
Paul M. W. Hackett
3. Expanding Theoretical Complexity
Paul M. W. Hackett
4. Perceptual Content, Process and Categorial Ontologies
Paul M. W. Hackett
5. Mapping Sentence and Partial Order

Craig, William Lane - God and Abstract Objects, ebook

God and Abstract Objects

Craig, William Lane


Table of contents
Part I. The Problematic
1. Introduction
William Lane Craig
2. Theology Proper and Abstract Objects
William Lane Craig
3. The Indispensability Argument for Platonism
William Lane Craig
Part II. Realist Solutions
4. Absolute Creationism
William Lane Craig
5. Non-platonic

Gia, Quoc Thong Le - Frames and Other Bases in Abstract and Function Spaces, ebook

Frames and Other Bases in Abstract and Function Spaces

Gia, Quoc Thong Le


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Frames: Theory and Practice
Isaac Pesenson
Part II. Frames in Abstract Spaces
2. Dynamical Sampling and Systems from Iterative Actions of Operators
Akram Aldroubi, Armenak Petrosyan
3. Optimization Methods for Frame Conditioning and Application to Graph Laplacian

Schilhab, Theresa - Derived Embodiment in Abstract Language, ebook

Derived Embodiment in Abstract Language

Schilhab, Theresa


Table of contents
1. Introduction to the Book
Theresa Schilhab
2. Interactional Expertise
Theresa Schilhab
3. Grounded Cognition
Theresa Schilhab
4. Concrete and ‘Abstract’ Knowledge
Theresa Schilhab
5. Derived Embodiment and Interactional Expertise
Theresa Schilhab
6. Mental Applications

Ainsbury, Elizabeth A. - Extended Abstracts Fall 2015, ebook

Extended Abstracts Fall 2015

Ainsbury, Elizabeth A.


Table of contents
Part I. Biomedical Big Data
1. Extreme Observations in Biomedical Data
Concepción Arenas, Itziar Irigoien, Francesc Mestres, Claudio Toma, Bru Cormand
2. An Ordinal Joint Model for Breast Cancer
Carmen Armero, Carles…

Díaz, Josep - Extended Abstracts Summer 2015, ebook

Extended Abstracts Summer 2015

Díaz, Josep


Table of contents
Part I. Strategic Behavior in Combinatorial Structures
1. On the Push&Pull Protocol for Rumour Spreading
Hüseyin Acan, Andrea Collevecchio, Abbas Mehrabian, Nick Wormald
2. Random Walks That Find Perfect Objects and…