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Grossman, Seth D. - Personality Disorders in Modern Life, ebook

Personality Disorders in Modern Life

Grossman, Seth D.

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The most thorough book of its kind, this Second Edition is a powerful, practical resource for all trainees and professionals in key mental health fields, such as psychology, social work, and nursing.

Beidel, Deborah C. - Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis, ebook

Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis

Beidel, Deborah C.

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The most up-to-date coverage on adult psychopathology
Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis, Fifth Edition offers comprehensive coverage of the major psychological disorders and presents a balanced integration of empirical data and diagnostic criteria…

Bruno, Frank J. - Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide, ebook

Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide

Bruno, Frank J.


What are the two basic psychological dimensions of emotions? How do you define abnormal behavior? Is extrasensory perception real? What is Viktor Frankl known for? With Psychology: A Self-Teaching Guide, you'll discover the

Matsumoto, David - The Handbook of Culture and Psychology, ebook

The Handbook of Culture and Psychology

Matsumoto, David


Culture and Psychology at a Crossroad: Historical Perspective and Theoretical Analysis, John Adamopolous and Walter J. Lonner 3. Individualism and Collectivism: Past, Present, and Future, Harry C. Triandis 4. Culture, Science, and Indigenous Psychologies: