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Powers, Rod - ASVAB For Dummies, ebook

ASVAB For Dummies

Powers, Rod


Get fully briefed on the changes to the ASVAB and sharpen your test-taking skills
Want to ace the ASVAB? This essential guide includes in-depth reviews of all nine test subjects with complete explanations for every question, proficiency exercises,

Powers, Rod - 1001 ASVAB Practice Questions For Dummies, ebook

1001 ASVAB Practice Questions For Dummies

Powers, Rod


Practice makes perfect—and helps your chances of scoring higher on the ASVAB by answering test questions
1001 ASVAB Practice Questions For Dummies takes you beyond the instruction and guidance offered in ASVAB

Powers, Rod - Basic Training For Dummies, ebook

Basic Training For Dummies

Powers, Rod


Basic Training For Dummies covers the ins and outs of this initial process, preparing you for the challenges you?ll face before you head off for basic training..
You'll get detailed, week-by-week information on what to expect in basic training for each branch of