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Paley, Morton D. - Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Fine Arts, ebook

Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Fine Arts

Paley, Morton D.


In a fascinating account of picture collections in the early 19th century through the eyes of a great English poet, Morton Paley tells the story of Coleridge's initiation into art in England, and his further exploration in Rome. He describes the collections Coleridge saw and his thoughts

Chilana, Rajwant Singh - International Bibliography of Sikh Studies, ebook

International Bibliography of Sikh Studies

Chilana, Rajwant Singh


Table of contents
1. Printed and Electronic Reference Resources
2. Sikh Gurus
3. Sikh Scriptures & Gurbani
4. Bhagats and Saints
5. Sikh Philosophy
6. Sikh History
7. Sikh Politics
8. Sikh Leaders
9. Sikh Art & Architecture
10. Sikh Coins (Numismatics)
11. Sikh Culture & Traditions

Gutwirth, Serge - Profiling the European Citizen, ebook

Profiling the European Citizen

Gutwirth, Serge


Table of contents
I. What is Profiling?
1. General Introduction and Overview
Mireille Hildebrandt, Serge Gutwirth
2. Defining Profiling: A New Type of Knowledge?
Mireille Hildebrandt
3. General Description of the Process of Behavioural Profiling
Ana Canhoto, James Backhouse
4. The Role of Algorithms

Chemla, Karine - History of Science, History of Text, ebook

History of Science, History of Text

Chemla, Karine


The Algebraic Art of Discourse Algebraic Dispositio, Invention and Imitation in Sixteenth-Century France
Giovanna C. Cifoletti
7. Ancient Sanskrit Mathematics: An Oral Tradition and a Written Literature
Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat
Part IV. Reading Texts

Day, Ronald E. - Rethinking Knowledge Management, ebook

Rethinking Knowledge Management

Day, Ronald E.


Table of contents
1. Conversations for reflection
Mark Aakhus
2. An Activity Centered Framework for Knowledge Management
Stephen Gourlay
3. Trust and Knowledge Sharing in Organizations
Claire R. McInerney, Stewart Mohr
4. The…

Glas, Gerrit - Hearing Visions and Seeing Voices, ebook

Hearing Visions and Seeing Voices

Glas, Gerrit


Table of contents
Part I. Historical and Conceptual Issues
1. Introduction to Historical and Conceptual Issues
Gerrit Glas
2. Psychiatry and Religion
Herman M. Van Praag
3. Biblical Narratives as History
C. Stephen Evans

Eemeren, Frans H. - Argumentative Indicators in Discourse, ebook

Argumentative Indicators in Discourse

Eemeren, Frans H.


Table of contents
1. The Identification of Argumentative Indicators
2. The Ideal Model of a Critical Discussion as a Theoretical Framework
3. Indicators of Confrontation
4. Indicators of the Distribution of the Burden of Proof
5. Indicators…