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Ma, William - CliffsNotes ACT Cram Plan, ebook

CliffsNotes ACT Cram Plan

Ma, William


Today's most trusted study guide brand introduces a breakthrough new test-prep seriesAs a direct outcome of recent market research, CliffsNotes is launching the Cram Plan series to answer the unmet needs of today's “snippet-study” test-takers who need to cram for the SAT, ACT,

Bobrow, Jerry - CliffsTestPrep ACT, ebook

CliffsTestPrep ACT

Bobrow, Jerry


CliffsTestPrep ACT can help you assess your interests and skills, plan your career, get a scholoarship, and get into a college of your choice. Understanding and practicing test-taking strategies can help a great deal. Subject matter review is particularly

Zegarelli, Mark - ACT Math For Dummies, ebook

ACT Math For Dummies

Zegarelli, Mark

From 16,05€

Review chapters for algebra, geometry, and trigonometryThree practice tests modeled from questions off the most recent ACT testsPacked with tips, useful information, and strategies
ACT Math For Dummies is your one-stop guide to learn, review, and practice for the

Anand, Sanjay - Essentials of the Dodd-Frank Act, ebook

Essentials of the Dodd-Frank Act

Anand, Sanjay


An executive overview of the new Financial Regulations Act
This book provides an executive summary of the newly passed Financial Regulations Act. It examines the most important sections of the Act, how it impacts the financial industry, as well

Fredricks, Karen S. - ACT! by Sage For Dummies, ebook

ACT! by Sage For Dummies

Fredricks, Karen S.

From 27,05€

Are you ready to reap the benefits of the bestselling contact relationship manager (CRM) software on the market today? Well, then—get into the act with ACT! 2008 and find out how the latest version of this exciting software enables you to set up a

Hess, Elizabeth - Acting and Being, ebook

Acting and Being

Hess, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Elizabeth Hess
Part 1. States of Being
2. Behavioral States
Elizabeth Hess
3. Physiological States
Elizabeth Hess
4. Psychological States
Elizabeth Hess
Part 2. Explorations in Embodied Performance
5. Behavioral Explorations
Elizabeth Hess

Andresen, Martin A. - The Criminal Act, ebook

The Criminal Act

Andresen, Martin A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Martin A. Andresen, Graham Farrell
2. Meaningfully and Artfully Reinterpreting Crime for Useful Science: An Essay on the Value of Building with Simple Theory
John E. Eck, Tamara D. Madensen
3. Routine…