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Chappell, Eric - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press, ebook

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials: Autodesk Official Press

Chappell, Eric


Quickly learn essential Civil 3D tools and techniques
Get a thorough introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D, the industry-leading engineering software used to design roads, highways, subdivisions, drainage and sewer systems, and more. This Autodesk Official Press book is a unique learning resource

Hausman, Kirk - 3D Printing For Dummies, ebook

3D Printing For Dummies

Hausman, Kirk


Get started printing out 3D objects quickly and inexpensively!
3D printing is no longer just a figment of your imagination. This remarkable technology is coming to the masses with the growing availability of 3D printers. 3D

Chappell, Eric - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Essentials, ebook

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 Essentials

Chappell, Eric


The book is filled with full-color screenshots to illustrate tutorial steps and will help you quickly thrive in Civil 3D's dynamic, powerful environment.
This thorough revision even includes access to video walkthroughs of the additional suggested exercises.Shows

Cellary, Wojciech - Interactive 3D Multimedia Content, ebook

Interactive 3D Multimedia Content

Cellary, Wojciech


Building Configurable 3D Web Applications with Flex-VR
Krzysztof Walczak
6. Modeling Interactive Augmented Reality Environments
Rafał Wojciechowski
7. Secure User-Contributed 3D Virtual Environments
Adam Wójtowicz
8. Describing Interactivity

Chandelier, Laure - 3D Modeling of Buildings: Outstanding Sites, ebook

3D Modeling of Buildings: Outstanding Sites

Chandelier, Laure


Conventional topographic databases, obtained by capture on aerial or spatial images provide a simplified 3D modeling of our urban environment, answering the needs of numerous applications (development, risk prevention, mobility management, etc.). However, when we have to represent and analyze

Andre, Damien - Discrete Element Method to Model 3D Continuous Materials, ebook

Discrete Element Method to Model 3D Continuous Materials

Andre, Damien


Complex behavior models (plasticity, cracks, visco elascticity) face some theoretical difficulties for the determination of the behavior law at the continuous scale. When homogenization fails to give the right behavior law, a solution is to simulate the material at a meso scale in order

Grant, Gerald T. - 3D Printing in Medicine, ebook

3D Printing in Medicine

Grant, Gerald T.


FDA Regulatory Pathways and Technical Considerations for the 3D Printing of Medical Models and Devices
James C. Coburn, Gerald T. Grant
11. Quality and Safety of 3D-Printed Medical Models
Dimitrios Mitsouras, Elizabeth George, Frank J. Rybicki
12. Virtual