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Rogers, Hannah - A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition, ebook

A Guide to Deduction: 2nd Edition

Rogers, Hannah


Updated and Revised 2nd edition. A Guide to Deduction is a guide for any potential Sherlock Holmes or John Watson. A series of reflections on subjects to help anyone from novices to experts to learn how to deduce things from your surroundings. The book

Hunt, Kelly K. - Breast Cancer 2nd edition, ebook

Breast Cancer 2nd edition

Hunt, Kelly K.


Table of contents
1. Multidisciplinary Care of Breast Cancer Patients: Overview and Implementation
Eric A. Strom, Aman U. Buzdar, Kelly K. Hunt
2. Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer, Screening for Early Detection of Breast Cancer, and Diagnostic…

Singleton, Susan - Websites and the Law – 2nd edition, ebook

Websites and the Law – 2nd edition

Singleton, Susan


This Report provides the reader with a full description of the areas of law which apply to websites. It summarises the main legislation and provides practical guidance on how to ensure your website is legally compliant. Featuring new information on internet…

Mizzoni, John - Ethics: The Basics, 2nd Edition, ebook

Ethics: The Basics, 2nd Edition

Mizzoni, John


Updated and revised, Ethics: The Basics, Second Edition, introduces students to fundamental ethical concepts, principles, theories, and traditions while providing them with the conceptual tools necessary to think critically about ethical issues. Introduces students to core philosophical