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Glasgow, Nina - Rural Aging in 21st Century America, ebook

Rural Aging in 21st Century America

Glasgow, Nina


Aging and Economic Well-Being in Rural America: Exploring Income and Employment Challenges
Tim Slack, Tracey E. Rizzuto
5. Baby Boomers’ Impact on Work Force and Tax Issues in the Great Plains
Richard Rathge, Justin Garosi, Karen Olson
6. Place and

McCloud, Aminah Beverly - An Introduction to Islam in the 21st Century, ebook

An Introduction to Islam in the 21st Century

McCloud, Aminah Beverly


A comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, and global introduction to Islam, covering its history as well as current issues, experiences, and challengesIncorporates key new research on Muslims from a variety of countries across Europe, Latin America, Indonesia, and Malaysia

Woods, Glenys J. - Alternative Education for the 21st Century, ebook

Alternative Education for the 21st Century

Woods, Glenys J.


Democratic Schools in Latin America? Lessons Learned From The Experiences in Nicaragua and Brazil
Silvina Gvirtz, Lucila Minvielle
4. The Touching Example of Summerhill School
Ian Stronach, Heather Piper
5. Quaker Schools in England: Offering A Vision

Henriksen, Thomas H. - America and the Rogue States, ebook

America and the Rogue States

Henriksen, Thomas H.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Thomas H. Henriksen
2. The Rogue Phenomenon
Thomas H. Henriksen
3. Iraq: Quintessential Rogue State
Thomas H. Henriksen
4. Iran: Ace of the Axis of Evil
Thomas H. Henriksen
5. North…