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Gilbert, Pamela K. - A Companion to Sensation Fiction, ebook

A Companion to Sensation Fiction

Gilbert, Pamela K.


This comprehensive collection offers a complete introduction to one of the most popular literary forms of the Victorian period, its key authors and works, its major themes, and its lasting legacy.Places key authors and novels in their cultural and historical…

Anderson, Amanda - A Companion to George Eliot, ebook

A Companion to George Eliot

Anderson, Amanda


This collection offers students and scholars of Eliot’s work a timely critical reappraisal of her corpus, including her poetry and non-fiction, reflecting the latest developments in literary criticism. It features innovative analysis ­exploring…

Cronin, Richard - Reading Victorian Poetry, ebook

Reading Victorian Poetry

Cronin, Richard


The selection includes a range of canonical and lesser known writers Skilfully conveys the breadth and diversity of nineteenth-century poetryOffers an ideal balance of canonical and less well-known writers
Allows readers to explore the poetry of the Victorian era,

Mee, Jon - Romanticism and Revolution: A Reader, ebook

Romanticism and Revolution: A Reader

Mee, Jon


Romanticism and Revolution: A Readerpresents an anthology of the key texts that both defined the debate over the French Revolution during the 1790s and influenced the Romantic authors. Presents readings chronologically to allow readers to experience the…

Adams, James Eli - A History of Victorian Literature, ebook

A History of Victorian Literature

Adams, James Eli


Incorporating a broad range of contemporary scholarship, A History of Victorian Literature presents an overview of the literature produced in Great Britain between 1830 and 1900, with fresh consideration of both major figures and some of the era's less

Shea, Victor - Victorian Literature: An Anthology, ebook

Victorian Literature: An Anthology

Shea, Victor


Victorian Literature is a comprehensive and fully annotated anthology with a flexible design that allows teachers and students to pursue traditional or innovative lines of inquiry—from the canon to its extensions and its contexts. Represents the period's major writers of prose, poetry,

Johnson, Claudia L. - A Companion to Jane Austen, ebook

A Companion to Jane Austen

Johnson, Claudia L.


Reflecting the dynamic and expansive nature of Austen studies, A Companion to Jane Austen provides 42 essays from a distinguished team of literary scholars that examine the full breadth of the English novelist's works and career.Provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date array of Austen