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Pomerance, Murray - Alfred Hitchcock's America, ebook

Alfred Hitchcock's America

Pomerance, Murray


Murray Pomerance works from a basis in cultural analysis and a detailed knowledge of Alfred Hitchcock's films and production techniques to explore how America of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s is revealed and critically commented upon in Hitchcock's work. Alfred Hitchcock's

Schiltz, Francoise - The Future Revisited, ebook

The Future Revisited

Schiltz, Francoise


The Future Revisited examines Hollywood adaptations of Jules Verne stories and is an interdisciplinary study that offers a fresh perspective on film history, French literature, science fiction and America in the 1950s. It is a fascinating and authoritative

Childs, William R. - American Business Since 1920: How It Worked, ebook

American Business Since 1920: How It Worked

Childs, William R.


Tells the story of how America’s biggest companies began, operated, and prospered post-World War I
This book takes the vantage point of people working within companies as they responded to constant change created by consumers and technology. It focuses on the entrepreneur, the firm,

Craft, Catherine - Jasper Johns, ebook

Jasper Johns

Craft, Catherine


” Unlike most artists’ statements in New York during the 1950s, Johns’ remarks contained none of the familiar talk of doubt and angst, and his selection of subject matter appeared deliberate, thoughtful, and far removed from emotional attachments and desires.To

Xiong, Hou - China’s Foreign Aid, ebook

China’s Foreign Aid

Xiong, Hou


China’s Aid to Southeast Asian Countries from the 1950s to the End of the 1970s
Zhang Mianli
5. China’s Aid Diplomacy to Central Asian Countries and Its Influence
Zhang Min
6. China’s Aid to Latin America

Goethem, Geert - American Labor’s Global Ambassadors, ebook

American Labor’s Global Ambassadors

Goethem, Geert


On a Mission: American Labor’s Ambassadors in Latin America and the Caribbean
8. Reforming Latin American Labor: The AFL-CIO and Latin America’s Cold War
Dustin Walcher
9. The AFL-CIO and ORIT in Latin America’s