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Coop, Douglas - Seven Seasons of Wrath, ebook

Seven Seasons of Wrath

Coop, Douglas


He is arrested in England and sentenced to transportation to ‘parts beyond the seas’ for a period of seven years. We follow him through jails, a Thames prison hulk and the long sea voyage ending in a famous shipwreck. In Australia he finds romance, but they both

Wilkes, Paul - In Due Season: A Catholic Life, ebook

In Due Season: A Catholic Life

Wilkes, Paul


In Due Season has all the marks of Augustine's Confessions or Merton's Seven Storey Mountain. It gives the rest of us, whatever we've done, wherever we've been, hope. It helps us see the forest of our lives despite the trees.
Read this book. It can put the

Jin, David - Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems, ebook

Advances in Future Computer and Control Systems

Jin, David


The Features of a Sort of Seven-Variant Wavelet Wraps Concerning a Seven-Variant Scaling Functions
Baozhen Wang, Huimin Wang
24. Investigation on Traffic Signs Recognition Based on BP Neural Network and Invariant Moments