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Feraboli, Omar - Post-Crash Economics, ebook

Post-Crash Economics

Feraboli, Omar


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Financial Crash and Post-Crash Economics
Omar Feraboli, Carlo J. Morelli
2. Student Reflections and Post-Crash Economics
Omar Feraboli
Part I. Problems in Business Economics
3. Business Strategy, Economic Crisis and the Theory of the Firm
Carlo J. Morelli

Oberlack, Martin - Progress in Turbulence II, ebook

Progress in Turbulence II

Oberlack, Martin


Table of contents
Part I. Fundamentals
1. What Rayleigh-Bénard, Taylor-Couette and Pipe Flows have in Common
Bruno Eckhardt, Siegfried Grossmann, Detlef Lohse
2. Small-Scale Statistics in High-Resolution Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulence
Yukio Kaneda, Takashi Ishihara
3. Numerical Investigation

Meinzer, Hans-Peter - Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2013, ebook

Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2013

Meinzer, Hans-Peter


4D-MRT-basierte Simulation der Lungenbewegung in statischen CT-Daten
Mirko Marx, Jan Ehrhardt, René Werner, Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, Heinz Handels
26. Image-Based Palpation Simulation With Soft Tissue Deformations Using Chainmail on the GPU
Dirk Fortmeier,

Valle, Susan Del - Peptides for Youth, ebook

Peptides for Youth

Valle, Susan Del


Vitale, Ettore Benedetti, Carlo Pedone, Salvatore Papa, Guido Franzoso, Menotti Ruvo
163. A Glycopeptide-based Technique for Selective Antibody Purification
Elisa Peroni, Marta Tontini, Barbara Mulinacci, Mario Chelli, Francesco Lolli, Paolo Rovero, Anna M.

Eskola, Hannu - EMBEC & NBC 2017, ebook

EMBEC & NBC 2017

Eskola, Hannu


Assessment of Instantaneous Heartbeat Dynamics in amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment
Nicola Toschi, Gaetano Valenza, Luca Citi, Maria Guerrisi, Stefano Orsolini, Carlo Tessa, Stefano Diciotti, Riccardo Barbieri
93. Design and Development of a Low-Budget Infrasonic