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Cory, B. J. - Electric Power Systems, ebook

Electric Power Systems

Cory, B. J.

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The definitive textbook for Power Systems students, providing a grounding in essential power system theory while also focusing on practical power engineering applications.

Masters, Gilbert M. - Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems, ebook

Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems

Masters, Gilbert M.


A new edition of a successful book, this volume provides engineers in diverse disciplines with a thorough, up-to-date introduction to renewable and efficient energy systems. Offering significant updates to such topics as geothermal power, wave and tidal

Meier, Alexandra von - Electric Power Systems: A Conceptual Introduction, ebook

Electric Power Systems: A Conceptual Introduction

Meier, Alexandra von


A clear explanation of the technology for producing and delivering electricity
Electric Power Systems explains and illustrates how the electric grid works in a clear, straightforward style that makes highly technical material accessible. It begins with a thorough discussion of the

Crappe, Michel - Electric Power Systems, ebook

Electric Power Systems

Crappe, Michel

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The creation of a European liberalized electricity internal market and EU commitments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (Kyoto Protocol) and for the use of renewable energy generation technologies induce new important constraints and problems on the electric power

Malik, Om P. - Electric Distribution Systems, ebook

Electric Distribution Systems

Malik, Om P.


A comprehensive review of the theory and practice for designing, operating, and optimizing electric distribution systems, revised and updated
Now in its second edition, Electric Distribution Systems has been revised and updated and continues to provide