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Elamé, Esoh - Discriminatory Bullying, ebook

Discriminatory Bullying

Elamé, Esoh


Discriminatory Bullying: A Theoretical Framework
1. Bullying: Characterisation and the State of International Research
Esoh Elamé
2. Discriminatory Bullying
Esoh Elamé
3. Intercultural Education and Discriminatory Bullying
Esoh Elamé

Lesnik-Oberstein, Karín - Children in Culture, Revisited, ebook

Children in Culture, Revisited

Lesnik-Oberstein, Karín


Homophobic Bullying: A Queer Tale of Childhood Politics
Daniel Monk
5. Reading the ‘Happy Child’: Normative Discourse in Wellbeing Education
Hannah Anglin-Jaffe
6. Perspectives and Community: Constructions of Autism and Childhood
Helen Ainslie

Miller, Thomas W. - School Violence and Primary Prevention, ebook

School Violence and Primary Prevention

Miller, Thomas W.


Bullies and Victims at School: Perspectives and Strategies for Primary Prevention
Christian Berger, Ramin Karimpour, Philip C. Rodkin
16. The Psychiatrist's Role After a School Shooting: The Emergency Room and Beyond
Elissa P. Benedek, Praveen Kambam

Caneppele, Stefano - Organized Crime, Corruption and Crime Prevention, ebook

Organized Crime, Corruption and Crime Prevention

Caneppele, Stefano


Table of contents
Part I. Crime Prevention
1. Bullying and Juvenile Delinquency: Common Risks, Different Outcomes: How to Prevent Recidivism
Anna Costanza Baldry
2. Script Analysis for Crime Controllers: Extending the Reach of Situational Crime Prevention
Benoit Leclerc
3. The Future of Crime Statistics