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Chen, Rong - Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, ebook

Nonlinear Time Series Analysis

Chen, Rong


A comprehensive resource that draws a balance between theory and applications of nonlinear time series analysis
Nonlinear Time Series Analysis offers an important guide to both parametric and nonparametric methods,

Palma, Wilfredo - Time Series Analysis, ebook

Time Series Analysis

Palma, Wilfredo


A modern and accessible guide to the analysis of introductory time series data
Featuring an organized and self-contained guide, Time Series Analysis provides a broad introduction

Tsay, Ruey S. - Analysis of Financial Time Series, ebook

Analysis of Financial Time Series

Tsay, Ruey S.

From 112,85€

This book provides a broad, mature, and systematic introduction to current financial econometric models and their applications to modeling and prediction of financial time series data. It utilizes real-world examples