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Dupont, Jairton - Nanocatalysis in Ionic Liquids, ebook

Nanocatalysis in Ionic Liquids

Dupont, Jairton


Divided into two core areas, the first part of the book describes the different classes of metal nanoparticles as well as their synthesis in ionic liquids, while the second focuses on such

Chaudret, Bruno - Nanomaterials in Catalysis, ebook

Nanomaterials in Catalysis

Chaudret, Bruno


As a result, the book defines the concepts of nanocatalysis and gives a comprehensive overview of the science of colloidal nanoparticles in particular. Chapters cover micelles, nanoparticles in ionic

Bulavin, Leonid A. - Modern Problems of Molecular Physics, ebook

Modern Problems of Molecular Physics

Bulavin, Leonid A.


Colloid Nanoparticles and Carbon Nanotubes. What Can We Learn About Their Biomedical Application From Molecular Dynamics Simulations?
Tomasz Panczyk, Lukasz Konczak, Pawel Wolski
3. Phase Behavior of Liquids Embedded with

Atwood, Jerry L. - Supramolecular Chemistry, ebook

Supramolecular Chemistry

Atwood, Jerry L.


Cation, anion, ion-pair and molecular host-guest chemistry Crystal engineering Topological entanglement Clathrates Self-assembly Molecular devices Dendrimers Supramolecular polymers Microfabrication Nanoparticles Chemical emergence Metal-organic frameworks Gels

Luo, Jianbin - Advanced Tribology, ebook

Advanced Tribology

Luo, Jianbin


Tribology in Nanomanufacturing—Interaction between Nanoparticles and a Solid Surface
Jianbin Luo, Dan Guo
4. Tribology at Small Scales
Steve Granick
5. Frontiers of Research in Liquid Lubrication
Hugh A. Spikes
6. EHL with Grease at Low Speeds

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XV, ebook

Ultrafast Phenomena XV

Corkum, Paul


Photo-excitation dynamics of malachite green in ionic liquids studied by the transient grating method
Masanori Fukuda, Okitsugu Kajimoto, Masahide Terazima, Yoshifumi Kimura
96. Fifth-order Raman spectroscopy: Liquid benzene