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Polshettiwar, Vivek - Nanocatalysis: Synthesis and Applications, ebook

Nanocatalysis: Synthesis and Applications

Polshettiwar, Vivek


Exhibiting both homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic properties, nanocatalysts allow for rapid and selective chemical transformations, with the benefits of excellent product yield and ease of catalyst separation and recovery. This book reviews the catalytic performance and the synthesis

Han, Scott - Nanotechnology in Catalysis, ebook

Nanotechnology in Catalysis

Han, Scott


Highly Effective Nanocatalysts Prepared Through Sol—Gel Technique
Guangshan Zhu, Ce Wang, Na Guo, Xiaohui Cai
7. Dendrimer Templates for Supported Nanoparticle Catalysts
Huifang Lang, Bert D. Chandler
8. Tungsten Oxide Nanorods: Synthesis, Characterization,

Klabunde, Kenneth J. - Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry, ebook

Nanoscale Materials in Chemistry

Klabunde, Kenneth J.


This extensive text provides twenty-two revised chapters on the preparations, applications, and characterization as well as the environmental and toxicological aspects of nanoscale materials, with an emphasis on the chemistry component. This Second Edition contains

Balbuena, Perla B. - Theory and Experiment in Electrocatalysis, ebook

Theory and Experiment in Electrocatalysis

Balbuena, Perla B.


Challenges in the Design of Active and Durable Alloy Nanocatalysts for Fuel Cells
P. B. Balbuena, S. R. Calvo, R. Callejas-Tovar, Z. Gu, G. E. Ramirez-Caballero, P. Hirunsit, Y. Ma
10. Determination of Reaction Mechanisms Occurring at Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts