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Bengtsson, Lennart - The Earth's Hydrological Cycle, ebook

The Earth's Hydrological Cycle

Bengtsson, Lennart


Review of Understanding of Earth’s Hydrological Cycle: Observations, Theory and Modelling
Michael Rast, Johnny Johannessen, Wolfram Mauser
3. Challenges and Opportunities in Water Cycle Research: WCRP Contributions
Kevin E. Trenberth, Ghassem R. Asrar

Beven, Keith J. - Rainfall-Runoff Modelling: The Primer, ebook

Rainfall-Runoff Modelling: The Primer

Beven, Keith J.


This new edition extends these aims to include additional chapters dealing with prediction in ungauged basins, predicting residence time distributions, predicting the impacts of change and the next generation of hydrological models. Giving a comprehensive summary of

Banks, David - Water Wells and Boreholes, ebook

Water Wells and Boreholes

Banks, David


Completely revised and updated throughout, Water Wells and Boreholes, Second edition, is the ideal reference for final-year undergraduate students in geology and civil engineering; graduate students in hydrogeology, civil engineering and environmental sciences; research