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Coleman, John - Froude Today, ebook

Froude Today

Coleman, John


Rowse called fellow-historian James Anthony Froude the 'last great Victorian awaiting revival'. The question of power is the problem that perplexes every age: in his historical works Froude examined how it applied to the Tudor

Froude, James Anthony - English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century, ebook

English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century

Froude, James Anthony


Nine studies of 16th Century seafarers by English historian James Anthony Froude. Includes: • The Sea Cradle of the Reformation • John Hawkins and the African Slave Trade • Sir John Hawkins and Philip the Second • Drake’s Voyage Round the World • Parties in the State • The

Saito, Kozo - Progress in Scale Modeling, ebook

Progress in Scale Modeling

Saito, Kozo


Table of contents
Part I. Fire & Explosion
1. A Reduced Scale-Modeling Study on Wind and Smoke Interaction at a Refuge Floor in a High-Rise Building
Richard K.K. Yuen, S.M. Lo, Charles C.K. Cheng
2. Flame Spread over Polymer-Insulated Wire in Sub-Atmospheric Pressure: Similarity to Microgravity Phenomena

Tsonis, Anastasios A. - Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences, ebook

Nonlinear Dynamics in Geosciences

Tsonis, Anastasios A.


Froude, Lennart Bengtsson, Kevin I. Hodges
8. Towards a Nonlinear Geophysical Theory of Floods in River Networks: An Overview of 20 Years of Progress
Vijay K. Gupta, Brent M. Troutman, David R. Dawdy
9. Investigations of Wave-induced Nonlinear Response of

Ambrósio, Jorge A. C. - III European Conference on Computational Mechanics, ebook

III European Conference on Computational Mechanics

Ambrósio, Jorge A. C.


Table of contents
1. Computational Challenges for Multi-Physics Topology Optimization
Martin P. Bendsøe
2. Computational Geometry and the Analysis of Solids and Structures
J. A. Cottrell, A. Reali, Y. Bazilevs, T. J. R. Hughes
3. Advances in the Particle Finite Element Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction