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Valle, Jan W. - What Mothers Say about Special Education, ebook

What Mothers Say about Special Education

Valle, Jan W.


From Past to Present: American Culture, Public Schools, and Parents
Jan W. Valle
3. The Early Years: First Generation Mothers
Jan W. Valle
4. The Implementation Years: Second Generation Mothers
Jan W. Valle
5. The Maintenance Years: Third Generation

Lerner, Sharon - The War on Moms: On Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation, ebook

The War on Moms: On Life in a Family-Unfriendly Nation

Lerner, Sharon


Why life is harder on American families than it's been in decades—the book that takes the blame away from moms and puts it where it really belongs
Pressed for time and money, unable to find decent affordable daycare, wracked with guilt at falling short of the mythic supermom ideal-working

Danks, Adrian - American–Australian Cinema, ebook

American–Australian Cinema

Danks, Adrian


Where I’m Calling From: An American–Australian Cinema?
Adrian Danks, Stephen Gaunson, Peter C. Kunze
Part I. Across the Pacific: Looking to America
2. Rudimentary Modernism: Ken G. Hall, Rear-Projection and 1930s Hollywood
Adrian Danks
3. Simulated

Lemelle, Anthony J. - Handbook of African American Health, ebook

Handbook of African American Health

Lemelle, Anthony J.


Conceptual, Operational, and Theoretical Overview of African American Health Related Disparities for Social and Behavioral Interventions
Anthony J. Lemelle
2. Ethics and Intervention Programming
Cynthia Hudley
3. Health, Nutrition, Access to Healthy