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Murray, Andrew - The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book, ebook

The Sherlock Holmes Quiz Book

Murray, Andrew


In which street is the Diogenes Club? A Study in Pink is a problem deserving how many nicotine patches? Who is found dead in a locked chamber, with a poison dart above his ear? Which company employed a full-time secretary to answer Sherlock-related mail? What kind of creature swallowed the

Moffett, James - The Trials of Sherlock Holmes, ebook

The Trials of Sherlock Holmes

Moffett, James


It is a cold London morning in 1887, and the discovery of a dead man in an abandoned house plunges Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson into a series of eight trying cases that will test the friendship of the two companions

Taylor, James - Sherlock Holmes and the Element of Surprise, ebook

Sherlock Holmes and the Element of Surprise

Taylor, James


When two prison guards are found beheaded in the barren countryside surrounding Her Majesty's Prison at Wormwood Scrubs, Inspector Lestrade seeks Holmes' singular powers to determine how the murders could have been committed in separate locations with the only footprints being those of the

Moffett, James - An Element of Deceit: A Sherlock Holmes Case, ebook

An Element of Deceit: A Sherlock Holmes Case

Moffett, James


During a late-night storm, the abrupt arrival of a distraught client on the doorstep of 221B Baker Street, forces Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson to investigate a case that will lead them through the most sinister streets and alleys of London, confronting

Coombs, Leslie - Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game, ebook

Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game

Coombs, Leslie


Sherlock Holmes Plays the Game is an interesting new collection of the further adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. It is unique in combining the style and intrigue of

Ganguly, Jayantika - The Holmes Sutra, ebook

The Holmes Sutra

Ganguly, Jayantika


Sherlock Holmes, the best-known detective (sorry, consulting detective) on earth, celebrates his one hundred and sixtieth birthday on 6 January 2014. As a tribute to his genius, and to mark the occasion, The Holmes

Wilson, Marcia - The Adventure of the Flying Blue Pidgeon, ebook

The Adventure of the Flying Blue Pidgeon

Wilson, Marcia


Sherlock Holmes somehow dissuaded the truth of that by the way his lips were coiling up at the edges (without letting go of the pipe in his teeth). Perhaps it was because he was clearly in disguise as a seedy deckhand in Dutchman’s

Wilson, Marcia - The Peaceful Night Poisonings, ebook

The Peaceful Night Poisonings

Wilson, Marcia


Holmes in while I was stark staring mad.” “What do you take me for? He came himself. Needed a clip of your hair.” “What in God’s Teeth did he want with a clip of my hair?” Lestrade shouted. All things considered, he was proud of himself for not screaming.

Lawler, W.P. - Mystery at St. Andrews, ebook

Mystery at St. Andrews

Lawler, W.P.


Still saddened by the loss of his good friend and companion, Sherlock Holmes, he seeks to put his life back in order. Believing that golf on the famous “Old Course” might be just the tonic that's required, he travels to the