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Milner, Murray - Elites: A General Model, ebook

Elites: A General Model

Milner, Murray


At a time when significant social status, economic resources, and political opportunities seem to become ever more unequally distributed and only available to a few, this book represents the first systematic effort in recent years to develop a sociological model of elites and non-elites.

Abbink, Jon - The Anthropology of Elites, ebook

The Anthropology of Elites

Abbink, Jon


Introduction: An Anthropological Perspective on Elite Power and the Cultural Politics of Elites
Tijo Salverda, Jon Abbink
2. Researching Elites: Old and New Perspectives
Huibert Schijf
3. Land, Historicity, and

Clark, Timothy D. - Dominant Elites in Latin America, ebook

Dominant Elites in Latin America

Clark, Timothy D.


Land and the Reconfiguration of Power in Post-conflict Guatemala
Simon Granovsky-Larsen
8. The Limits of Democratization and Social Progress: Domination and Dependence in Latin America
Timothy D. Clark, Liisa L. North

Poggi, Gianfranco - Forms of Power, ebook

Forms of Power

Poggi, Gianfranco


Political power is often viewed as the sole embodiment of 'social power', even while we recognize that social power manifests itself in different forms and institutional spheres. This new book by Gianfranco Poggi

Goodman, David S. G. - Class in Contemporary China, ebook

Class in Contemporary China

Goodman, David S. G.


David Goodman details the emergence of a dominant class based on political power and wealth that has emerged from the institutions of the Party-state; a well-established middle class that is closely associated with the Party-state and a not-so-well-established

Jonas, Andrew E. G. - Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Urban Geography: A Critical Introduction

Jonas, Andrew E. G.


Reveals both the diversity of ordinary urban geographies and the networks, flows and relations which increasingly connect cities and urban spaces at the global scale Uses the city as a lens for proposing and developing critical concepts which show how wider social processes, relations, and power