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Ward, Stephen J. A. - Radical Media Ethics: A Global Approach, ebook

Radical Media Ethics: A Global Approach

Ward, Stephen J. A.


Radical Media Ethics presents a series of innovative ethical principles and guidelines for members of the global online media community.
Offers a comprehensive new way to think about media ethics in a new media era Provides guiding principles and…

Abdessalem, Talel - Trends in Social Network Analysis, ebook

Trends in Social Network Analysis

Abdessalem, Talel


Through the Grapevine: A Comparison of News in Microblogs and Traditional Media
Byungkyu Kang, Haleigh Wright, Tobias Höllerer, Ambuj K. Singh, John O’Donovan
7. Prediction of Elevated Activity in Online Social Media Using Aggregated and Individualized Models