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Litscher, Eveline S. - A Guide to Zona Pellucida Domain Proteins, ebook

A Guide to Zona Pellucida Domain Proteins

Litscher, Eveline S.


Furthermore it:
Details information about the structure and function of the ZP domain in ZPDC-proteins Provides illustrations of the organization of ZPDC-proteins, the genes that encode the proteins, and examples of mutations in the ZP domain that cause diseases Speculates as to the evolution of the

Lubzens, Esther - Dormancy and Resistance in Harsh Environments, ebook

Dormancy and Resistance in Harsh Environments

Lubzens, Esther


A Role for Molecular Studies in Unveiling the Pathways for Formation of Rotifer Resting Eggs and Their Survival During Dormancy
Nadav Y. Denekamp, Koushirou Suga, Atsushi Hagiwara, Richard Reinhardt, Esther Lubzens
8. Anhydrobiotic Abilities of Tardigrades

Kubiak, Jacek Z. - Cell Cycle in Development, ebook

Cell Cycle in Development

Kubiak, Jacek Z.


Cell Cycle Regulation During Proliferation and Differentiation of Mammalian Muscle Precursor Cells
Maria A. Ciemerych, Karolina Archacka, Iwona Grabowska, Marta Przewoźniak
21. Drosophila Neural Stem Cells: Cell Cycle Control of Self-Renewal,

Schatten, Heide - Human Reproduction: Updates and New Horizons, ebook

Human Reproduction: Updates and New Horizons

Schatten, Heide


To accommodate the various kinds of infertility problems, new methods have been developed to increase IVF and ART success rates and it has also become possible to treat sperm, eggs, and embryos in culture to improve reproductive success, to increase the health state