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Wolf, Jeff - Seven Disciplines of A Leader, ebook

Seven Disciplines of A Leader

Wolf, Jeff


Recognize, develop, and embody great leadership
Seven Disciplines of A Leader is a comprehensive manual for building better leaders. Author and executive coach Jeff Wolf is a respected authority on leadership, and his strategies and inspiration have fostered dramatic growth in some of

Kirst, Maritt - Converging Disciplines, ebook

Converging Disciplines

Kirst, Maritt


Table of contents
1. Introducing a Transdisciplinary Approach to Applied Urban Health Research
Patricia O’Campo, Maritt Kirst, Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel, Stephen Hwang
2. Benefits and Challenges of Transdisciplinary Research for Urban Health…

Parry, Sharon - Disciplines and Doctorates, ebook

Disciplines and Doctorates

Parry, Sharon


Table of contents
Part 1. Knowledge-Making in Doctoral Programs
1. Introduction
Sharon Parry
2. Doctoral Study and Disciplinary Learning
Sharon Parry
3. Socialisation
Sharon Parry
Part 2. Learning in Knowledge-Making Cultures

UNKNOWN - Transverse Disciplines in Metrology, ebook

Transverse Disciplines in Metrology



Based on The International Metrology Congress meeting, this reference examines the evolution of metrology, and its applications in industry, environment and safety, health and medicine, economy and quality, and new information and communication technologies;…