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Bercegol, Rémi de - Small Towns and Decentralisation in India, ebook

Small Towns and Decentralisation in India

Bercegol, Rémi de


Table of contents
1. Understanding the Changing Urban Space in India
Rémi Bercegol
2. From Theory to Practice: Field Research in Four Small Municipalities in Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Rémi Bercegol
3. From Local to Regional Challenges,…

Papworth, John - Village Democracy, ebook

Village Democracy

Papworth, John


The author passionately sets out his argument for radical decentralisation of power as the only answer to the current crises in politics, trade, ecology, and international affairs.

Cheung, Chor-yung - The Quest for Civil Order, ebook

The Quest for Civil Order

Cheung, Chor-yung


Examines four notable thinkers in the field of modern social and political theory, with a view to determining how far it is possible to create and maintain a non-coercive but sustainable political order under conditions of diversity in contemporary Western…

Stegarescu, Dan - Decentralised Government in an Integrating World, ebook

Decentralised Government in an Integrating World

Stegarescu, Dan


Public Sector Decentralisation: Measurement and International Trends
3. Costs, Preferences, and Institutions: The Determinants of Fiscal Decentralisation
4. Economic Integration and Fiscal Decentralisation
5. Long-Term Trends in the Public Sector: An

Hjort-af-Ornas, Anders - Turning Hydropower Social, ebook

Turning Hydropower Social

Hjort-af-Ornas, Anders


Table of contents
1. Sustainable Development Issues in Hydropower Planning
Anders Hjort-af-Ornas
2. Social Catchments of Hydropower
Anders Hjort-af-Ornas
3. Hydropower and Regional Development for Poverty Reduction
Anders Hjort-af-Ornas
4. Decentralisation and a Rights Approach in Hydropower Development

Moran, Jon - Crime and Corruption in New Democracies, ebook

Crime and Corruption in New Democracies

Moran, Jon


Democratisation and the Decentralisation of Crime and Corruption
Jon Moran
3. Democratisation and Political Corruption: Bringing Politics Back In
Jon Moran
4. Learning to Live without Fear: Organised Crime and Democratisation
Jon Moran
5. Violent

Taylor, Monique - The Chinese State, Oil and Energy Security, ebook

The Chinese State, Oil and Energy Security

Taylor, Monique


Table of contents
1. A Party-State Centred Explanation of Policymaking in China’s Oil Sector
Monique Taylor
2. Sectoral Governance and State Capacity
Monique Taylor
3. The Interplay of Elite and Bureaucratic Power
Monique Taylor
4. The Socialist Era of Oil Self-Sufficiency (1949–1977)