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Chaston, Ian - Internet Marketing and Big Data Exploitation, ebook

Internet Marketing and Big Data Exploitation

Chaston, Ian


Table of contents
1. The Online World
Ian Chaston
2. Big Data and Analytics
Ian Chaston
3. Opportunities
Ian Chaston
4. Technology
Ian Chaston
5. Capabilities
Ian Chaston
6. i-Strategies
Ian Chaston
7. Marketing Mix
Ian Chaston
8. Websites
Ian Chaston
9. Social

Srinivasan, S. - Guide to Big Data Applications, ebook

Guide to Big Data Applications

Srinivasan, S.


Nonlinear Dynamical Systems with Chaos and Big Data: A Case Study of Epileptic Seizure Prediction and Control
Ashfaque Shafique, Mohamed Sayeed, Konstantinos Tsakalis
14. Big Data to Big Knowledge for Next Generation Medicine: