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Knauth, Philippe - Nanocomposites, ebook


Knauth, Philippe


Proton-Conducting Nanocomposites and Hybrid Polymers
Y. D. Premchand, M. L. Vona, Philippe Knauth
3. Hybrid Metal Oxide–Polymer Nanostructured Composites: Structure and Properties
Alla Pivkina, Sergey Zavyalov, Joop Schoonman
4. Structure and Mechanical

Mittal, Vikas - Characterization Techniques for Polymer Nanocomposites, ebook

Characterization Techniques for Polymer Nanocomposites

Mittal, Vikas

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With its focus on the characterization of nanocomposites using such techniques as x-ray diffraction and spectrometry, light and electron microscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, as well as nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectroscopy, this book helps to correctly interpret the recorded

Mittal, Vikas - Thermoset Nanocomposites, ebook

Thermoset Nanocomposites

Mittal, Vikas


The book series "Polymer Nano-, Micro- and Macrocomposites" provides complete and comprehensive information on all important aspects of polymer composite research and development, including, but not limited to synthesis, filler modification, modeling, characterization as well as application