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Proceedings of the International Conference on Managing the Asian Century

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Table of contents

Part I. Global Education

1. Exporting Work-Integrated Learning to Asian Environment
Helga Nagy, Christine Bilsland, Philip Smith

2. Asian-Australian Nexus: An Educational Challenge
Robbie Robertson, Anita Lundberg

3. Using Eportfolios in Transnational Asian Campuses
Christine Bilsland

4. International Higher Education: Reasons Students Choose Singapore
Robyn Anderson

5. TCK Professional Development for International School Teachers in China
Yvonne McNulty, Margaret Carter

6. GlobalNxt University: A New Paradigm in Transnational Education
Kanishka Bedi, Amy Wong

7. Small Steps Towards Student-Centred Learning
George M Jacobs, Hwee Leng Toh-Heng

8. The Competitive Advantage of Singapore Tertiary Education
John Vong, Insu Song, Nguyen Tan Phat, Huynh Khanh Linh, Channary Ou

9. Transnational Psychology: A Case Study of South East Asia
Lennie Geerlings, Anita Lundberg, Claire Thompson

10. Challenges in Teaching Tertiary English: Benefits of Action Research, Professional Reflection and Professional Development
Pamela Arumynathan, Boby S. Kappen

11. MOOCs vs MMOGs
Chek Tien Tan

12. The Evolution of Business Models in the Video Game Industry
Roberto Dillon, Ori Cohen

Part II. Antecedents of Asia’s Competitiveness

13. Investigating Leadership Barriers in South-East Asia
Murray Prideaux

14. Australian Connection in Asia: Australians Working in Singapore
Robyn Anderson

15. Analysis of Key Factors to Develop an International Trade Policy of Thailand for Joining the Asean Economic Community (AEC)
Padcharee Phasuk, Jong-Wen Wann

16. Antecedent Analysis of Indonesia’s Creative City: The Case of Bandung
Adiwan Aritenang

17. Work-Life Interventions: A Review on Balance, Harmony, and Creativity as an Indicator of Policy Effectiveness
Ong He Lu Calvin, Senthu Jeyaraj

18. The Impact of I.T. Development Outsourcing on Worker Dynamics in Vietnam
Anna Shillabeer

19. Development of an E-Health Strategic Framework for Vietnam
Anna Shillabeer

20. Chinese Companies Enter the German Market; But are the Germans Prepared?
Rainer Lisowski

Part III. Emerging Trends in Banking, Finance and Accounting

21. Lower the Interest Burden for Microfinance
Carrie Lui, Insu Song, John Vong

22. Environmental Performance Measurement and Evaluation for Manufacturing Organizations: A Review and Reflection
Parag Sen, Pradip Kumar Ray, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh

23. Impact of Microfinance on Gender Equality in Indonesia
John Vong, Song Insu, Rakesh Dhananjay Salian, Rui Xu, Rinu Kariath, Kritchawan Bunyong

24. Market Reaction and Investors’ Behaviour to Earnings Announcement: Evidence from Indonesia Stock Exchange
Sandy Triady, Deddy P. Koesrindartoto

25. Corporate Governance, Financial Distress, and Voluntary Disclosure
Christina Yuniasih Surya Dharma, Paskah Ika Nugroho

26. The Strategic Focus of Management Control Systems: The use of Innovative and Organic Processes
Chris Durden

27. Can Transformational Leadership Make a Difference in Banking Service ?
Nalin Abeysekera, Ananda Wickramasinghe

28. Easy e-Money Syndrome: Challenges of Risk Management in Credit Card Industry in Sri Lanka
A. R. Waidyalankara, Helan Gamage

29. Model of Lending Decisions on Small and Medium Enterprises: Case Study in the South of Sumatera
Maulana Ali

30. New Paradigms in Banking
Madhavi Pethe, Sudha Subramaniam

31. Determining the Factor Affecting Stock Investment Decision of Potential Women Investors in Indonesian
Linda Ariany Mahastanti, Edy Hariady

Part IV. Psychological Issues in Asia

32. The Teenagers’ Lifestyle of Popular Culture Fans
Livia Yuliawati

33. Individual Differences in Statistics Anxiety Among Students in Singapore
Kia Hong Peter Chew, Denise B. Dillon

34. Parental Influences on Young Adult Body Dissatisfaction and Disordered Eating: The Role of Gender
Samuel C. W. Chng, Daniel B. Fassnacht

35. ‘Feeling’ (and Feeding) the Body: The role of Body and Emotional Awareness, Body Responsiveness, and Body Appreciation in Intuitive Eating
Sudev Suthendran, Daniel Fassnacht

36. Smartphone Use and Work Related Wellbeing
Angela A. Q. See, Nicola Lasikiewicz

37. Understanding Career Choice Among Asians: The Need For Indigenous Vocational Psychology?
Stefanus Suryono, Koong Hean Foo

38. The Contradictory Nature of Vietnamese Society in Relation to Gender Equality
Ann McMillan

39. Filial Parenting is Not Working!
Koong Hean Foo

40. Borderless Psychology in South East Asia: History, Current State and Future Directions
Lennie Geerlings, Claire Thompson, Anita Lundberg

Part V. Emerging Retail and Service Industries

41. Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment—Retail Banking Services in Hong Kong
Macy Mei Chi Wong, Cheung Ronnie

42. The Influence of Brand Image and Brand Attitude Toward Buying Interest (The Case of Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air)
Hendro Lukman, Stevanus Adree Cipto Setiawan

43. The Effect of Product Quality and Service Quality Towards Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Traditional Restaurants in East Java
Christina Esti Susanti

44. The Importance of Attributes in Customersʼ Buying Decisions: A Case of Bridal Business
Chun Meng Tang

Part VI. Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation

45. Inquisitiveness in Organisational Life: Finding Things in Unusual Places
Ananda Wickramasinghe, Helan R. Gamage, Ayon Chakraborty

46. Profile of Entrepreneurs of SME Sector in Sri Lanka: Motivations, Perceived Success Factors and Problems
B. Nishantha, K. P. J. M. Pathirana

47. Identification of Positive Deviance—Methodology Development
Ayon Chakraborty, Harshini Siriwardane

48. Classification Based Reliability Growth Prediction on Data Generated by Multiple Independent Processes
Vishwas M Bhat, Rajesh P Mishra, Sainarayanan Sundarakrishna, Ayon Chakraborty

49. South-Asian Way of Taking Entrepreneurial Risk
Helan Gamage

50. Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management and Innovation Fusion
Preethi Kesavan

51. Innovations in Entrepreneurship: The Experience of Indian Business
R. Satya Raju, Suneetha Rapaka

52. Reflection of Ethicality in Business Practices: Perspectives of Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs
G D V Rupika Senadheera, Helan R Gamage, H D Karunaratne

53. Innovation in Small and Medium-Sized Wood-Furniture Firms in Central Java, Indonesia
Amie Kusumawardhani, Grace McCarthy

Part VII. Systems Thinking and Systems Practices

54. Foreign Direct Investment and Income Inequality in Developing Countries: A System Dynamics Approach
Pard Teekasap

55. Exploring the World Through Systems Thinking
Piero Mella

56. Innovative Strategies Layout in Recruiting
Jui-Chin Jiang, Yuan-Ju Chou

57. Modelling and Managing Patient Flows in a Hospital Outpatient Environment
Papiya Bhattacharjee, Pradip Kumar Ray

Part VIII. Tourism Initiatives, Relationships and Issues in Asia-Pacific

58. Explore the Use of Visitors E-GATE System Intention
Tsung-Ying Yu, Po-Tsang Huang

59. Major Sporting Events and National Pride: A Comparison Between the London 2012 Olympics and Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games
H. K. Leng, H. Hopfl

60. Drivers of Green Market Orientation of the Hotel Sector in Sri Lanka
G. D. Samarasinghe, F. J. Ahsan

61. Singapore’s Ability to Maintain Destination Competitiveness Through Integrated Resorts (IRs)
Derrick Lee, Abhishek Bhati, Laurie Murphy

62. Visitor Interest in Heritage Railways of Asia
Josephine Pryce, Taha Chaiechi, Abhishek Bhati

63. “Tourists’ ‘Me Time’ in Asian Spas”
Jenny H. Panchal

64. Managing Graffiti at Tourist Attractions
K. Thirumaran

65. Shopping Experience and Their Influence on Satisfaction in Australia and Indonesia
Tjong Budisantoso, Teik Toe Teoh

Part IX. General Topics

66. Family Ownership and Board Independence, Evidence from Thailand
Parichart Rachapradit

67. A Study on Supply Chain Sustainability in Asia
Purnendu Mandal, Ayon Chakraborty

68. To Hire Foreign Talents or Groom Locals? The Singaporean Workforce Dilemma
Crystal Tang Jieyi, Koong Hean Foo

69. Trust or Cultural Distance—Which Has More Influence in Global Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Adoption?
Kallol Bagchi, Purnendu Mandal, Khendum Choden

70. A Critical Review of Cultural Stereotypes Underpinning Research on Self-Construal and Cognitive Dissonance
Jamie J.Y. Lee, Senthu Jeyaraj

71. Issues in Transnational Higher Education Regulation in Vietnam
George Nguyen, Anna Shillabeer

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, Organizational Studies, Economic Sociology, Development Economics

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