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Workforce Development

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Table of contents

1. Exploring the Notion of Workforce Development
Roger Harris, Tom Short

Part I. Sustainability, Growth and Diversity

2. Attracting and Retaining Staff: The Role of Branding and Industry Image
Michelle Wallace, Ian Lings, Roslyn Cameron, Neroli Sheldon

3. International Developments in Skills Migration: A Case Study of the Opportunities, Threats and Dilemmas for Australia
Peter Kell, Roslyn Cameron, Deborah Joyce, Michelle Wallace

4. Career Paths: Challenges and Opportunities
Neroli Sheldon, Michelle Wallace

5. Skills Recognition and Recognition of Prior Learning for Workforce Development: Challenges and Possibilities
Lisa Davies

6. Recognition of the Skills and Knowledge of Indigenous Employees
Katie Maher

7. Women and Engineering: A Workforce Development Issue
Michelle Wallace, Neroli Sheldon

Part II. Human Capability and Capacity Building

8. Transitions in Workplace Communication: Perspectives on the Efficacy of Formal Workplace Mentoring
Tom Short

9. Building Workforce Competencies through Complex Projects
Andrew Sense, Senevi Kiridena

10. The Developmental Role of Competence Assurance
Liza O’Moore, Lesley Jolly, Lydia Kavanagh

11. The Challenges of Leadership in the Twenty-First Century
Tom Stehlik, Tom Short, Janene Piip

12. Leadership Talent Identification and Management
Janene Piip, Roger Harris

13. Literacy in the Workplace
John Benseman

Part III. Innovations in Learning and Development

14. Coaching in the Workplace
Roslyn Cameron, Mehdi Ebrahimi

15. Contemporary Challenges in E-learning
Kristal Reynolds, Karen Becker, Julie Fleming

16. Simulating Work: Can Simulators Help Develop a Workforce?
Lydia Kavanagh, Lesley Jolly, Liza O’Moore, Gregory Tibbits

Part IV. Looking Forward: Changing Perceptions and Possibilities

17. Spirituality at Work: The Contribution of Mindfulness to Personal and Workforce Development
Leigh Burrows

18. Evaluation in Workforce Development
Michele Simons

19. Critical Perspectives on Workforce Development
Jim Stewart, Sally Sambrook

20. The Future of Workforce Development—Old Wine in New Bottles?
Tom Short, Roger Harris

Keywords: Economics/Management Science, Human Resource Management, Professional & Vocational Education

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