Nee, Andrew Y. C.

Re-engineering Manufacturing for Sustainability

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Table of contents

1. How to Manufacture a Sustainable Future for 9 Billion People in 2050
Shahin Rahimifard, Leila Sheldrick, E. Woolley, J. Colwill, M. Sachidananda

2. On the Potential of Design Rationale for Ecodesign
Miriam Kozemjakin da Silva, Tatiana Reyes Carrillo, Sébastien Remy

3. Applying Unit Process Life Cycle Inventory (UPLCI) Methodology in Product/Packaging Combinations
Ellen Oude Luttikhuis, Marten E. Toxopeus, Michael Overcash

4. Towards an Increased User Focus in Life Cycle Engineering
Johannes Daae, Casper Boks

5. Quantitative Design Modification for the Recyclability of Products
Shinichi Fukushige, Takahiro Mizuno, Eisuke Kunii, Yuki Matsuyama, Yasushi Umeda

6. Evolution in Ecodesign and Sustainable Design Methodologies
Leila Sheldrick, Shahin Rahimifard

7. Integration of Environmental Aspects in Product Development and Ship Design
Karin Källmar, Therese Karlsson Sundqvist, Erik Sundin

8. Cradle to Cradle in Product Development: A Case Study of Closed-Loop Design
Ingrid Pauw, Elvin Karana, Prabhu Kandachar

9. Aligning Product Design Methods and Tools for Sustainability
Sebastian Nahkala

10. Managing Eco Design and Sustainable Manufacturing
Denis Boret Cordoba, Alireza Veshagh

11. An Evaluation Scheme for Product-Service System Models with a Lifecycle Consideration from Customer’s Perspective
Kwang-Jae Kim, Chie-Hyeon Lim, Jun-Yeon Heo, Dong-Hee Lee, Yoo-Suk Hong, Kwangtae Park

12. Life-Cycle Oriented Decision Support for the Planning of Fleets with Alternative Powertrain Vehicles
Mark Mennenga, Sebastian Thiede, Christoph Herrmann

13. A Case-Based Reasoning Approach to Support the Application of the Eco-Design Guidelines
Michele Germani, Marco Mandolini, Marco Marconi, Alessandro Morbidoni, Marta Rossi

14. Integrated Software Platform for Green Engineering Design and Product Sustainability
Michele Germani, Maud Dufrene, Marco Mandolini, Marco Marconi, Peggy Zwolinski

15. Integrating Information in Product Development
Erik Lejon, Michael Lundin, Peter Jeppsson, Mats Näsström

16. Life Cycle Oriented Evaluation of Product Design Alternatives Taking Uncertainty into Account
Danina Rossi, Wilfried Sihn

17. Environmental Impact of Body Lightweight Design in the Operating Phase of Electric Vehicles
Günther Schuh, Kai Korthals, Matthias Backs

18. Combining Five Criteria to Identify Relevant Products Measures for Resource Efficiency of an Energy Using Product
Fulvio Ardente, Fabrice Mathieux, Marco Recchioni

19. Structure for Categorization of EcoDesign Methods and Tools
Mattias Lindahl, Sara Ekermann

20. RFID Integrated Adaption of Manufacturing Execution Systems for Energy Efficient Production
Rolf Steinhilper, Stefan Freiberger, Frank Kübler, Johannes Böhner

21. Optimising Compressed Air System Energy Efficiency - The Role of Flow Metering and Exergy Analysis
Paul Harris, Sean Nolan, Garret E. O’Donnell, Craig Meskell

22. Benchmark of Existing Energy Conversion Efficiency Definitions for Pneumatic Vacuum Generators
Florian Fritz, Christian Grabe, Harald Kuolt, Hubertus Murrenhoff

23. A Model for Predicting Theoretical Process Energy Consumption of Rotational Parts Using STEP AP224 Features
M. Ural Uluer, H. Özgür Ünver, Kadir Akkuş, S. Engin Kılıç

24. Developing Unit Process Models for Predicting Energy Consumption in Industry: A Case of Extrusion Line
Wen Li, Sami Kara, Bernard Kornfeld

25. Advanced On-Site Energy Generation towards Sustainable Manufacturing
Pouya Ghadimi, Sami Kara, Bernard Kornfeld

26. Impact of Process Selection on Material and Energy Flow
Suphunnika Ibbotson, Sami Kara, Christoph Herrmann, Sebastian Thiede

27. Generic Energy-Enhancement Module for Consumption Analysis of Manufacturing Processes in Discrete Event Simulation
Johannes Stoldt, Andreas Schlegel, Enrico Franz, Tino Langer, Matthias Putz

28. Manufacturing Automation for Environmentally Sustainable Foundries
Rhythm Suren Wadhwa, Terje Kristoffer Lien

29. Bearing Condition Prediction Using Enhanced Online Learning Fuzzy Neural Networks
Yongping Pan, Xiangyu Hu, Meng Joo Er, Xiang Li, Rafael Gouriveau

30. Manufacturing Scheduling for Reduced Energy Cost in a Smart Grid Scenario
Hao Zhang, Fu Zhao, John W. Sutherland

31. Energy Efficient Solutions for Hydraulic Units of Machine Tools
Christian Brecher, Johannes Triebs, David Jasper

32. Impact of Machine Tools on the Direct Energy and Associated Carbon Emissions for a Standardized NC Toolpath
Vincent Aizebeoje Balogun, Ampara Aramcharoen, Paul Tarisai Mativenga, Shaw Kah Chuan

33. Modeling Energy States in Machine Tools: An Automata Based Approach
Nicla Frigerio, Andrea Matta, Luca Ferrero, Fulvio Rusinà

34. Combining Machine Tool Builder and Operator Perspective towards Energy and Resource Efficiency in Manufacturing
Gerrit Posselt, Karel Kellens, Sebastian Thiede, Renaldi, Christop Herrmann, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

35. Method and Calculation Tool for Carbon Footprint Assessment of Machine Tool
Jahau Lewis Chen, Wei-Ling Su, Hua-Chih Huang

36. Manufacturing of Optimized Venturi Nozzles Based on Technical-Economic Analysis
Florian Fritz, Steffen Haefele, Alexander Traut, Michael Eckerle

37. Analysis of Energy Consumption in CNC Machining Centers and Determination of Optimal Cutting Conditions
Maria Luisa Calvanese, Paolo Albertelli, Andrea Matta, Marco Taisch

38. Increasing the Energy Efficiency in Metal Cutting Manufacturing through a Demand Based Coolant Filtration
Raphael Rahäuser, Peter Klemm, Alexander Verl, Christian Kircher

39. Improved Product Quality and Resource Efficiency in Porous Tungsten Machining for Dispenser Cathode Application by Elimination of the Infiltration Process
Julius Schoop, Michael Effgen, T. J. Balk, I. S. Jawahir

40. Green Key Performance Indicator Based on Embedded Lifecycle Energy for Selection of Cutting Tools
Tomas Beno, Staffan Anderberg, Tahira Raza, Claes Fredriksson

41. A Universal Hybrid Energy Consumption Model for CNC Machining Systems
Tao Victor Peng, Xun Xu

42. Ecological Assessment of Coated Cemented Carbide Tools and Their Behavior during Machining
Fritz Klocke, Benjamin Döbbeler, Marvin Binder, Ralf Schlosser, Dieter Lung

43. A Study on an Evaluation Method of Eco-efficiency of a Diamond Coating Process
Nozomu Mishima, Mamoru Takahashi

44. Injection Mould Design: Impact on Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing
Harald Sundmaeker, Tim Spiering, Stephan Kohlitz, Christoph Herrmann

45. Simulation of Ultrasonic Cleaning and Experimental Study of the Liquid Level Adjusting Method
Fangyi Li, Shunxin Ge, Shunshun Qin, Qingdong Hao

46. Software Support for Environmentally Benign Mold Making Process and Operations
Daeyoung Kong, Seungchoun Choi, David Dornfeld

47. Exergy Analysis of Atomic Layer Deposition for Al2O3 Nano-film Preparation
Fenfen Wang, Tao Li, Hong-Chao Zhang, Chris Y. Yuan

48. Investigation of Energy, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Costs in Single Point Incremental Forming
Kadra Branker, David W. Adams, Alexander Szekeres, Jack Jeswiet

49. Semi-empirical Modeling of the Energy Consumed during the Injection Molding Process
Joshua M. Chien, David Dornfeld

50. Evaluation of the Resource Efficiency of RFID-Controlled Supply Chains
Gunther Reinhart, Kirsten Reisen

51. Impact of Parameter Estimation Inaccuracies on a Repairable Item System
Kirsten Tracht, Daniel Schneider

52. The Analysis of Sustainable Supply Chain Management
Tsai Chi Kuo, Ming-Chuan Chiu, Hanh T. H. Dang

53. Levers for Management of Resource Efficiency in the Tool and Die Making Industry
Günther Schuh, Kristian Kuhlmann, Nicolas Komorek, Thomas Kühn

54. Identification and Promotion of Effective and Efficient Product and Material Cycles via Crowdsourcing
Steffen Heyer, Jón Garðar Steingrímsson, Günther Seliger

55. Part Agent Advice for Promoting Reuse of the Part Based on Life Cycle Information
Hiroyuki Hiraoka, Tatsuro Ueno, Kei Kato, Hiroshi Ookawa, Masayuki Arita, Keisuke Nanjo, Hiroshi Kawaharada

56. Selective Disassembly Planning for Sustainable Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Weidong Li, K. Xia, Lihui Wang, K. M. Chao, L. Gao

57. After Sales Strategies for the Original Equipment Manufacturer of Electric Mobiles
Uwe Dombrowski, Christian Engel

58. Operational Challenges in the Automotive Recycling Business: A System Dynamics Perspective
Ezzat Halabi, Matthew Doolan

59. A Basic Study on the Effectiveness of Counterplans to Promote Take-back of Mobile Phones
Kuniko Mishima, Nozomu Mishima

60. Collecting End-of-Life Mobile Phones in Jakarta: A Pilot
Jessica Hanafi, Agustina Christiani, Helena J. Kristina, Kuncara Putra Utama

61. Systematic Product Inspection and Verification to Improve Returned Product Recovery
Yen Ting Ng, Wen-Feng Lu, Hui Mien Lee, Bin Song

62. Life-Cycle Assessment for Plastic Waste Recycling Process: Based of the Network Evaluation Framework
Bing Zhang, Muxi Kang

63. Product Clustering for Closed Loop Recycling of Flame Retardant Plastics: A Case Study for Flat Screen TVs
Jef R. Peeters, Paul Vanegas, Tom Devoldere, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

64. E-waste Assessment in Malaysia
Vi Kie Soo, Charles Featherston, Matthew Doolan

65. Methodology for an Integrated Life Cycle Approach to Product End-of-Life Planning
Jonathan Sze Choong Low, Wen-Feng Lu, Hui Mien Lee, Bin Song

66. Sustainable Metal Management and Recycling Loops: Life Cycle Assessment for Aluminium Recycling Strategies
Dimos Paraskevas, Karel Kellens, Renaldi, Wim Dewulf, Joost R. Duflou

67. Framework for Modeling the Uncertainty of Future Events in Life Cycle Assessment
Yi-Fen Chen, Rachel Simon, David Dornfeld

68. Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing - Methodical Relationships, Challenges and Benefits of an Integrated Use
Annett Bierer, Lilly Meynerts, Uwe Götze

69. Developing IAM for Life Cycle Safety Assessment
Marten E. Toxopeus, Eric Lutters

70. Multi-Layer Stream Mapping as a Combined Approach for Industrial Processes Eco-efficiency Assessment
E. J. Lourenço, A. J. Baptista, J. P. Pereira, Celia Dias-Ferreira

71. A Binary Linear Programming Approach for LCA System Boundary Identification
Feri Afrinaldi, Hong-Chao Zhang, John Carrell

72. Lifecycle Oriented Ramp-Up - Conception of a Quality-Oriented Process Model
Sebastian Schmitt, Robert Schmitt

73. Method for Rapid Estimation of Carbon Footprint Involving Complex Building Inventory Data - A Case Study
Zhiquan Yeo, Chee Wai Patrick Shi, Ruisheng Ng, Hong Kiat Kenneth Gwee, Bin Song

74. Product Benefit as a Key for Assessing Resource Efficiency of Capital Goods
René C. Malak, Monique Adam, Sebastian Waltemode, Jan C. Aurich

75. Least-Cost Technology Investments in the Passenger Vehicle and Electric Sectors to Meet Greenhouse Gas Emissions Targets to 2050
Sarang D. Supekar, Kathryn A. Caruso, Mark S. Daskin, Steven J. Skerlos

76. Development of a New Methodology for Impact Assessment of SLCA
Chia-Wei Hsu, Sheng-Wen Wang, Allen H. Hu

77. A Manufacturing Informatics Framework for Manufacturing Sustainability Assessment
Yaoyao Fiona Zhao, Nicolas Perry, Hery Andriankaja

78. “LCA to Go” - Environmental Assessment of Machine Tools According to Requirements of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) - Development of the Methodological Concept
Rainer Pamminger, Florian Krautzer, Wolfgang Wimmer, Karsten Schischke

79. Sustainability Assessment of Membrane System for Wastewater Treatment: A Review and Further Research
Salwa Mahmood, Abdul Rahman Hemdi, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman, Noordin Mohd Yusof

80. Combined Energy, Material and Building Simulation for Green Factory Planning
Bojan Stahl, Marco Taisch, Alessandro Cannata, Florian Müller, Sebastian Thiede, Christoph Herrmann, Andrea Cataldo, Franco Cavadini Antonio

81. Discrete Event Simulation Inserted into Kaizen Event to Assess Energy Efficiency
Victor Emmanuel Oliveria Gomes, Jefferson Oliveira Gomes, Karl-Heinrich Grote

82. Developing a Parametric Carbon Footprinting Tool: A Case Study of Wafer Fabrication in the Semiconductor Industry
Allen H. Hu, Ching-Yao Huang, Jessica Yin, Hsiao-Chun Wang, Ting-Hsin Wang

83. Material Information Model across Product Lifecycle for Sustainability Assessment
Qais Y. AlKhazraji, Christopher Saldana, Soundar Kumara

84. Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Servo Press and Flywheel Press
Suiran Yu, Yu Liu, Lu Li

85. Three Dimensional Sustainability Assessment: A Case of Combustion Motor Industry in China
Qiu-Hong Jiang, Zhi-Chao Liu, Hong-Chao Zhang, Samuel H. Huang

86. Life Cycle Assessment of Urea Formaldehyde Resin: Comparison by CML (2001), EDIP (1997) and USEtox (2008) Methods for Toxicological Impact Categories
Diogo Aparecido Lopes Silva, Natalia Crespo Mendes, Luciano Donizeti Varanda, Aldo Roberto Ometto, Francisco Antonio Rocco Lahr

87. Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Chimneys
Brandon Blommestein, Charles Mbohwa

88. Impact of Mandatory Rates on the Recycling of Lithium-Ion Batteries from Electric Vehicles in Germany
Claas Hoyer, Karsten Kieckhäfer, Thomas S. Spengler

89. Eco Reach Essencial Johnson&Johnson® Toothbrush: An LCA Study Case Application to Analyze Different Materials in Handle Design
Agnes Narimatsu, Fabio Puglieri, Fábio Eduardo Franca Rangel, Aldo Roberto Ometto, Diogo Aparecido Lopes Silva

90. Use Phase Parameter Variation and Uncertainty in LCA: Automobile Case Study
Lynette Cheah

91. Lessons Learned from Conducting a Company-level, Downstream MFA
Derek L. Diener, Anne-Marie Tillman, Steve Harris

92. Strategies and Ecosystem View for Industrial Sustainability
Mélanie Despeisse, Peter D. Ball, Steve Evans

93. Sustainability through Lifecycle Synthesis of Material Information
Paul Witherell, K. C. Morris, Anantha Narayanan, Jae Hyun Lee, Sudarsan Rachuri, Soundar Kumara

94. Green Cycles Economy and Factory
Dominik Rohrmus, Volkmar Döricht, Nils Weinert

95. Defining Sustainability: Critical Factors in Sustainable Material Selection
Alexander Szekeres, Jack Jeswiet

96. A Framework for Synergy Evaluation and Development in Heavy Industries
Feisal Ali Mohammed, Hong Mei Yao, Moses OludayoTadé, Wahidul Biswas

97. Jointly Consider Acquisition Price, Trade in Rebate and Selling Price in Remanufacturing
Lei Jing, Boray Huang

98. Module Reconfiguration Management for Circular Factories without Discriminating between Virgin and Reused Products
Katsuya Urano, Shozo Takata

99. Production Planning and Inventory Control of a Two-Product Recovery System
Jie Pan, Yi Tao, Loo Hay Lee, Ek Peng Chew

100. Active Remanufacturing Timing Determination Based on Failure State Assessment
Ming Liu, Qingdi Ke, Shouxu Song, Xuan Zhou

101. The Use of Product Life-Cycle Information in a Value Chain Including Remanufacturing
Louise Lindkvist, Erik Sundin

102. Application of Electro-Magnetic Heat Effect on Crack Arrest in Remanufacturing Blank
Hong-Chao Zhang, Jing Yu, Asif Iqbal

103. Current State and Development of the Research on Solid Particle Erosion and Repair of Turbomachine Blades
Guangcun Wang, Xiujie Jia, Jianfeng Li, Fangyi Li, Ziwu Liu, Baolong Gong

104. Thermodynamic Research on SCCO2 Cleaning Process of Remanufacturing
Yanzeng Li, Hong-Chao Zhang, WeiWei Liu, Tao Li

105. Study on Remanufacturing Cleaning Technology in Mechanical Equipment Remanufacturing Process
WeiWei Liu, Bin Zhang, Ming Zheng Li, Yanzeng Li, Hong-Chao Zhang

106. Energy Consumption Assessment of Remanufacturing Processes
Tao Li, Jian Zhuang, Hong-Chao Zhang, Zhi-Chao Liu

107. Design for Remanufacturing - A Fuzzy-QFD Approach
Shanshan Yang, S. K. Ong, A. Y. C. Nee

108. LCA-Based Comparative Evaluation of Newly Manufactured and Remanufactured Diesel Engine
Zhi-Chao Liu, Qiu-Hong Jiang, Hong-Chao Zhang

109. Remanufacturing versus Manufacturing – Analysis of Requirements and Constraints for a Study Case: Control Arm of a Suspension System
Durval João Barba, Jefferson Oliveira Gomes, José Inácio Salis, Carlos Alberto Schuch Bork

110. Life Cycle Assessment: A Comparison of Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Processes of a Diesel Engine
Avilon Sebastiao Dias, Hoyeol Kim, Pradeep Kumar Sivakumar, Zhi-Chao Liu, Hong-Chao Zhang

111. Challenges and Issues of Using Embedded Smart Sensors in Products to Facilitate Remanufacturing
H. C. Fang, S. K. Ong, A. Y. C. Nee

112. Durability and Remaining Useful Fatigue Life Assessment of Welded Joint Using Impedance and Wave Propagation Techniques
Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas, Hock Lye John Pang, Chee Kiong Soh

113. Detecting and Monitoring of Stress on Beams Using Lamb Waves
Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas, Ming Feng Kevin Chee, Hock Lye John Pang

114. Analysis of Time-to-Failure Data with Weibull Model in Product Life Cycle Management
Lian-Yin Zhai, Wen-Feng Lu, Ying Liu, Xiang Li, George Vachtsevanos

115. The Study of Measurement Procedures for Remanufacture Based on MMMT and XRD
Shouxu Song, Yundong Liu, Qingdi Ke, Yan Feng

116. Social Impact Assessment of Sugar Production Operations in South Africa: A Social Life Cycle Assessment Perspective
Takalani Musundwa Nemarumane, Charles Mbohwa

117. Re-use and Job Opportunities in Central-Europe
Renáta B. Sándor, Zsolt István

118. Comparison of Drivers and Barriers to Green Manufacturing: A Case of India and Germany
Varinder Kumar Mittal, Patricia Egede, Christoph Herrmann, Kuldip Singh Sangwan

119. A Multi-objective Tolerance Optimization Approach for Economic, Ecological, and Social Sustainability
Steven Hoffenson, Andreas Dagman, Rikard Söderberg

120. Erratum: Optimising Compressed Air System Energy Efficiency - The Role of Flow Metering and Exergy Analysis
Paul Harris, Sean Nolan, Garret E. O’Donnell, Craig Meskell

Keywords: Engineering, Engineering Design, Sustainable Development, Industrial and Production Engineering, Production/Logistics/Supply Chain Management

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