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Creativity, Talent and Excellence

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Table of contents

1. Learning as a Creative Process
Heidrun Stoeger

2. Three Creative Mental Operations
Alessandro Antonietti, Barbara Colombo

3. Psychology of Cultivating Creativity in Teaching and Learning
Ai-Girl Tan

4. Creativity and Problem-Based Learning (PBL): A Neglected Relation
Heinz Neber, Birgit J. Neuhaus

5. The What and the How of Creativity: An Exploratory Study
Paola Pizzingrilli, Stefania Molteni

6. Creativity and Early Talent Development in the Arts in Young and Schoolchildren
Anna N. N. Hui, Mavis Wu-jing He, Elaine Suk Ching Liu

7. Self-Regulated Learning in School Transition and as a Creative Process
Mayumi Oie, Yasuhiko Fujie, Yu Okugawa, Shinichiro Kakihana, Shoko Itaka, Hisashi Uebuchi

8. Creativity Self-Efficacy and Its Correlates
Ai-Girl Tan, Tianchang Li, Heinz Neber

9. Personal Epistemology and Its Relationship with Creativity
Ji Zhou, Jiliang Shen, Detlef Urhahne

10. Entrepreneurs’ Creativity and Innovation: A Key to Performance
Dominika Dej, Meir Shemla, Jürgen Wegge

11. Creating an Innovative Team: The Promise of Team Diversity
Meir Shemla, Dominika Dej, Jürgen Wegge

12. When Group Goal Setting Fails: The Impact of Task Difficulty and Supervisor Fairness
Jürgen Wegge, S. Alexander Haslem

13. The “Hector Seminar”: A New Enrichment Program for MINT/STEM Talents
Kurt A. Heller

14. Joint Function of Perceived Classroom Goal Orientations and Personal Goals on Students’ School Success
Yanhua Zhao, Rudolf Tippelt

15. Effects of Video Source Presentation and Cue Retrieval on Analogical Problem Solving
Mong-Song Goh, Ai-Girl Tan, William Choy

16. Perspectives on Gifted Education in the Third Millennium
Kurt A. Heller

17. Transitional Gaps and Resilience in Japan
Makio Taira

18. Epilogue: Toward an Integrative Understanding of Creativity, Talent, and Excellence
Ai-Girl Tan

Keywords: Education, Educational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Childhood Education, Learning & Instruction

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48 pages
Upbringing, Education

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