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Proceedings of Second International Conference on Electrical Systems, Technology and Information 2015 (ICESTI 2015)

Lim, Resmana - Proceedings of Second International Conference on Electrical Systems, Technology and Information 2015 (ICESTI 2015), ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Invited Speaker

1. Computational Intelligence Based Regulation of the DC Bus in the On-grid Photovoltaic System
Mauridhi Hery Purnomo, Iwan Setiawan, Ardyono Priyadi

2. Virtual Prototyping of a Compliant Spindle for Robotic Deburring
Giovanni Berselli, Marcello Pellicciari, Gabriele Bigi, Angelo O. Andrisano

3. A Concept of Multi Rough Sets Defined on Multi-contextual Information Systems
Rolly Intan

Part II. Technology Innovation in Robotics Image Recognition and Computational Intelligence Applications

4. Coordinates Modelling of the Discrete Hexapod Manipulator via Artificial Intelligence
Felix Pasila, Roche Alimin

5. An Object Recognition in Video Image Using Computer Vision
Sang-gu Kim, Seung-hoon Kang, Joung Gyu Lee, Hoon Jae Lee

6. Comparative Study on Mammogram Image Enhancement Methods According to the Determinant of Radiography Image Quality
Erna Alimudin, Hanung Adi Nugroho, Teguh Bharata Adji

7. Clustering and Principal Feature Selection Impact for Internet Traffic Classification Using K-NN
Trianggoro Wiradinata, P. Adi Suryaputra

8. Altitude Lock Capability Benchmarking: Type 2 Fuzzy, Type 1 Fuzzy, and Fuzzy-PID with Extreme Altitude Change as a Disturbance
Hendi Wicaksono, Yohanes Gunawan, Cornelius Kristanto, Leonardie Haryanto

9. Indonesian Dynamic Sign Language Recognition at Complex Background with 2D Convolutional Neural Networks
Nehemia Sugianto, Elizabeth Irenne Yuwono

10. Image-Based Distance Change Identification by Segment Correlation
Nemuel Daniel Pah

11. Situation Awareness Assessment Mechanism for a Telepresence Robot
Petrus Santoso, Handry Khoswanto

12. Relevant Features for Classification of Digital Mammogram Images
Erna Alimudin, Hanung Adi Nugroho, Teguh Bharata Adji

13. Multi-objective Using NSGA-2 for Enhancing the Consistency-Matrix
Abba Suganda Girsang, Sfenrianto, Jarot S. Suroso

14. Optimization of AI Tactic in Action-RPG Game
Kristo Radion Purba

15. Direction and Semantic Features for Handwritten Balinese Character Recognition System
Luh Putu Ayu Prapitasari, Komang Budiarta

16. Energy Decomposition Model Using Takagi-Sugeno Neuro Fuzzy
Yusak Tanoto, Felix Pasila

17. Odometry Algorithm with Obstacle Avoidance on Mobile Robot Navigation
Handry Khoswanto, Petrus Santoso, Resmana Lim

Part III. Technology Innovation in Electrical Engineering, Electric Vehicle and Energy Management

18. Vision-Based Human Position Estimation and Following Using an Unmanned Hexarotor Helicopter
Jung Hyun Lee, Taeseok Jin

19. The Role of Renewable Energy: Sumba Iconic Island, an Implementation of 100 Percent Renewable Energy by 2020
Abraham Lomi

20. Electromechanical Characterization of Bucky Gel Actuator Based on Polymer Composite PCL-PU-CNT for Artificial Muscle
Yudan Whulanza, Andika Praditya Hadiputra, Felix Pasila, Sugeng Supriadi

21. A Single-Phase Twin-Buck Inverter
Hanny H. Tumbelaka

22. Performance Comparison of Intelligent Control of Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic System
Daniel Martomanggolo Wonohadidjojo

23. Vehicle Security and Management System on GPS Assisted Vehicle Using Geofence and Google Map
Lanny Agustine, Egber Pangaliela, Hartono Pranjoto

24. Security and Stability Improvement of Power System Due to Interconnection of DG to the Grid
Ni Putu Agustini, Lauhil Mahfudz Hayusman, Taufik Hidayat, I. Made Wartana

25. Solar Simulator Using Halogen Lamp for PV Research
Aryuanto Soetedjo, Yusuf Ismail Nakhoda, Abraham Lomi, Teguh Adi Suryanto

26. Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Optimal Power Flow on Transient Stability of Java-Bali 500KV
Irrine Budi Sulistiawati, M. Ibrahim Ashari

27. Sizing and Costs Implications of Long-Term Electricity Planning: A Case of Kupang City, Indonesia
Daniel Rohi, Yusak Tanoto

28. Dynamic Simulation of Wheel Drive and Suspension System in a Through-the-Road Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Mohamad Yamin, Cokorda P. Mahandari, Rasyid H. Sudono

29. A Reliable, Low-Cost, and Low-Power Base Platform for Energy Management System
Henry Hermawan, Edward Oesnawi, Albert Darmaliputra

30. Android Application for Distribution Switchboard Design
Julius Sentosa Setiadji, Kevin Budihargono, Petrus Santoso

Part IV. Technology Innovation in Electronic, Manufacturing, Instrumentation and Material Engineering

31. Adaptive Bilateral Filter for Infrared Small Target Enhancement
Tae Wuk Bae, Hwi Gang Kim

32. Innovative Tester for Underwater Locator Beacon Used in Flight/Voyage Recorder (Black Box)
Hartono Pranjoto, Sutoyo

33. 2D CFD Model of Blunt NACA 0018 at High Reynolds Number for Improving Vertical Axis Turbine Performance
Nu Rhahida Arini, Stephen R. Turnock, Mingyi Tan

34. Recycling of the Ash Waste by Electric Plasma Treatment to Produce Fibrous Materials
S. L. Buyantuev, A. S. Kondratenko, E. T. Bazarsadaev, A. B. Khmelev

35. Performance Evaluation of Welded Knitted E-Fabrics for Electrical Resistance Heating
Senem Kursun Bahadir, Ozgur Atalay, Fatma Kalaoglu, Savvas Vassiliadis, Stelios Potirakis

36. IP Based Module for Building Automation System
J. D. Irawan, S. Prasetio, S. A. Wibowo

37. Influence of CTAB and Sonication on Nickel Hydroxide Nanoparticles Synthesis by Electrolysis at High Voltage
Yanatra Budipramana, Suprapto, Taslim Ersam, Fredy Kurniawan

38. Waste Industrial Processing of Boron-Treated by Plasma Arc to Produce the Melt and Fiber Materials
S. L. Buyantuev, Ning Guiling, A. S. Kondratenko, Junwei Ye, E. T. Bazarsadaev, A. B. Khmelev, Shuhong Guo

39. Design of Arrhythmia Detection Device Based on Fingertip Pulse Sensor
R. Wahyu Kusuma, R. Al Aziz Abbie, Purnawarman Musa

40. Analysis of Fundamental Frequency and Formant Frequency for Speaker ‘Makhraj’ Pronunciation with DTW Method
Muhammad Subali, Miftah Andriansyah, Christanto Sinambela

41. Design and Fabrication of “Ha (

)” Shape-Slot Microstrip Antenna for WLAN 2.4GHz
Srisanto Sotyohadi, Sholeh Hadi Pramono, Moechammad Sarosa

42. Investigation of the Electric Discharge Machining on the Stability of Coal-Water Slurries
S. L. Buyantuev, A. B. Khmelev, A. S. Kondratenko, F. P. Baldynova

43. A River Water Level Monitoring System Using Android-Based Wireless Sensor Networks for a Flood Early Warning System
Riny Sulistyowati, Hari Agus Sujono, Ahmad Khamdi Musthofa

44. The Influence of Depth of Cut, Feed Rate and Step-Over on Surface Roughness of Polycarbonate Material in Subtractive Rapid Prototyping
The Jaya Suteja

45. Adaptive Cars Headlamps System with Image Processing and Lighting Angle Control
William Tandy Prasetyo, Petrus Santoso, Resmana Lim

46. Changes in the Rheological Properties and the Selection of a Mathematical Model of the Behavior of Coal-Water Slurry During Transport and Storage
S. L. Buyantuev, A. B. Khmelev, A. S. Kondratenko

47. Design of a Fetal Heartbeat Detector
Nur Sultan Salahuddin, Sri Poernomo Sari, Paulus A. Jambormias, Johan Harlan

Part V. Technology Innovation in Internet of Things and Its Applications

48. Network Traffic and Security Event Collecting System
Hee-Seung Son, Jin-Heung Lee, Tae-Yong Kim, Sang-Gon Lee

49. Paper Prototyping for BatiKids: A Technique to Examine Children’s Interaction and Feedback in Designing a Game-Based Learning
Hestiasari Rante, Heidi Schelhowe, Michael Lund

50. Tracing Related Scientific Papers by a Given Seed Paper Using Parscit
Resmana Lim, Indra Ruslan, Hansin Susatya, Adi Wibowo, Andreas Handojo, Raymond Sutjiadi

51. Factors Affecting Edmodo Adoption as Online Learning Medium
Iwa Sungkono Herlambangkoro, Trianggoro Wiradinata

52. Principal Feature Selection Impact for Internet Traffic Classification Using Naïve Bayes
Adi Suryaputra Paramita

53. Study on the Public Sector Information (PSI) Service Model for Science and Technology Domain in South Korea
Yong Ho Lee

54. Digital Natives: Its Characteristics and Challenge to the Library Service Quality
Siana Halim, Felecia, Inggrid, Dian Wulandari, Demmy Kasih

55. Web-Based Design of the Regional Health Service System in Bogor Regency
B. Sundari, Revida Iriana, Bertilia Lina Kusrina

56. Security Handwritten Documents Using Inner Product
Syaifudin, Dian Pratiwi

57. Augmented Reality Technique for Climate Change Mitigation
Ruswandi Tahrir

58. Cyber Security for Website of Technology Policy Laboratory
Jarot S. Suroso

59. TAM-MOA Hybrid Model to Analyze the Acceptance of Smartphone for Pediatricians in Teaching Hospital in Indonesia
Oktri Mohammad Firdaus, Nanan Sekarwana, T. M. A. Ari Samadhi, Kah Hin Chai

60. Development of the Remote Instrumentation Systems Based on Embedded Web to Support Remote Laboratory
F. Yudi Limpraptono, Irmalia Suryani Faradisa

61. Enhancing University Library Services with Mobile Library Information System
Singgih Lukman Anggana, Stephanus Eko Wahyudi

62. Multi Level Filtering to Classify and Block Undesirable Explicit Material in Website
Mohammad Iqbal, Hifshan Riesvicky, Hasma Rasjid, Yulia Charli

63. Query Rewriting and Corpus of Semantic Similarity as Encryption Method for Documents in Indonesian Language
Detty Purnamasari, Rini Arianty, Diana Tri Susetianingtias, Reni Diah Kusumawati

64. Securing Client-Server Application Design for Information System Inventory
Ibnu Gunawan, Djoni Haryadi Setiabudi, Agustinus Noertjahyana, Yongky Hermawan

Part VI. Technology Innovation in Information, Modelling and Mobile Applications

65. Analyzing Humanitarian Logistic Coordination for Disaster Relief in Indonesia
Tanti Octavia, I. Gede Agus Widyadana, Herry Christian Palit

66. Surakarta Cultural Heritage Management Based on Geographic Information Systems
Ery Dewayani, M. Viny Christanti

67. Gray Code of Generating Tree of n Permutation with m Cycles
Sulistyo Puspitodjati, Henny Widowati, Crispina Pardede

68. Android and iOS Hybrid Applications for Surabaya Public Transport Information
Djoni Haryadi Setiabudi, Lady Joanne Tjahyana

69. Games and Multimedia Implementation on Heroic Battle of Surabaya: An Android Based Mobile Device Application
Andreas Handojo, Resmana Lim, Justinus Andjarwirawan, Sandy Sunaryo

70. Streamlining Business Process: A Case Study of Optimizing a Business Process to Issue a Letter of Assignment for a Lecturer in the University of Surabaya
S. T. Jimmy

71. Design of Adventure Indonesian Folklore Game
Kartika Gunadi, Liliana, Harvey Tjahjono

72. Measuring the Usage Level of the IE Tools in SMEs Using Malcolm Baldrige Scoring System
I. Nyoman Sutapa, Togas W. S. Panjaitan, Jani Rahardjo

73. Enumeration and Generation Aspects of Tribonacci Strings
Maukar, Asep Juarna, Djati Kerami

74. A Leukocyte Detection System Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform Method
Lina, Budi Dharmawan

75. The Diameter of Enhanced Extended Fibonacci Cube Interconnection Networks
Ernastuti, Mufid Nilmada, Ravi Salim

76. Prototype Design of a Realtime Monitoring System of a Fuel Tank at a Gas Station Using an Android-Based Mobile Application
Riny Sulityowati, Bayu Bhahtra Kurnia Rafik

Keywords: Engineering, Robotics and Automation, Energy Systems, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems and Communication Service

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1st ed. 2016
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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