Bertemes-Filho, Pedro

II Latin American Conference on Bioimpedance

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Table of contents

1. High Precision System for Bioimpedance Measurement
Le Manh Hai, Nguyen Thi Thuong, Vu Ngoc Tuan

2. Effects of Head Model Inaccuracies on Regional Scalp and Skull Conductivity Estimation Using Real EIT Measurements
M. Fernández-Corazza, S. Turovets, P. Govyadinov, C. H. Muravchik, D. Tucker

3. Electrolytic Extracellular Phantom to Study the Low-Frequency Conductivity of Cervical Neoplasia
Sandra M. Pinto, Sandra P. Corzo, Stelia C. Méndez-Sanchez, David A Miranda

4. Bone Electrical Impedance and Tomographic Reconstruction of Fracture Detection: A Review
A. H. Dell’Osa

5. Audio Codec and Digital Signal Processor for an Electrical Impedance Tomography System
N. Alfaro, M. Arregui, F. Martinucci, E. Santos, F. Simini

6. Segmental Electrical Bioimpedance Measurements with a Single Lead (Electrode) Displacement
E. Colina-Gallo, C. A. González-Correa, C. Dussán-Lubert, D. A. Miranda-Mercado

7. An Alternative Electrical Impedance Myography Technique for Assessment of Local Muscular Fatigue
A. B. B. Coutinho, B. Jotta, T. S. Carvalho, A. V. Pino, M. N. Souza

8. In Vitro Luminal Measurements of Colon Electrical Impedance in Rabbits
Edelberto Mulett-Vásquez, Amilbia Correa-Florez, Cármen Dussán-Lubert, David-Alejandro Miranda-Mercado, Carlos-Augusto González-Correa

9. Assessment of Systolic Heart Function by Wavelet Analysis of the Impedance Cardiogram
R. Stepanov, S. Podtaev, A. Dumler, S. Chugainov

10. Impedance-Based Monitoring for Tissue Engineering Applications
C. Canali, A. Heiskanen, Ø. G. Martinsen, S. Mohanty, M. Dufva, A. Wolff, J. Emnéus

11. Total Body Water (TBW) for Body Composition Assessment in Young Adult Females from Colombia
Clara H. Gonzalez-Correa, Julio C. Caicedo-Eraso, Dympna Gallagher

12. Electrical Properties of Normal Cervical Human Cells in Suspension: The Relation between Normal Tissue and Electrical Impedance Spectrum
Lyda V. Herrera, C. Chaparro, Sandra P. Corzo, Sandra M. Pinto, G. Yáñez, Maryen Torres-Mejia, S. C. Méndez-Sanchez, David A. Miranda

13. Analog Front-End for the Integrated Circuit AD5933 Used in Electrical Bioimpedance Measurements
F. Noveletto, P. Bertemes-Filho, D. Dutra

14. Impedance Analysis for Medical and Electrochemical Applications Using a Low Cost Instrumentation
R. V. Tambara, L. O. S. Bulhões

15. Low-Cost Body Impedance Analyzer for Healthcare Applications
F. Noveletto, P. Bertemes Filho, D. Dutra, A. V. Soares

16. Development of Portable Device to Measure Respiratory Activity Based on Impedance Pneumography
G. E. Cañadas, C. R. Dell’Aquila, E. Laciar

17. Signal Processing Architecture for Electrical Tomography Impedance
Raul Gonzalez Lima, André Luis dos Santos, Erick Dario León Bueno Camargo, Fernando Silva de Moura, Talles Batista Rattis Santos

In vivo Electrical-Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) Readings in the Human Rectum
Mulett-Vasquez Edelberto, Gonzalez-Correa Carlos-Augusto, Miranda-Mercado David-Alejandro, Osorio-Chica Mauricio, Dussan-Lubert Carmen

19. Correlation between Algometry and Electrical Bioimpedance in Subjects with and without Fibromyalgia
E. Colina-Gallo, C. A. González-Correa, D. A. Miranda-Mercado

20. Use of Bioimpedance Method to Quantify Changes in Left Ventricular Contractility in Experiments on Anesthetized Rats
V. V. Ermishkin, E. V. Lukoshkova, V. L. Lakomkin, A. A. Abramov, O. S. Tarasova, O. L. Vinogradova, V. I. Kapelko

21. Evaluation of the Heath-Carter Somatotype Revisited: New Bioimpedance Equations for Children and Adolescents
A. V. Anisimova, E. Z. Godina, D. V. Nikolaev, S. G. Rudnev

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Medical and Radiation Physics, Diagnostic Radiology

Publication year
1st ed. 2016
IFMBE Proceedings
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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