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Islamic Perspectives on Science and Technology

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Table of contents

Part I. Opening Section

1. Introduction
Osman Bakar, Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor

2. Opening Address by Former Prime Minister of Malaysia and Chairman, IAIS Malaysia
Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi

3. Science and Technology for Mankind’s Benefit: Islamic Theories and Practices – Past, Present, and Future
Osman Bakar

4. The Necessity of Studying the Natural Sciences from the Qur’anic Worldview
M. Kamal Hassan

Part II. Philosophy of Science, Cosmology and Emergence of Biological Systems

5. Philosophy of Science in Epistemological Perspective
Alparslan Açıkgenç

6. Rumi on the Living Earth: A Sufi Perspective
Mulyadhi Kartanegara

7. Sayyid Qutb’s Understanding of the Universe as a Living and Meaningful World
İbrahim Özdemir

8. The New Approach in Western Science Towards Understanding the Nature of Life and Mind in Terrence Deacon’s ‘Incomplete Nature’: An Analysis from Islamic Perspectives
Ahmad Badri Abdullah, Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor

Part III. Tawhidic Science: Principles

9. Islam Can Give a Proper Orientation to Science and Technology Development
Mehdi Golshani

10. Vision in Action: Operationalising the Islamisation of Science and Technology
Adi Setia

Maqasid al-Sharī‘ah: A Traditional Source for Ensuring Design and Development of Modern Technology for Humanity’s Benefit
Amana Raquib

Part IV. Tawhidic Science: General Applications

12. Islam and the Environment: An Examination of the Source Evidence
Mohammad Hashim Kamali

13. Reducing Wasteful Consumption Towards Sustainability by Waste Avoidance Using Self-Improvement (Tazkiyah) and Contentment (Qana‘ah) Approaches
Daud Abdul-Fattah Batchelor

14. Integrating Spirituality into Efforts for Improving Value Chains of Farm Products
Ahmad Dimyati

15. Neurotechnological Advances in Exploring Melodic Recitation of the Noble Qur’an: Uncovering the Neural Circuitry in the Human Brain
Muzaimi Mustapha, Nur Syairah Ab. Rani, Mohamed Faruque Reza, Wan Nudri Daud, Muhammad Amiri Ab. Ghani

16. A New Quantum Theory in Accordance with Islamic Science
Ab. Nasir Jaafar, Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin

Part V. Tawhidic Science: Bioethics

17. Breakthroughs in Biosciences and the Question of Morality: Interactions Between Ethics and Bioscience Practices
Abdurezak Abdulahi Hashi

18. Implementation of an Islamic Approach to Harm Reduction Among Illicit Drug Users in Malaysia
Shaikh Mohd Saifuddeen Bin Shaikh Mohd Salleh, Adeeba Kamarulzaman

19. Genetically Modified Food and Humanity’s Well-Being: An Islamic Perspective
Elmira Akhmetova

20. Advances in Tri-parent Baby Technology: The Bioethical Challenge for Muslims
Abdul Halim Bin Ibrahim, Noor Naemah Abdul Rahman, Shaikh Mohd Saifuddeen

Part VI. Islamic Teaching of Science

21. Integrating the Qur’anic Worldview with the Natural Sciences: Answering the Call for Islamic Secondary Schools
Nor Jannah Hassan

22. Teaching of Values in Science: Defining Its Universal Values
Muhammad Mubarak Bin Habib Mohamed

23. Positing a Spiritual Dimension for Science Education: Brunei Darussalam’s Experience
Mohammad Hilmy Baihaqy bin Yussof, Osman Bakar

24. Displayed Features of a Student with High-Functioning Autism During Qur’anic Learning
Siti Patonah Mohamad, M. Y. Zulkifli Mohd. Yusoff, Durriyyah Sharifah Hasan Adli

Part VII. History of Science and Technology in Islamic Civilisation

25. Emotional Blasting Therapy: A Psychotherapeutic Technique Invented by Early Muslim Physicians
Malik Badri

26. Tracing the History of Astrolabe Inventions Across Civilisations
Mohd Hafiz Safiai, Ibnor Azli Ibrahim

Keywords: Social Sciences, Sociology of Culture, Religious Studies, general, Non-Western Philosophy

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