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Proceedings of 2015 2nd International Conference on Industrial Economics System and Industrial Security Engineering

Li, Menggang - Proceedings of 2015 2nd International Conference on Industrial Economics System and Industrial Security Engineering, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Industrial Economics

1. The Application Research on Tourism Enterprise Implementing Precision Marketing in the Era of High-Speed Rail
Wu Yue

2. Characteristics and Development of Information Industry and Its Impact on the Economy

Shan Chen

3. Study on Differences of Operating-Asset Allocation of China’s State-Owned and Private Enterprises

Yang Wang, XiaoYe Liu

4. Research on the Influence of Macroeconomic Factors on Consumer Finance Structure
Yang Wang, Linlin Du, Chenghai Zou

5. Establish an International Market-Oriented Open Grain-Market System

Menggang Li, Shuqing Huang

6. Present Status of Grain Production in China and Recommendations for Regional Development of Grain Production

Menggang Li, Yu Zhao

7. High-Performance Composite Materials Industry Development Strategy Under Low-Carbon Economy

Changjun He, Qingxin Meng, Hui Wang

8. An Innovation Trajectory in an Emerging Industry Under a Strategic Niche-Management Perspective

Huajun Li

9. Chinese Railway Transportation’s Spillover Effects on Industry
Yaodong Zhou, Xinyan Ou, Jianing Liu

Part II. Industrial Security

10. Impact of Resources Constraint on Industrial Security: A Case Study of Japan

Dong Tong, Juan Li

11. Integration of Construction Worker Safety in Design Through the Use of BIM

Jia Qi, Raja R.A. Issa, Shengyue Hao

12. Security Impacts and Key Issues of Integration of REGs on Distribution System

Rui Li, Wei Wang, Lijie Xu

13. Distinguishing Chinese Grain Safety from the Angle of Economy Ecologization

Menggang Li, Jicheng Zhang

14. A Study of a Dynamic Early Warning Model to Determine Grain Security in China
Menggang Li, Kangning Zheng

15. Research of China’s Financial Safety Indicator
Xuemin Chen

16. Research on the RMB Index from the Perspective of Financial Security
Zhanzhong Cao, Xuezhi Qin

17. Research of Industrial Upgrading Basing on Industrial Technology Chain

Ruimin Xu

18. Analysis of Formation Mechanism of Industrial Hollowing-Out in China
Zhengquan Li

19. Analysis of the Changes of Drug Control Law in the People’s Republic of China from the View of Medical Industry Security

Lu Yu

20. Impact of Industrial Development on the Spatial Structures in the Danube Region in Serbia
Slavka Zeković

21. Value Exploration of Introducing the Theory and Technology of Economic Psychology into Research on Industry Security

Guangli Luo

22. The Impact of Safety Climate on Safety Behavior for Drivers in High-Speed Railway Industry Using Safety Control as Mediator
Li Zhang, Yingqi Liu

Part III. Empirical Studies

23. Synergy Mechanism Research Based on the Integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
Shaoqing Tang, Yating Sui, Jianling Li, Jianbin Chen

24. Empirical Analysis of Agricultural Exports Competitive of Henan Province
Mei Feng, Yafen Yan

25. Research of the Technology‒Organization‒Service Synergetic Evolution Model in the Process of Service-Enhancement—A Case Study of the Haier Group

Qingtao Meng, Yusen Xu

26. The Three Successful Metropolitan Area Rail Transit Modes—the Revelation for the Yangtze River Delta Region

Yingying Gai

27. Integration of a Value Chain on Choice of Alliance or Acquisition: An Empirical Study of the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Industry
Weike Zhou, Hai Wang

28. Economic Effects of the Modern Information Service Industry in China: Evidence from Beijing
Fenfei Chen, Chenchen Wang, Yuan Ren

29. How Did Lenovo Build Its Global Brand?
Jian Li

30. Analysis of Monopoly Power in China’s Civil Aviation Industry
Hongchang Li, Yaqi Cai

31. Enlightenment on India and Japan Grain Safety Policy for China—A Case Study from a Macro Perspective

Ningshan Xu, Yuduo Lu, Haiteng Wang

Part IV. Special Session on Cultural Industry

32. Research on the Current Status of the Cultural Industry Organization in China and Development Countermeasures
Li Xiao

33. Study on the Government Regulation of Chinese Cultural Industry in the Times of Globalization

Liwen Han

34. Competitiveness Evaluation of Culture Industry in Four Provinces of Central China
Lin Yu, Changjiang Li, Long Wang

35. Electronic Commerce—Great Impetus for Exhibition Boom
Yujuan Jia

36. Analysis of the Current Status of Development of the Cultural Industry in China
Xiaofei Liu

37. Countermeasures for Maintaining Security of the Cultural Industry
Xiaofei Liu

Part V. Special Session on National Economy

38. A Study on Strategic Evaluation Index System of Chinese-Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading Based on ISO26000 Embedding in the GVC
Chen Lv, Hanchuan Lin, Fei Wang

39. A Pilot Study on Chinese Flower Industry Cluster
Zi Feng, Biju Xu

40. Discussion of Investment Analysis Method in the New Round of the China Stock Bull Market
Zhaoyu Qiu

41. Market Power and Scale Economies of the Electricity Industry: Comparison Before and After the Reform
Jing Wang, Yaodong Zhou

42. Problems and Countermeasures of PPP Mode in China
Xuejing Hou, Yanzhang Wang

43. Study of the Effect of Private Enterprises to Absorb the Employment of Guangdong
Mengchen Li

44. Models, Risks, and Regulations of P2P Lending in China
Baolin Ma, Zheyi Wen

Part VI. Special Session on Finance Group

45. Studies on Capital-Buffer Mechanism of China’s Commercial Banks from the Perspective of Liquidity
Shaofeng Yuan, Yun Zeng, Wang Jing

46. The Impact of Interest Rates on Bank Risk-Taking: A Comparison Between State-Owned Banks and Joint-Stock Banks in China
Shun-Ho Chu, Wenjie Yang, Jie Hu

47. Potential and Challenges of Carbon Finance Development in China
Xiaoming Hu

Part VII. Special Session on International Economics and Trade

48. A Comparative Study on International Competitiveness of Iron and Steel Industry of Four Asian Countries
Weida He, Zhifeng Lin

49. Dynamic Evolution of the Influence Factors of the Development of Electronic Banking Business in Local Commercial Banks of Underdeveloped Areas
Wei Chen, Wenli Li, Jian Zhang

50. Research on the Effects of Trade Openness on Employment in China
Wenjing Wang

Part VIII. Others

51. The Concept of Defining Home Care for the Aged Services Based on the Connotation and Extension in China

Mingxiu Cao

52. Research on Controlling Measures of Overcapacity

Mei Feng, Kehui Yu

53. Optimal Types of Traffic Sensors Located in a Stochastic Network: A Bi-Level Programming Model
Qiubo Zhang

54. The Characteristics of Traffic Congestion from the Perspective of Spatial Structure, Urbanization, and Motorization in Chongqing

Chengfeng Huang, Yin Ding, Yuanyuan Zhang, Zheng Shen

55. Integrated Allocation-Management Evaluation System for Public Housing
Yanxia Zhao, Fei Wang

56. Traffic-Congestion Problem from a Time–Space Conversion Perspective
Shen Yan, Tian Zhang

57. Business Model Innovation of Enterprises Based on the Bottom of Pyramid (BoP) Market Strategy
Xudong Fan, Yuduo Lu

58. Analyzing Concepts of Crisis Management, Crisis Public Relations, and Crisis Communication Based on the Perspective of Management
Rui Yu

59. The Opportunities and Challenges that Chinese Traditional Energy Enterprise Confront While Exploiting the Geothermal Resources
Qingxi Li

60. A New Method of Production: Peer Production
Xiangdong Pan

61. Research on Development Countermeasures for New Energy Vehicles in China
Jinsong Zhang, Ze Zhu, Jie Shen, Minghao Yan

62. Research on Safe Evacuation Simulation of University Students’ Dormitory Buildings Based on Pathfinder
Jing Zhao, Shouxin Song

63. Erratum to: Economic Effects of the Modern Information Service Industry in China: Evidence from Beijing
Fenfei Chen, Chenchen Wang, Yuan Ren

Keywords: Economics, Industrial Organization, Development Economics, Economic Systems

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