Lunenberg, Mieke

Teaching, Learning, and Enacting of Self-Study Methodology

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Table of contents

1. Learning About Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices
John Loughran

Part I. Teaching, Learning, and Enacting of Self-Study Methodology in the United States

2. Self-Study Research as a Source of Professional Development and Learning Within a School of Education
Jason Margolis

3. On the Tension-Fraught Enterprise of Teaching Self-Study to Colleagues
Jason K. Ritter

4. Identifying Tensions and Striving to Improve International Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Practice Through Self-Study
Rachel A. Ayieko

5. “Self-Study” Is Not “Self:” Researching Lived Experience in Teacher Educator Development
Xia Chao

6. Self-Study to Help Teachers Engage in Diversity
Laura Mahalingappa

7. Using S-STEP to Understand Faculty Roles in Establishing Teachers of Color
Christoper Meidl

8. My Journey as a Teacher Educator
Carla K. Meyer

9. Begin with Yourself: Using Self-Study Methodology in the Process of Cultivating Mindfulness
Sandra Quiñones

10. Being Othered and Finding My Voice: Using Self-Study to Better Understand My Experiences as an Early Childhood Teacher Educator
Julia Ann Williams

11. Insight Gleaned from Our Participation in a Faculty Self-Study Learning Group
Jason K. Ritter, Rachel A. Ayieko, Xia Chao, Odeese Khalil, Laura Mahalingappa, Christopher J. Meidl, Carla K. Meyer, Sandra Quiñones, Julia Ann Williams

Part II. Teaching, Learning, and Enacting of Self-Study Methodology in the Netherlands

12. Teaching and Learning Self-Study Research: Tracing the Map
Mieke Lunenberg

13. Saying “Yes” to the Adventure: Navigating a Collective Journey of Self-Study Research
Amanda Berry, Paul Bos, Janneke Geursen, Mieke Lunenberg

14. Stimulating Student Growth Through Written Feedback: A Self-Study on Supporting Students’ Research Projects
Jorien Radstake

15. Experiences of a School-Based Teacher Educator: A Vignette
Els Hagebeuk

16. The Researcher Inside Me: A Quest for Meaningful Research in a Shifting Academic Landscape
Ari Heer, Martine Rijswijk, Hanneke Tuithof

17. Signposts, Profits, and Pitfalls in Teaching and Learning Self-Study Research: A Conversation
Mieke Lunenberg, Amanda Berry, Paul Bos, Janneke Geursen, Els Hagebeuk, Ari Heer, Jorien Radstake, Martine Rijswijk, Hanneke Tuithof

Part III. Teaching, Learning, and Enacting of Self-Study Methodology in Flanders (Belgium)

18. Retelling and Reliving the Story: Teacher Educators Researching Their Own Practice in Flanders
Geert Kelchtermans, Eline Vanassche, Ann Deketelaere

19. The Role of the Teacher Educator During Supervisory Conferences
Eline Vanassche, Ludovicus Beck, Ann Deketelaere, Geert Kelchtermans

20. Teaching as a General Educationist in Physical Education
Eline Vanassche, Koen Kelchtermans, Ann Deketelaere, Geert Kelchtermans

21. Internship Assignments as a Bridge Between Theory and Practice?
Eline Vanassche, Elien Peeters, Ann Deketelaere, Geert Kelchtermans

22. Interlude: Towards a Better Understanding of Teacher Educators’ Professional Development: Teacher Educators’ Researcherly Disposition as a Promising Concept
Hanne Tack, Ruben Vanderlinde

Part IV. Teaching, Learning, and Enacting of Self-Study Methodology in Polyvocal Professional Communities

23. Self-Study Research in a Polyvocal Professional Community Design
Anastasia P. Samaras, Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan

24. “Standing in a Messy Sandpit”: The Learning Side of Self-Study Research
Megan Madigan Peercy, Dalal Alkandil, Rebecca Caufman, Seth Hudson, Shante Lane, Alice E. Petillo, Eric Reeves, Andrea Sonnier

25. Dwelling in the Question: Professional Empowerment Through Complex Visual Self-Study
Lesley M. Smith, Lynne Scott Constantine, Allison N. Sauveur, Anastasia P. Samaras, Autum Casey, Anya S. Evmenova, Seth A. Hudson, Seungwon “Shawn” Lee, E. Shelley Reid

26. Learning Through Enacting Arts-Informed Self-Study Research with Critical Friends
Anita Hiralaal, Refilwe Matebane, Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan

27. “Many Stories Matter”: Taking a Polyvocal Stance in Learning About Teaching of Self-Study
Kathleen Pithouse-Morgan, Anastasia P. Samaras

Keywords: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Research Methods in Education, Professional & Vocational Education, Learning & Instruction

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Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices
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