Anderssen, Robert S.

Agriculture as a Metaphor for Creativity in All Human Endeavors

Anderssen, Robert S. - Agriculture as a Metaphor for Creativity in All Human Endeavors, ebook


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Table of contents

1. The Shape of Things to Come—Using Geometric and Morphometric Analyses to Identify Archaeological Starch Grains
Adelle C. F. Coster, Judith H. Field

2. New Mathematical Models of Antimalarial Drug Action to Improve Drug Dosing Regimens
James M. McCaw, Pengxing Cao, Sophie Zaloumis, Julie A. Simpson

3. Biodiversity and the Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases
M. G. Roberts, J. A. P. Heesterbeek

4. Reaction–Diffusion Equations and Cellular Automata
Mikio Murata

5. Geometry of Timelike Minimal Surfaces and Null Curves
Shintaro Akamine

6. Accounting for Modelling Errors in Parameter Estimation Problems: The Bayesian Approximation Error Approach
Ruanui Nicholson, Anton Gulley, Jari Kaipio, Jennifer Eccles

7. Reducing Sludge Formation in the Activated Sludge Process
M. I. Nelson

8. Incorporating Prior Knowledge in the Calibration of Hydrological Models for Water Resources Forecasting
Julien Lerat

9. Maintaining Reliable Agriculture Productivity and Goyder’s Line of Reliable Rainfall
Julia Piantadosi, Robert S. Anderssen

10. Vertex Representation of Convex Hulls for Fast Evaluation of Boundary Constraints in Model-Based Calibration for Automotive Engines
Florin Nae, Hayato Waki

11. Mathematical Modeling of Rock Pore Geometry and Mineralization: Applications of Persistent Homology and Random Walk
Takeshi Tsuji, Fei Jiang, Anna Suzuki, Tomoyuki Shirai

12. Statistical Machine Learning for Agriculture and Human Health Care Based on Biomedical Big Data
Yoshihiro Yamanishi, Yasuo Tabei, Masaaki Kotera

13. Compactly Supported Solutions of Reaction–Diffusion Models of Biological Spread
Maureen P. Edwards, Bronwyn H. Bradshaw-Hajek, María Jesús Munoz-Lopez, Peter M. Waterhouse, Robert S. Anderssen

14. Two Challenging Difficulties of Protein Complex Prediction
Osamu Maruyama

15. An Overview of Methods to Identify and Manage Uncertainty for Modelling Problems in the Water–Environment–Agriculture Cross-Sector
A. J. Jakeman, J. D. Jakeman

Keywords: Engineering, Mathematical and Computational Engineering, Mathematical Modeling and Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science, Agriculture

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Mathematics for Industry
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12 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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