Dey, Arindam

Geotechnics for Natural and Engineered Sustainable Technologies

Dey, Arindam - Geotechnics for Natural and Engineered Sustainable Technologies, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Addressing Sustainable Technologies in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
Krishna R. Reddy, Girish Kumar

2. Geotechnics of Soft Ground
Madhav Madhira, Venkata Abhishek Sakleshpur

3. Soil–Structure Interaction Analysis of Pile Foundations Subjected to Dynamic Loads
A. Boominathan, Ramon Varghese, Srilakshmi K. Nair

4. Cascaded Recycle of Waste Tires—Some Novel Approaches Toward Sustainable Geo-Construction and Climate Change Adaptation
Hemanta Hazarika, Hidetoshi Yokota, Shigeki Endo, Tota Kinoshita

5. Static and Seismic Slope Safety Displacement-Based Criterion for Seismic Analysis
Sarada K. Sarma

6. On the Use of Scaled Model Tests for Analysis and Design of Offshore Wind Turbines
Subhamoy Bhattacharya, Georgios Nikitas, Saleh Jalbi

7. Modeling and Behavior of Geosynthetics-Reinforced Foundation
Sarvesh Chandra

8. Image-Based Characterization Techniques for Geotechnical Applications
Gali Madhavi Latha, Prashanth Vangla, Nimisha Roy

9. Geotechnical Challenges in Tunnelling Through Weak Rocks
Mahendra Singh

10. Reliability and Accuracy of Seismic Tests in Geotechnical Site Characterization
Sebastiano Foti, Federico Passeri

11. Soil–Bentonite Cutoff Walls for Geoenvironmental Containment
Takeshi Katsumi, Atsushi Takai, Toru Inui

12. Development of Underground Tunnel Construction Technology in Weak Rock
Eun Chul Shin, Jeong Jun Park, Arum Lee

13. Subsurface Investigation—Integrated and Modern Approach
P. Anbazhagan

14. Modeling Soil–Foundation Interaction and Beyond
Subhadeep Banerjee

15. Effect of Long-Term Performance of EPS Geofoam on Lateral Earth Pressures on Retaining Walls
Satyanarayana Murty Dasaka, Vinil Kumar Gade

16. Comprehensive Characteristics of Fresh and Processed MSW Generated in Kanpur City
S. Rajesh

17. Physico-Chemical Effects on Behaviour of Unsaturated Soils
T. Thyagaraj

18. Crack Initiation—Propagation and Failure Modes in Rocks
V. B. Maji, Sivakumar G.

19. Retrofitting of N–W Corner of Kolkata High Court Heritage Building Through Micropiles and Grouting
Satyendra Mittal, G. L. Sivakumar Babu

20. Meethotamulla Landfill Failure Analysis: A Probabilistic Approach
B. Munwar Basha, K. V. N. S. Raviteja

21. Determination of Anelastic Attenuation Factor (Q) and Decay Factor (K) from Ground Motion Records of the Intra-plate Region
Neelima Satyam, Shambhavi Dube, Raj Banerjee, Srijit Bandyopadhyay, G. R. Reddy, Suzette Payne, Justin Coleman

22. Uncertainties in Site Characterization Using Surface Wave Techniques and Their Effects on Seismic Ground Response
Ravi S. Jakka, Narayan Roy

23. Impact of Flooding on Roadways
Rajib Basu Mallick, Mingjiang Tao, Nivedya M. K.

24. A Quantitative Framework for Sustainability and Resilience in Geotechnical Engineering
Dipanjan Basu, Mina Lee

25. Case Studies—Prediction of Offshore Jack-up Leg Penetrations
C. R. Parthasarathy

26. Forensic Study on the Causes of Failure of Stone Columns Under Water Storage Tanks and Possible Remedial Measures
Kaushik Bandyopadhyay

27. Runout of Flow Landslides
J. Kim, Z. Q. Liu, S. Lacasse, S. Nordal, V. Thakur

28. Quantification of Soil State Variables Using Electromagnetic Methods
Alexander Scheuermann, Thierry Bore, Partha Narayan Mishra, Habibullah Bhuyan, Guanxi Yan, Tilman Bittner, Rolf Becker

29. Diverse Applications of Geocells for Highways—Two Case Studies from the North-East
Shahrokh P. Bagli

Keywords: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Environmental Engineering/Biotechnology

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Developments in Geotechnical Engineering
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20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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