Basu, Anirban

Silicon Photonics & High Performance Computing

Basu, Anirban - Silicon Photonics & High Performance Computing, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Tackling Supply Chain Management Through High-Performance Computing: Opportunities and Challenges
Prashant R. Nair, S. P. Anbuudayasankar

2. Energy Theft Identification in Smart Grid
K. Govinda, Rishav Shav, Surya Prakash

3. Voltage Stability Analysis for Planning and Operation of Power System
Akhilesh A. Nimje, Pankaj R. Sawarkar, Praful P. Kumbhare

4. Application of Distributed Static Series Compensator for Improvement of Power System Stability
Praful P. Kumbhare, Akhilesh A. Nimje, Pankaj R. Sawarkar

5. A Novel Transmission Power Efficient Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Game Theory
Sonia Garg, Poonam Mittal, Chander Kumar Nagpal

6. Study of Effect of Strain, Quantum Well Width, and Temperature on Optical Gain in Nano-Heterostructures
Swati Jha, Ashok Sihag

7. A Survey on Scheduling Algorithms for Parallel and Distributed Systems
Rinki Tyagi, Santosh Kumar Gupta

8. Analysis of On Chip Optical Source Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)
Sandeep Dahiya, Suresh Kumar, B. K. Kaushik

9. Photonic Crystal Based Sensor for DNA Analysis of Cancer Detection
Sandip Kumar Roy, Preeta Sharan

10. Real-Time QoS Performance Analysis for Multimedia Traffic in an Optical Network
P. Piruthiviraj, Preeta Sharan, R. Nagaraj

11. An Optimized Design of Complex Multiply-Accumulate (MAC) Unit in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA)
G. Ambika, G. M. Shanthala, Preeta Sharan, Srinivas Talabattula

12. Modification of L2 Learning Switch Code for Firewall Functionality in POX Controller
Chaitra N. Shivayogimath, N. V. Uma Reddy

13. Estimation Procedure of Improved High-Resolution DOA of Coherent Signal Source for Underwater Applications with Existing Techniques
Prashil M. Junghare, Cyril Prasanna Raj, T. Srinivas

14. Finite Element Analysis of Fiber Optic Concentric Composite Mandrel Hydrophone for Underwater Condition
Prashil M. Junghare, Cyril Prasanna Raj, T. Srinivas

15. A Simulation Study of Design Parameter for Quantum Dot-Based Solar Cells
Ashwini A. Metri, T. S. Rani, Preeta Sharan

Keywords: Computer Science, Processor Architectures, Performance and Reliability, Optics, Lasers, Photonics, Optical Devices, Computing Methodologies

Publication year
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Information Technology, Telecommunications
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