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Advances in Computer Science and Ubiquitous Computing

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Table of contents

1. An Examination of the Effect of the Contextual UI Design Quality of Mobile Shopping Applications on the Loyalty of Users to the Applications
Wonjin Jung

2. Securing Intelligent Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: A Survey
Wedad Ahmed, Mourad Elhadef

3. An Approach of Test Case Generation for Spreadsheet Cells
Bo Yang, Qian Yu

4. Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on Convolutional Neural Networks with Kurtogram Representation of Acoustic Emission Signals
Alexander Prosvirin, JaeYoung Kim, Jong-Myon Kim

5. CHMM-Based Classification of Dynamic Textures
Yulong Qiao, Na Li, Yufei Wang, Wei Xi

6. Survey of On-Line & Block Programming Language-Scratch: On Perspective of Educational Achievements
Jeong Ah Kim, Dae Young Ko

7. A Study on Lightweight Mutual Authentication Protocol Based on Simple Operation
Yong-Woon Hwang, Im-Yeong Lee

8. Performance Analysis of Spark-DLF: Spark Based Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Article Headline Generation
Akhmedov Khumoyun, Yun Cui, Myoungjin Kim, Lee Hanku

9. Robust Cartoon Zero-Watermark Algorithm Based on NSST
YuChao Sun, De Li

10. Robust Animation Zero Watermarking Based on Visual Cryptography and Complete Complementary Code
De Li, LiHua Cui

11. Secure Multicast Using Proxy Re-encryption in IoT Environment
SuHyun Kim, ImYeong Lee

12. Fast Provisioning Service in Shared-Storage Based VDI According to User’s Type
Dae-Won Kim, Soo-Cheol Oh, Jae-Geun Cha, Ji-Hyeok Choi, Sun-Wook Kim, Seong-Woon Kim

13. Design of Smart Cattle Shed System Based on BLE Beacon to Improve Power Consumption
Seung-Su Yang, Young-Hwan Jang, Yong-Wan Ju, Seok-Cheon Park

14. Design of TensorFlow-Based Proactive Smart Home Managers
Min-Hyung Park, Young-Hwan Jang, Yong-Wan Ju, Seok-Cheon Park

15. Design of Effective Indexing Technique in Hadoop-Based Database
Jae-Sung Shim, Young-Hwan Jang, Yong-Wan Ju, Seok-Cheon Park

16. Transformation of EEG Signal for Emotion Analysis and Dataset Construction for DNN Learning
Yeahoon Kwon, Yiyan Nan, Shin-Dug Kim

17. Impact of Passive UHF RFID Reader Antenna Locations for Immobile Object Localization
Jae Sung Choi

18. Development of 3D Surface Shape Analysis System Using White Light Scanning Interference
Yong-Tae Jeon, Hyun Lee, Jae Sung Choi

19. Life Log Collection and Analysis System Using Mobile Device
Yunjin Nam, Dongkyoo Shin, Dongil Shin

20. Introduction of an Interactive Growing Robot/Toy for Babies
Jiyong Kim, Hyunsu Jeong, Azure Pham, Changhyeon Lee, Thiha Soe, Pilwoo Lee, Mingu Lee, Seong-Woo Kim, Juhyun Eune

21. Multiclass Data Classification Using Multinomial Logistic Gaussian Process Model
Wanhyun Cho, Soonyoung Park, Sangkyoon Kim

22. Implementation of Redundant Digital Excitation Control System Algorithm
Hoon-Gi Lee, Hie-Sik Kim

23. Improving Top-K Contents Recommendation Performance by Considering Bandwagon Effect: Using Hadoop-Spark Framework
Suk-kyoon Kang, Kiejin Park

24. A Method for Replacing Protective Relay at Kanudi Power Plant and Validation
Hoon-Gi Lee, Hie-Sik Kim

25. A Critical Review on Operation and Management System of Doping Control Officer in Korea Anti-Doping Agency
Seung-Hoon Lee, Chang-Hyeok Seok

26. The Issues of Media and Public Ethics on Doping Problems
Seung-Hoon Lee, Chang-Hyeok Seok

27. Seamless Reconfiguration of Virtual Dedicate Network Based on Software Defined Network
Yong-hwan Kim, Ki-Hyeon Kim, Joon-Min Gil, Dongkyun Kim

28. Design and Implementation of Digital Doorsign System Based on E-paper Display
Bong-Ki Son, Jaeho Lee

29. A Novel for Light-Weighted Indoor Positioning Algorithm with Hybridizing Trilateration and Fingerprinting Method Considering Bluetooth Low Energy Environment
Jaeho Lee, Bong-Ki Son

30. Design of Beacon-Based Positioning System Using RF and Sound Wave in Smartphone
Hyun-Seong Lee, Seoung-Hyeon Lee, Jae-Gwang Lee, Jae-Kwang Lee

31. A Study on the Designing of a Laboratory Accident Cognition Model Using Smart Sensor Based Decision Tree
Ki-Su Yoon, Seoung-Hyeon Lee, Jae-Pil Lee, Jae-Kwng Lee

32. Positioning Model Design Using Beacon and Geomagnetic Sensor of Smartphone
Jae-Gwang Lee, Seoung-Hyeon Lee, Jae-Kwang Lee

33. A Design of Scheduling Program for Diabetic Patients: A Software Engineering Approach
Jeong-Hoon Choi, Jun-Ho Huh, Sunghyun Weon

34. A Simulated Infiltration Test for Network in Virtual Environment Using VMware Virtualization Technique
Guk-IL Kim, Jonghyeon Kim

35. Development of Network Cyber Attack Training Curriculum for Security Staff
Guk-IL Kim, Jonghyeon Kim

36. A Design of Portable Continuous Passive Joint Mobilization Equipment System
Do Yeon Jeon, Young Hyo Kim, Ha Yeon Park, Jun-Ho Huh, Hyeok Gyu Kwon

37. Delivering Historical Information Shown in Korean TV Drama Over Smart TV
Jisun Byun

38. An Efficient Clustering Technique for Unstructured Data Utilizing Latent Semantic Analysis
Yonghoon Kim, Mokdong Chung

39. An Improving Algorithm of Generator Reactive Power Reserves Calculation Considering Effective Generators in IEEE-39 System
Moonsung Bae, Byongjun Lee

40. Load Loss Coefficient and Power Loss Tracing in Power Systems
Moonsung Bae, Byongjun Lee

41. A Power Generation Rescheduling Method Under Power Flow Constraints Using Power Flow Tracing
Moonsung Bae, Byongjun Lee

42. The Effect of the Intrinsic Quality of UI of Mobile Apps on the Behavioral Intention to Use the Apps
Wonjin Jung

43. Consideration of Privacy Risk Assessment of the My Number in the Financial Industry in Japan
Sanggyu Shin, Yoichi Seto, Kei Sakamoto, Mayumi Sasaki

44. VANETs-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems: An Overview
Sarah Baras, Iman Saeed, Hadeel A. Tabaza, Mourad Elhadef

45. Designing Network-Attached Storage Architecture for Small and Medium Enterprise Applications
Andy Shui-Yu Lai, Anson Man-Sing Ma

46. Limited Constraint Problems Reasoning on Computer Based on “And/Or” Tree
Danyang Cao, Lina Duan, Xue Gao, Lei Gao

47. Impact of the Selection of a Communication Tool on the Effectiveness of Media Outputs About the Results of Science and Research
Zuzana Bouckova, Blanka Klimova

48. TCP Performance of CSMA/CA Wireless Networks in Different MCS and PPP Settings
Soohyun Cho

49. Expected Patch Log Likelihood Based on Multi-layer Prior Information Learning
ShunFeng Wang, JiaCen Xie, YuHui Zheng, Tao Jiang, ShuHang Xue

50. Decentralized E-Voting Systems Based on the Blockchain Technology
Jen-Ho Hsiao, Raylin Tso, Chien-Ming Chen, Mu-En Wu

51. Reputation-Based Trust Evaluation Mechanism for Decentralized Environments and Its Applications Based on Smart Contracts
Kun-Tai Chan, Raylin Tso, Chien-Ming Chen, Mu-En Wu

52. Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange from Lattices for Client/Server Model
Yi-Siou Jheng, Raylin Tso, Chien-Ming Chen, Mu-En Wu

53. Ocean Adventure Cell Phone Adventure Game Design and Implementation
Xingquan Cai, Chao Chen

54. Analysis of Thermocline Influencing Factors Based on Decision Tree Methods
Chengquan Hu, Yu Gou, Tong Zhang, Kai Wang, Lili He, Yu Jiang

55. Thermocline Analysis Based on Entropy Value Methods
Chengquan Hu, Yu Gou, Tong Zhang, Kai Wang, Lili He, Yu Jiang

56. Design and Implement of Intelligent Insole System
Ruisheng Li, Bin Ma, Lili He, Jin Wang

57. Fitness Sport Data Recording System Design and Implementation on Smart Phone
Xingquan Cai, Runbo Cai

58. Construction of High Resolution Thermocline Grid Data Sets
Chengquan Hu, Tong Zhang, Jin Wang, Yu Gou, Kai Wang, Hongtao Bai, Yu Jiang

59. Service Identification Framework for Systems of Systems Based on MPLS Technology
Sahel Alouneh, Dhiah el Diehn I. Abou-Tair, Ala Khalifeh, Roman Obermaisser

60. FPGA Based Face Detection Using Local Ternary Pattern Under Variant Illumination Condition
Jin Young Byun, Jae Wook Jeon

61. Finding Similar Microblogs According to Their Word Similarities and Semantic Similarities
Yuan Wang

62. An Improved Trust Model Based on Time Effect
Zhichao Yin, Hui Zhang, Chunyong Yin, Jin Wang

63. Text Classification Algorithm Based on SLAS-C
Zhichao Yin, Jun Xiang, Chunyong Yin, Jin Wang

64. A Ground Segmentation Method Based on Gradient Fields for 3D Point Clouds
Hoang Vu, Hieu Trong Nguyen, Phuong Chu, Seoungjae Cho, Kyungeun Cho

65. Recognizing the Adhesion Hollow Characters Based on the Closed Cutting Algorithm
Chunyong Yin, Kaiwen Zhu, Lian Xia, Jin Wang

66. Ensemble R-FCN for Object Detection
Jian Li, Jianjun Qian, Yuhui Zheng

67. A Design of Evolutionary Personal Information Partner Based on Software as a Service
Yifeng Han, Hongbiao Gao, Jingde Cheng

68. A New Method of Arm Motion Detection Based on MEMS Sensor
Kai Wang, Chengquan Hu, Lili He, Fenglin Wei, Yu Jiang

69. Fitness Device Based on MEMS Sensor
Fenglin Wei, Chengquan Hu, Lili He, Kai Wang, Yu Jiang

70. A Security Framework for Systems-of-Systems
Dhiah el Diehn I. Abou-Tair, Sahel Alouneh, Ala Khalifeh, Roman Obermaisser

71. A PSO Based Coverage Hole Patching Scheme for WSNs
Jin Wang, Chunwei Ju, Hye-jin Kim, R. Simon Sherratt, Sungyoung Lee

72. A Novel Feature-Based Text Classification Improving the Accuracy of Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Yili Wang, Le Sun, Jin Wang, Yuhui Zheng, Hee Yong Youn

73. System Information Comparison and Analysis Technology for Cyber Attacks
Hyeonsu Youn, Duhoe Kim, Yong-Hyun Kim, Dongkyoo Shin, Dongil Shin

74. A Study on Comparison of KDD CUP 99 and NSL-KDD Using Artificial Neural Network
Hyunjung Ji, Donghwa Kim, Dongkyoo Shin, Dongil Shin

75. The Application of Augmented Reality Based on Body Parts Recognition
JianFeng Hou, Wei Song, MengXuan Li

76. A Novel Subspace Super-Pixel Based Low Rank Representation Method for Hyperspectral Denoising
Le Sun, Yili Wang, Jin Wang, Yuhui Zheng

77. A Chinese Handwriting Word Segmentation Method via Faster R-CNN
Zelun Zhang, Jin Liu, Chenkai Gu

78. Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis for Online Reviews
Lamei Xu, Jin Liu, Lina Wang, Chunyong Yin

79. Chinese Anaphora Resolution Based on Adaptive Forest
Yunqing Zhao, Jin Liu, Chunyong Yin

80. Construction and Application of Fuzzy Ontology
Li Lin, Jin Liu, Yuhui Zheng

81. Generating Realistic Chinese Handwriting Characters via Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks
Chenkai Gu, Jin Liu, Lei Kong

82. Hadoop Based Parallel Deduplication Method for Web Documents
Junjie Song, Jin Liu, Yuhui Zheng

83. Ontology Construction Based on Deep Learning
Jianan Wang, Jin Liu, Lei Kong

84. Personal Attributes Extraction in Chinese Text Based on Distant-Supervision and LSTM
Wenxi Yao, Jin Liu, Zehuan Cai

85. Web Pages Ranking with Domain Ontology
Mingji Zhou, Jin Liu, Yuhui Zheng

86. Simulation-Based Reliability Improvement Factor for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems
Jongwhoa Na, Dongwoo Lee

87. SBraille: A New Braille Input Method for Mobile Devices
Soonyong Lee, Ji Su Park, Jin Gon Shon

88. Confirmation Delay Prediction of Transactions in the Bitcoin Network
Beltran Fiz, Stefan Hommes, Radu State

89. Failure Analysis in Safety Critical Systems Using Failure State Machine
Anit Thapaliya, Daehui Jeong, Gihwon Kwon

90. Simple and Low-Cost Heartbeat-Based Dual Modular Redundant Systems for Wireless Sensor Networks
Jongwhoa Na, Dongwoo Lee, Munkh Zorigbold, Dongmin Lee, Sungyup Moon

91. Hidden Markov Model for Floating Car Trajectory Map Matching
Chengbo Song, Xuefeng Yan

92. Simulation Game System: A Possible Way to Realize Intelligent Command and Control
Xin Jin

93. Experiential Interaction Modeling for Virtual Training of Ultra-High Voltage Power System and Its Application
Jian Shao, Wei Liu, Wei Dai, Shengkun Ma, Qun Li, Ji Wang, Jian Chen, Neal Xiong

94. Analysis on the Technology of the Internetware Comprehensive Testing
Zhengxian Wei, Mingqi Fan, Min Song, Hongbin Wang, Zhe Zhang

95. Analysis and Inspiration to Intelligent Command and Control
Tingting Li

96. Exploratory Search for Learning: Finding the Concept with Minimal Cognitive Load
Zhuyin Xue, Zhen Hu, Yunhai Jia

97. Predicting the Metro Passengers Flow by Long-Short Term Memory
Zhen Hu, Yi Zuo, Zhuyin Xue, Wenting Ma, Guilin Zhang

98. Research on Hierarchical Aggregation Method for Situation Assessment
Xiaoxuan Wang, Zhenyi Zhao

99. The Testing Execution Mechanism on Internetware Oriented Flow Dynamic Building
Min Song, Ying Song, Zhengxian Wei, Hongbin Wang, Albert M. K. Cheng

100. A Model and Application of Collaborative Simulation Training System for Substation Based on Virtual Reality
Wei Dai, Wei Liu, Xin-dong Zhao, Jian Shao, Qun Li, Sheng-kun Ma, Neal Xiong, Chang-nian Lin

101. A Model-Based Transformation from SCR Specification Models into Altatica3.0 Design Models
Jun Hu, Mingming Wang, Weijun Zhang, Wanqian Li

102. Simulation and Verification of Software Architecture for Loosely-Coupled Distributed System
Shen Jun, Shen Xuan, Gao Wen, Zhang Yong

103. Research on Hybrid Storage Method of Massive Heterogeneous Data for Mobile Environment
Shanshan Wu, Fan Yi

104. User Targeting SaaS Application Interworking Service Framework Using Complex Context and Rule-Matrix
Jong-Jin Jung, Yun Cui, Myungjin Kim

105. A Framework for Preventing Illegitimate e-Prescribing Practices
Deuk-Hun Kim, Jin Kwak

106. Research on Horizontal Damage Zone Airspace of Ship-to-Air Missile Under Cooperative Operation
Yitao Wang, Huayang Wang, Haiming Liang, Liying Wang

107. Key Issues of Military Simulation and Analysis System
Yitao Wang, Huayang Wang, Xinye Zhao, Kedi Huang, Haiming Liang

108. A Study on the Comparison of “Internet+” Paradigm and Means and the Analysis and Evaluation of Its Typical Development Path
Chao Geng, Shiyou Qu, Guoqiang Shi, Baocun Hou, Mei Wang, Tingyu Lin, Yingying Xiao, Zhengxuan Jia

109. Stripe Noise Correction for Infrared Imaging System Using Neural Network Theory
Junqi Bai, Chuanwen Chang, Wen Liu

110. A Smart Indoor Gardening System Using IoT Technology
Byoungwook Min, Sung Jun Park

111. A User-Defined Code Reinforcement Technology Based on LLVM-Obfuscator
Xue Yao, Bin Li, Yahong Sun

112. An iPOJO Components-Based Workflow Architecture in Ubiquitous Cloud Environments
Xipu Zhang, Choonhwa Lee, Bleza Takouda, Ryu Giha

113. An Effective Framework for Identifying Good XML Feedback Fragments
Minjuan Zhong, Beiji Zou, Lei Wang, Shumei Liao, Naixue Xiong

114. Minimum-Cost Consensus Models for Group Decision Making Under Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment
Yuanyuan He, Chengshan Qian, Neal N. Xiong

115. Research on Ontology-Based Data Fusion
Shun Wang, Da-zhou Kang, Yan-hui Li, Zhe Zhang, Zheng-xian Wei

116. An Effective High Resolution Rainfall Estimation Based on Spatiotemporal Modeling
Qiuming Kuang, Xuebing Yang, Wensheng Zhang, Guoping Zhang, Naixue Xiong

117. A General and Effective Network Failure Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Network Fault Location Methods
Ruan Ling, Liu Changhua, Wang Yuling

118. Study on Smart Automated Sales System with Blockchain-Based Data Storage and Management
Minjae Yoo, Yoojae Won

119. Pairwise Relation Analysis and Quality Estimation of Classical Chinese Poetry in Ancient Korea
Shohrukh Bekmirzaev, Byoung-Chan Lee, Tae-Hyong Kim

120. A Parallel Adaptive Circumference Method with OpenMP
Hongtao Bai, Jinwei Fang, Fengxu Zhang, Xiaomeng Sun

121. Maximum Stack Memory Monitoring Method Assisted by Static Analysis of the Stack Usage Profile
Kiho Choi, Seongseop Kim, Moon Gi Seok, Jeonghun Cho, Daejin Park

122. Design of Nonlinear Data-Based Wellness Content Recommendation Algorithm
Young-Hwan Jang, Seung-Su Yang, Hyung-Joon Kim, Seok-Cheon Park

123. User Modeling Based on Smart Media Eye Tracking Depending on the Type of Interior Space
Hyejin Song, Nammee Moon

124. Frame Rate Control Buffer Management Technique for High-Quality Real-Time Video Conferencing System
SangHyong Kim, Yoojae Won

125. Method to Modify the Hex of Android Manifest File in Android Apps for Dynamic Analysis
Suhyoo Lee, Junhoo Park, Jaecheol Ryou

126. An Implementation of Unidirectional Security Gateway to Guarantees Inter-VTS Exchange Service Security
Yong-Kyun Kim, Seoung-Hyeon Lee

127. Implementation of NFC-Based Smart-Drug Information Management System
Kyeong-Rae Cho, Tae-Bok Yoon

128. DSS-SL: Dynamic Signage System Based on SDN with LiFi Communication for Smart Buildings
Pradip Kumar Sharma, Byoung Wook Kwon, Jong Hyuk Park

129. A Study of Service Quality in Multi Cloud Computing
Sangdo Lee, Yongtae Shin

130. Research on Cloud-Based on Web Application Malware Detection Methods
Ki-Hwan Kim, Dong-IL Lee, Yong-Tae Shin

131. Study on Customer Rating Using RFM and K-Means
Hyunjung Ji, Gyeongil Shin, Dongil Shin, Dongkyoo Shin

132. Scalable Distributed Temporal Reasoning
Jonghoon Kim, Incheol Kim

133. An Efficient Algorithm for Influence Maximization Based on Propagation Path Analysis
Wei Liu, Xin Chen, Bolun Chen, Jin Wang, Ling Chen

134. Data Stream Clustering Algorithm Based on Bucket Density for Intrusion Detection
Chunyong Yin, Lian Xia, Jin Wang

135. A Study on Subsequence Similarity Join in Time Series Data Using MapReduce
Kyounghyun Park, Hee Sun Won, Keun Ho Ryu

136. A Practical Study on Data Logger for Gas Industry
Jeong Seok Oh

137. Operational Reliability Analysis of Guided Weapon Systems
Ju-seok Ha, Kyung-mo Kim

138. The Direction of Information Security Control Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence
Sangdo Lee, Yongtae Shin

139. Anonymous Signature with Signer-Controlled Opening Capability
Sungwook Eom, Jun-Ho Huh

140. Group Signature with Signer-Controlled Opening Capability: Separate Token Generator
Sungwook Eom, Jun-Ho Huh

141. The Personal Information Overloads Effect Information Protective Responses in the Internet of Thing (IoT) Era
Won-Hyun So, Ha-Kyun Kim

142. Development of Virtual Workbench to Solve Computational Science Problem
Yejin Kwon, Inho Jeon, Sik Lee, Kumwon Cho, Jerry H. Seo

143. A Design and Implementation of the CoAP Adaptor for Communication Between DDS-Based Adaptors and External Devices
Gil-Tak Oh, Moon-Ki Back, Kyu-Chul Lee

144. Data Set Construction and Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithm for Detection of Unauthorized AP
Doyeon Kim, Dongkyoo Shin, Dongil Shin

145. Distributed Approach for the Security of P2P Wireless Network
Chunyong Yin, Nimenya Stacey, Tatiana Moreira Beita, Jin Wang

146. Build Chinese Language Model with Recurrent Neural Network
Li Lin, Jin Liu, Zhenkai Gu, Zelun Zhang, Haoliang Ren

147. Pedestrian-Safe Smart Crossing System Based on IoT with Object Tracking
KwangEun An, Sung Won Lee, Young Ju Jeong, Dongmahn Seo

148. Management and Measurement of Firm Smart Business Capability
Chui Young Yoon

149. Study on Malicious Code Behavior Detection Using Windows Filter Driver and API Call Sequence
Kangsik Shin, Yoojae Won

150. A Study on Optimal Warranty Period for Repairable Weapon Systems
Ju-seok Ha, Kyung-mo Kim

151. A Development on the SaaS Cloud Scientific Computing Platform for Education and Research in Nanoscience
Inho Jeon, Jin Ma, Jerry H. Seo, Jongsuk Ruth Lee, Kumwon Cho, Hoon Ryu

152. EEG Based Smart Driving for Intelligent Accident Management
Byung Wook Kwon, Jong Hyuk Park

153. DOTP-AaaS: Dynamic One Time Password Matching-Based Authentication as a Service
Nam Yong Kim, Kyung Yeob Park, Jong Hyuk Park

154. The Study on Data of Smart Home System as Digital Evidence
Jung Hyun Ryu, Seo Yeon Moon, Jong Hyuk Park

155. A Solution for Reducing Redistribution Costs of HAIL
Taehyuk Kim, Minseok Lee, Doo Ho Choi, Taek-Young Youn

156. New User Management Technique in Storage Services for Stronger Privacy
Taek-Young Youn, Ku-Young Chang

157. Gesture-Based User Interface Design for UAV Controls
Jeonghoon Kwak, Yunsick Sung

158. Communication System of e-Navigation Between Vessel and Shore Utilizing Representational State Transfer at Sea
Teahoon Koh, Yonghoon Kim, Kamyoung Park, Jeongho Lee, Kyungryong Seo

159. Continuous-Time Estimation Filtering with Incorporation of Temporary Model Uncertainty
Pyung Soo Kim

160. Adverstise Based Adaptive Model for IoT Device in Network Virtualization Environment
YunHee Kang, Younhoon Park, Jonghee Yoon, KwngMan Ko

161. Design and Implementation of a Wearable Device for the Blind by Using Deep Learning Based Object Recognition
Bongjae Kim, Hyeontae Seo, Jeong-Dong Kim

162. A Preference Based Recommendation System Design Through Eye-Tracking and Social Behavior Analysis
Heyjin Song, Nammee Moon

163. Design of Consumer Behavior Analysis by Region Through Reflecting Social Atmosphere Based on SNS
Jinah Kim, Nammee Moon

164. Glove Type Air Mouse Powered by Kalman Filtering and Complementary Filtering
Jae Sung Choi, Won Jun Byoun, Ji Su Park, Min Hyung Lee, Ye Seul Kang, Hyun Lee

165. An Indoor Positioning System Using RSSI and BSSID
Sunmin Lee, Nammee Moon

166. IoT-Based VR Service Model to Improve Exercise Capacity
Jeong-Dong Kim, Min-Gyu Park, Do-Yeon Ki, Bum-Hee Cho, Gil-Yong Lee, Bongjae Kim

167. Traffic Prediction System Utilizing Application and Control of Environmental Information
Yonghoon Kim, Mokdong Chung

168. Multi-screen Patterns and Multi-device Experiences in a Multi-screen Ecosystem
Geun-Hyung Kim

169. Software Defined Personal Area Network for Secure and Efficient File Management
Young-Hoon Park, Kwangman Ko

170. A Study on Resource Scaling Scheme for Energy Efficiency in Cloud Datacenter
A-Young Son, Eui-Nam Huh

171. A Machine Learning Approach to Classification of Case Reports on Adverse Drug Reactions Using Text Mining of Expert Opinions
Hyon Hee Kim, Ki Yon Rhew

172. Multi-scale Surface Curvature Based on Mesh Simplification
Jaeyong Lee, Kyong-Ah Kim, Yoo-Joo Choi

173. The microComponent and Its Extension Patterns for Flexible Reuse of Software Artifacts
Doohwan Kim, Jang-Eui Hong

174. Using Code Skeleton Patterns for Open Source Reuse
Seungwoo Nam, Doohwan Kim, Jang-Eui Hong

175. Toward Offline Contents Based Software R&D Support System
Suntae Kim, Joongi Hong, Seounghan Song, Sangchul Choi, JeongAh Kim, Jae-Young Choi, Young-Hwa Cho

176. Ubiquitous Authentication and Authorization Mechanism for Enterprise Resources Acquisition
Mei-Yu Wu, Chih-Kun Ke, Ming-Ru Lee

177. Visualization Approach for R&D Monitoring – A Tracking of Research Contents Changes Perspective
Jae-Young Choi, Jong-Won Ko, Suntae Kim, Young-Hwa Cho

178. Hybrid Sensing and Behavior-Aware in Pedestrian Hazard Detection
Svetlana Kim, YongIk Yoon

179. Internet Articles Classification by Industry Types Based on TF-IDF
Jonghun Cha, Jee-Hyong Lee

180. Adaptive Opportunistic Routing over DTMANETS: Proposals and Issues
Javid Ali, Raja Wasim Ahmad, Tahir Maqsood, Junaid Shuja, Yungwey Chong, Soongohn Kim, KwngMan Ko

181. Accelerated Purge Processes of Parallel File System on HPC by Using MPI Programming
Min-Woo Kwon, JunWeon Yoon, TaeYoung Hong, ChanYeol Park

182. Path Privacy Preservation Using Threshold Secret Sharing via Distributed Obfuscators in Directions Search
Mihui Kim

183. A QoE Based Trustable SDN Framework for IoT Devices in Mobile Edge Computing
Hamid Tahaei, Kwangman Ko, Wonjeong Seo, Suchong Joo

184. Cross-Cultural Touch-Based SNS Interface Design for the Elderly
Fanny Febriani Susilo, Jung-Ho Lee, Ji-Hyung Park, Jung-Min Park

185. A Framework for Blockchain Based Secure Smart Green House Farming
Akash Suresh Patil, Bayu Adhi Tama, Youngho Park, Kyung-Hyune Rhee

186. System for the Researcher Map to Promote Convergence Research
Sangwon Hwang, Kangwon Seo, Woncheol Ryu, Youngkwang Nam

187. The Congestion Control Model for Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management
Jung-In Choi, Seung-Hyun Seo, Taenam Cho

188. Towards Recovering Fault Traceability Links by Using Information Retrieval Technique
Seungsuk Baek, Jung-Won Lee, Byungjeong Lee

189. Multi-level Key Establishment with Space-Time Graphs for Delay Tolerant Networks
Jinyeong Kang, Inwhee Joe

190. Defect Management Method for Content-based Document Artifact Test in Software R&D Project
Dusan Baek, Jong-Hwan Shin, Byungjeong Lee, Jung-Won Lee

191. An Analysis of Online Learning Tools Based on Participatory Interaction: Focused on an Analysis of the Minerva School Case
Dae Hyun Lee, Yen-Woo You, Yong Kim

192. A New Direction-Based Routing Protocol in WSNs
Kyeong Mi Noh, JiSu Park, Jin Gon Shon

193. Fast Animation Crowds Using GPU Shaders and Motion Capture Data
Mankyu Sung

194. Association-Based Process Integration for Compliance with Core Standards in Development of Medical Software
DongYeop Kim, Ye-Seul Park, Byungjeong Lee, Jung-Won Lee

195. Ventricular Arrhythmia Classification Based on High-Order Statistical Features of ECG Signals
Sunghyun Moon, Jungjoon Kim

196. Compression and Variable-Sized ECC Scheme for the Reliable Flash Memory System
Kijin Kim, Seung-Ho Lim

197. A Keyword-Based Big Data Analysis for Individualized Health Activity Using Keyword Analysis Technique: A Methodological Approach Using National Health Data
SangDo Lee, Hoanh-Su Le, Jun-Ho Huh

198. Reliability and Control Theory: An Integration Approach for Safety Analysis
Anit Thapaliya, Gihwon Kwon

199. An Extended Hierarchical Safety Analysis for Software-Intensive System
Daehui Jeong, Gihwon Kwon

200. Toward Providing Automatic Program Repair by Utilizing Topic-Based Code Block Similarity
Youngjun Jeong, Kyeongsic Min, Geunseok Yang, Jung-Won Lee, Byungjeong Lee

201. Comparing IO Visor and Pcap for Security Inspection of Traced Packets from SmartX Box
Muhammad Ahmad Rathore, Aris Cahyadi Risdianto, Taekho Nam, JongWon Kim

202. Building the De-obfuscation Platform Based on LLVM
JiHun Kim, Kwangman Ko, Jonghee M. Youn

203. Understanding Automated Continuous Integration for Containerized Smart Energy IoT-Cloud Service
Chorwon Kim, Seungryong Kim, JongWon Kim

204. Comparing the Effectiveness of SFMEA and STPA in Software-Intensive Railway Level Crossing System
Tung La-Ngoc, Gihwon Kwon

205. Vision-Based Humanoid Robot Control Using FIR Filter
Kwan Soo Kim, Hyun Ho Kang, Sung Hyun You, Choon Ki Ahn

206. Prototype Implementation of Site Visibility Framework Employing IO Visor-Based Packet Tracing
Taekho Nam, JongWon Kim

207. ICN Based Disaster Area Network Platform
Masashi Katsumata

208. Single-Camera Vision-Based Vein Biometric Authentication and Heart Rate Monitoring via Infrared Imaging Analysis
Jae Hyun Han, Jinman Kim, Eui Chul Lee

209. Analysis of Agenda Prediction According to Big Data Based Creative Education Performance Factors
Ji-Hoon Seo, EunMi Cho, Kil-Hong Joo

210. Multimedia Design Approaches by Just Noticeable Difference (JND) of Audiovisual Modalities
Suhhee Yoo, Mincheol Whang

211. Usability Improvement of Life-Logging Contents Based on Gamification Factors
Sojung Kwak, Jieun Kwon

212. The Relationships Between Behavioral Patterns and Emotions in Daily Life
Hyunwoo Lee, Ayoung Cho, Youseop Jo, Mincheol Whang

213. Automated Verification Method of Korean Word Handwriting Using Geometric Feature
Woohyuk Jang, Sehee Kim, Yoonkyoung Kim, Eui Chul Lee

214. Correlation Analysis Between Environmental Sound and Human Emotion
Min Woo Park, Hyeonsang Hwang, Eui Chul Lee

215. Image-Based Malware Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network
Hae-Jung Kim

216. Classification of Web Content by Category Generation in Social Life Logging
Youngho Jo, Heajin Kim, Hana Lee, Mincheol Whang

217. Intrusion Detection in High-Speed Big Data Networks: A Comprehensive Approach
Kamran Siddique, Zahid Akhtar, Yangwoo Kim

218. Embodied Emotion Recognition System
Ayoung Cho, Hyunwoo Lee, Hyeonsang Hwang, Youseop Jo, Mincheol Whang

219. Patterns of Cardiovascular and Behavioral Movements in Life-Logging According to Social Emotions
Hana Lee, Youngho Jo, Heajin Kim, Mincheol Whang

220. Deep Representation of Raw Traffic Data: An Embed-and-Aggregate Framework for High-Level Traffic Analysis
Woosung Choi, Jonghyeon Min, Taemin Lee, Kyeongseok Hyun, Taehyung Lim, Soonyoung Jung

221. A Study on Traffic Signal Waiting Model Using Queuing Theory
JoongHoon Lee, HyuckJoong Yoon, Tae-Sun Chung

222. Service Aware Orchestration for Dynamic Network Slicing in 5G Networks
Jeongyun Kim

223. Improved Schedulability Analysis of Fixed-Priority for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems
Namyong Jung, Jinkyu Lee

224. Analysis of the Elements of Future Development of Korean Style Software Education Through the Opinion Mining Technique
Ji-Hoon Seo, Kil-Hong Joo

225. Comparison of 2D&3D Performances of Facial Feature Analysis Using RGB-D Vision Sensor
Kunyoung Lee, Eui Chul Lee

226. The Two Dimensional Model of Social Emotion Based on Social Life Logging
Heajin Kim, Youngho Jo, Hana Lee, Mincheol Whang

227. Design of Zigbee-BLE Gateway Direct Communication System for Smart Home Environment
Jae-Sung Shim, Hyung-Joon Kim, Nam-Uk Lee, Seok-Cheon Park

228. Design of Automatic Source Code Generation Based on User Pattern Definition
Seung-Su Yang, Hyung-Joon Kim, Nam-Uk Lee, Seok-Cheon Park

229. Design of TDD-Based Automation System for Android Application Test Automation
Min-Hyung Park, Hyung-Joon Kim, Young-Hwan Jang, Seok-Cheon Park

230. Convolutional Neural Network Based Serial Number Recognition Method for Indian Rupee Banknotes
Unsoo Jang, Eui Chul Lee

231. Emotion Recognition Through Cardiovascular Response in Daily Life Using KNN Classifier
Youseop Jo, Hyunwoo Lee, Ayoung Cho, Mincheol Whang

232. Location Privacy for HIP Based Internet of Things
Kyung Choi, Mihui Kim

233. Ubiquitous Learning and Digital Badges in the Age of Hyper-connectivity
Yoonil Auh, Heejung Raina Sim

234. Private Data Protection of Android Application
Jinseong Kim, Im Y. Jung

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computational Intelligence, Computer Communication Networks

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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39 pages
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