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Table of contents

Part I. Big Data Analytics for Precision Medicine

1. Hybrid Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Used for Large Datasets: A Pilot Study on Long-Term Sleep Data
V. Gerla, M. Murgas, A. Mladek, E. Saifutdinova, M. Macas, L. Lhotska

2. Epileptic Seizure Prediction with Stacked Auto-encoders: Lessons from the Evaluation on a Large and Collaborative Database
R. Barata, B. Ribeiro, A. Dourado, C. A. Teixeira

3. Deep Learning Techniques on Sparsely Sampled Multichannel Data—Identify Deterioration in ICU Patients
A. Chytas, K. Vaporidi, Y. Surlatzis, D. Georgopoulos, N. Maglaveras, I. Chouvarda

4. Convolutional Neural Networks for Early Seizure Alert System
T. Iešmantas, R. Alzbutas

5. Prediction of Cardiac Arrest in Intensive Care Patients Through Machine Learning
E. Akrivos, V. Papaioannou, N. Maglaveras, I. Chouvarda

Part II. Scientific Challenge—Lung Sounds Analysis

6. Α Respiratory Sound Database for the Development of Automated Classification
B. M. Rocha, D. Filos, L. Mendes, I. Vogiatzis, E. Perantoni, E. Kaimakamis, P. Natsiavas, A. Oliveira, C. Jácome, A. Marques, R. P. Paiva, I. Chouvarda, P. Carvalho, N. Maglaveras

7. Hidden Markov Model Based Respiratory Sound Classification
N. Jakovljević, T. Lončar-Turukalo

8. An Automated Lung Sound Preprocessing and Classification System Based OnSpectral Analysis Methods
Gorkem Serbes, Sezer Ulukaya, Yasemin P. Kahya

9. Detection of Cough and Adventitious Respiratory Sounds in Audio Recordings by Internal Sound Analysis
B. M. Rocha, L. Mendes, I. Chouvarda, P. Carvalho, R. P. Paiva

Part III. eHealth Systems, Services and Cloud Computing

10. A Content-Aware Analytics Framework for Open Health Data
L. Koumakis, H. Kondylakis, D. G. Katehakis, G. Iatraki, P. Argyropaidas, M. Hatzimina, K. Marias

11. Towards Harmonized Data Processing in SMBG
Sara Zulj, Goran Seketa, Ratko Magjarevic

12. Notarization of Knowledge Retrieval from Biomedical Repositories Using Blockchain Technology
P. Mytis-Gkometh, G. Drosatos, P. S. Efraimidis, E. Kaldoudi

13. Gap Analysis for Information Security in Interoperable Solutions at a Systemic Level: The KONFIDO Approach
J. Rasmussen, P. Natsiavas, K. Votis, K. Moschou, P. Campegiani, L. Coppolino, I. Cano, D. Marí, G. Faiella, O. Stan, O. Abdelrahman, M. Nalin, I. Baroni, M. Voss-Knude, V. A. Vella, E. Grivas, C. Mesaritakis, J. Dumortier, J. Petersen, D. Tzovaras, L. Romano, I. Komnios, V. Koutkias

14. Identification of Barriers and Facilitators for eHealth Acceptance: The KONFIDO Study
P. Natsiavas, C. Kakalou, K. Votis, D. Tzovaras, N. Maglaveras, I. Komnios, V. Koutkias

15. A Personalized Cloud-Based Platform for AAL Support to Cognitively Impaired Elderly People
Stefanos Stavrotheodoros, Nikolaos Kaklanis, Dimitrios Tzovaras

16. Enhanced Healthcare System Based on Mobile Communication
Cheng-Huei Yang, Tsung-Che Wu, Hsiu-Chen Huang

17. Experience of Using the WELCOME Remote Monitoring System on Patients with COPD and Comorbidities
E. Kaimakamis, E. Perantoni, E. Serasli, V. Kilintzis, I. Chouvarda, R. Kayyali, S. Nabhani-Gebara, J. Chang, R. Siva, R. Hibbert, N. Philips, D. Karamitros, A. Raptopoulos, I. Frerichs, J. Wacker, N. Maglaveras

Part IV. Biosignals and Biomarkers

18. Adipose Tissue as a Biomarker in Data Mining Predictive Models of Metabolic Pathophysiologies
O. Tsave, I. Kavakiotis, I. Vlahavas, A. Salifoglou

19. Portable Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Detecting Peripheral Arterial Occlusion
W.-C. Lu, S.-H. Lu, M.-F. Chen, T.-C. Fu, K.-P. Lin, C.-L. Tsai

20. Physiological Monitoring of Cold-Air Stimulated Rhinitis
M.-S. Jhuang, C.-M. Chen, S.-H. Lu, M.-F. Chen, K.-P. Lin, C.-L. Tsai

21. Association Between SpO2 Signal Characteristics and Sleep Architecture with Insulin Resistance in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
E. Perantoni, P. Steiropoulos, D. Filos, N. Maglaveras, K. Nikolaou, I. Chouvarda

Part V. Biosignal Analysis Methods

22. Preprocessing and Filtration Techniques of BSPM Signals in a Small-Scale Study
M. Hrachovina, L. Lhotská, M. Huptych

23. Blood Vessel Segmentation from Microcirculation Images
Bea Lyn M. Virtudazo, Jimmy Hasugian, Wen-Chen Lin, Mei-Fen Chen, Kang-Ping Lin

24. Active Learning for Semi-automated Sleep Scoring
N. Grimova, M. Macas, V. Gerla

25. Human Fall Detection from Acceleration Measurements Using a Recurrent Neural Network
T. Theodoridis, V. Solachidis, N. Vretos, P. Daras

26. Optimal Threshold Selection for Acceleration-Based Fall Detection
G. Šeketa, J. Vugrin, I. Lacković

27. Camera Based Real Time Fall Detection Using Pattern Classification
M. Macaš, S. Lesoin, A. Périn

Part VI. Machine Learning and Predictive Models in Medicine

28. Epileptic Seizures Classification Based on Long-Term EEG Signal Wavelet Analysis
K. D. Tzimourta, A. T. Tzallas, N. Giannakeas, L. G. Astrakas, D. G. Tsalikakis, M. G. Tsipouras

29. Heartrate Variability Comparison Between Electrocardiogram, Photoplethysmogram and Ballistic Pulse Waveforms at Fiducial Points
G. M. W. Janjua, R. Hadia, D. Guldenring, D. D. Finlay, J. A. D. McLaughlin

30. Wavelet ECG Analysis in Time-Frequency Domain of the QRS-Complex in Individuals with Left Bundle Branch Block
Kalliopi Papathoma, Stavros Chatzimiltiadis, Nikolaos Maglaveras, Ioanna Chouvarda, Efstratios Theofilogiannakos, Dimitrios Konstantinou, Vassilios Vassilikos

31. Adaboost Classifier with Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Epilepsy Classification from EEG
S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru

32. Performance Analysis of Factor Analysis and Isomap with Hybrid ABC-PSO Classifier for Epilepsy Classification
S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru

33. Performance Analysis of Breast Cancer Classification with Softmax Discriminant Classifier and Linear Discriminant Analysis
S. K. Prabhakar, H. Rajaguru

Part VII. Behavioural Informatics and Connected Health Technologies

34. Emotion Recognition from Haptic Touch on Android Device Screens
C. Maramis, L. Stefanopoulos, I. Chouvarda, N. Maglaveras

35. Objective Smoking: Towards Smoking Detection Using Smartwatch Sensors
C. Maramis, V. Kilintzis, P. Scholl, I. Chouvarda

36. Towards Value Propositions for Persuasive Health and Wellbeing Applications
M. S. Haque, A. Arman, M. Kangas, T. Jämsä, M. Isomursu

37. Parkinson’s Disease Patients Classification Based on a Motion Tracking Methodology
Eleftheria Polychronidou, Sofia Segkouli, Elias Kalamaras, Stavros Papadopoulos, Anastasios Drosou, Konstantinos Votis, Sevasti Bostantjopoulou, Zoe Katsarou, Charalambos Papaxanthis, Vassilia Hatzitaki, Panagiotis Moschonas, Dimitrios Tzovaras

38. Patient Empowerment Through Summarization of Discussion Threads on Treatments in a Patient Self-help Forum
Sourabh Dandage, Johannes Huber, Atin Janki, Uli Niemann, Ruediger Pryss, Manfred Reichert, Steve Harrison, Markku Vessala, Winfried Schlee, Thomas Probst, Myra Spiliopoulou

Part VIII. e-Coaching and Patient Support for Physical Activity Promotion

39. A Computer-Assisted System with Kinect Sensors and Wristband Heart Rate Monitors for Group Classes of Exercise-Based Rehabilitation
A. Triantafyllidis, D. Filos, R. Buys, J. Claes, V. Cornelissen, E. Kouidi, A. Chatzitofis, D. Zarpalas, P. Daras, I. Chouvarda, N. Maglaveras

40. A Computerized System for Real-Time Exercise Performance Monitoring and e-Coaching Using Motion Capture Data
Anargyros Chatzitofis, Dimitris Zarpalas, Petros Daras

41. Design of a Fully Automated Service to Generate an Individualized Exercise Rehabilitation Program for Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
R. Buys, V. A. Cornelissen

42. Adherence to Physical Activity in Patients with Heart Disease: Types, Settings and Evaluation Instruments
K. Livitckaia, V. Koutkias, N. Maglaveras, E. Kouidi, M. Gils, I. Chouvarda

43. Training System Methodology Using ECG Signal
E. Butkeviciute, L. Bikulciene, K. Poderiene

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Health Informatics, Health Informatics, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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