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Advances in Fire and Process Safety

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Table of contents

1. Practical Aspects of Application of Bayesian Networks to Cause and Effect Modeling in Process Safety
G. Unnikrishnan, Cyrus Rezaei, Nihal A. Siddiqui

2. Application of Computational Analysis for Risk Assessment of Chlorine Gas from Tank in Chlorine Production Unit: A Case Study
A. K. Dash, M. K. Pradhan, R. Singh

3. Modeling of Gas Flow Within the Shale Fracture Network
Vamsi Krishna Kudapa, D. K. Gupta, Pushpa Sharma

4. Quantitative Assessment of Risk Caused by Domino Accidents in Chemical Process Industries
S. Sanjay Pramanathan, S. M. Tauseef, Dharani Kumar, P. N. K. Mohanty

5. An Assessment of the Appropriateness of the Prescribed “Safe Distances” for Siting Hazardous Process Units to Prevent Domino Effect
Euginia Diana Mukhim, Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, S. A. Abbasi

6. Evaluating the Functionality of Industrial Emergency Operations Center (EOC) by Weighted Scoring Technique
Bahman Abdolhamidzadeh, Farshad Rahimi, Tannaz Gharebaghian, Behnaz Nosraty, Davood Rashtchian

7. Development of Risk Acceptance Criteria for Indian Railways
Ashwin Malviya, Vishal Kumar Singh, Bikarama Prasad Yadav

8. Enhancing Safety Culture in Cement Industry Using Behavior-Based Safety Technique
Aswin Skaria Aliyachen, Bikarama Prasad Yadav, Soumyadeep Bhakshi

9. Quantitative Estimation of Risk to Community Near an Ammonia Rail Wagon Loading Facility
Ankit Avasthy, Nihal A. Siddiqui

10. Network-Guided Robot
Rohit Smkaria, Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Sushaban Choudhary, Mayank Sharma

11. Case Study on Vapour Cloud Explosions (Buncefield and Jaipur Explosion)—A Review
R. Shristi Vidusha, Dipti Sharath, Bikrama Prasad Yadav, Abhishek Nandan

12. Broadband Stacked Microstrip Antenna with Genetically Designed Patches
Raj Gaurav Mishra, Jeevani Jayasinghe

13. A Novel Distance Authentication Mechanism to Prevent the Online Transaction Fraud
Vipin Khattri, Deepak Kumar Singh

14. Fire Safety Management in India: A Review
Ayush Vidyadharan, Joji John, Cherish Thomas, Bikarama Prasad Yadav

15. Analysis of Fire Protection Facilities in Hospital Buildings
B. Abhishek Shastri, Y. Sivaji Raghav, R. Sahadev, Bikarama Prasad Yadav

16. Need for Better High-Rise Building Evacuation Practices
Suvek Salankar, S. M. Tauseef, R. K. Sharma

17. Design and Analysis of Firewater Network for a Typical Onshore Gas Processing Plant
J. Razeen, V. Venkata Krishnakanth, Shagufta Ejaz

18. Swing Tower of Loader Backhoe Arm for Dynamics and Stress Analysis by Modeling and Simulation
Jitendra Yadav, Praveen Pitta, Akshay Maan

19. Recent Development in Machine Safeguarding for Protecting Humans from Complicated Machines
Appil Ora, K. Dharani Kumar, Rishi Dewan

20. Application of Rapid Tooling for Vacuum Forming to Reduce Cycle Time
Beporam Iftekhar Hussain, Mir Safiulla, B. Khaleelu Rehman

21. Design and Implementation of On-Site Emergency Planning for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Utilizing Automobile Industries
S. Abishek, R. K. Elangovan

22. Use of QRA to Manage SIMOPS Operations
R. Kannan, Nihal A. Siddiqui

23. Correlating the Factors of Human Error and Behavior-Based Safety Using Pareto Analysis and BBS Observation Application
R. Shristi Vidusha, Y. Sivaji Raghav, Sagarkumar Vaghasia, Bikarama Prasad Yadav

24. An Accident Vulnerability Index Based on Fuzzy Logic
Tabassum-Abbasi, Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, S. A. Abbasi

25. IoT- and NDT-Based Bridge Risk Assessment and Identification
Aditya Agarwal, Vishal Sharma, Vishakha Shukla, Bikarama Prasad Yadav, Rajesh Singh

26. Performance Evaluation of Rectangular Fins by Modeling and Simulations
Akshay Maan, Praveen Pitta, Jitendra Yadav

27. Design of Trajectory and Perturbation Analysis for Satellite Orbital Parameters
M. Raja, Saurabh Pandey, Rishabh Kumar, Aman Dalmia

Keywords: Engineering, Fire Science, Hazard Control, Building Safety, Industrial and Production Engineering, Safety in Chemistry, Dangerous Goods

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Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering
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20 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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