Jana, B. B.

Wastewater Management Through Aquaculture

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Table of contents

Part I. Understanding the Fundamentals of Soil-Water Interactions and Biogeochemical Nutrient Dynamics

1. Understanding the Soil-Water Interactions for Sustainable Ecosystem Services in Aquatic Environments
B. B. Jana, S. Lahiri, D. Ghosh, J. N. Bhakta, S. Mandal, S. K. Bag

2. Biogeochemical Cycling Bacteria and Nutrient Dynamics in Waste Stabilization Pond System
Susmita Lahiri, Debarati Ghosh, Dipanwita Sarkar (Paria)

Part II. Culture Practices of Wastewater Fed Aquaculture

3. Global Prospects for Safe Wastewater Reuse Through Aquaculture
Stuart W. Bunting, Peter Edwards

4. Waste System: Its Utility and Analyses in Aquaculture
S. K. Das, A. Mandal

5. Recycling of Sewage in Aquaculture: Decadal Technical Advancement
R. N. Mandal, P. P. Chakrabarti, B. N. Paul, D. D. Chattopadhyay, A. Das, A. Hussan, P. Jayasankar

6. Wastewater-Fed Aquaculture in East Kolkata Wetlands: State of the Art and Measures to Protect Biodiversity
Sasidulal Ghosh

7. Fish Diseases in Wastewater Aquaculture and Remedial Measures
Manas Kr. Das

Part III. Strategies Toward Wastewater Reclamation Using Green and Sustainable Technologies

8. Ecosystem Resilient Driven Remediation for Safe and Sustainable Reuse of Municipal Wastewater
B. B. Jana, Johannes Heeb, Shamik Das

9. Bioremediation of Perturbed Waterbodies Fed with Wastewater for Enhancing Finfish and Shellfish Production
Kishore K. Krishnani, Neeraj Kumar, K. K. Meena, N. P. Singh

10. Aquaponics: A Green and Sustainable Eco-tech for Environmental Cum Economic Benefits Through Integration of Fish and Edible Crop Cultivation
S. Datta, B. K. Mahapatra, J. N. Bhakta, S. K. Bag, S. Lahiri, R. N. Mandal, B. B. Jana

11. Recent Technologies for Wastewater Treatment: A Brief Review
S. P. Shukla, Saurav Kumar, S. Gita, V. S. Bharti, Kundan Kumar, G. Rathi Bhuvaneswari

12. Adsorption Technique for Removal of Heavy Metals from Water and Possible Application in Wastewater-Fed Aquaculture
Subhas Sarkar, S. Adhikari

Part IV. Economic Perspectives of Wastewater, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Law and Regulations

13. Multiple Reuse of Wastewater: Economic Perspectives
S. Jana, Ken Gnanakan, B. B. Jana

14. Socioeconomic Impacts and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Wastewater-Fed Aquaculture
S. Jana

15. Environmental Impact Assessment: A Case Study on East Kolkata Wetlands
A. R. Ghosh, S. Mondal, D. Kole

16. Law and Regulation of Wastes and Wastewater: Indian Perspective
S. K. Sadhu, A. R. Ghosh

Keywords: Environment, Waste Water Technology / Water Pollution Control / Water Management / Aquatic Pollution, Freshwater & Marine Ecology, Sustainable Development, Environmental Management, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice

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