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Advances in Hydroinformatics

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Table of contents

Part I. Methods for Modeling & Uncertainty

1. Large Markov Decision Processes Based Management Strategy of Inland Waterways in Uncertain Context
Guillaume Desquesnes, Guillaume Lozenguez, Arnaud Doniec, Éric Duviella

2. Meta-heuristic Optimization Method for the Calibration of Friction Coefficients in 1-D Open Surface Channel Modeling

Pierre-Loïk Rothé, François-Xavier Cierco, Luc Duron, Pierre Balayn

3. UPC Architecture for High-Performance Computational Hydrodynamics
Tung T. Vu, Alvin Wei Ze Chew, Adrian Wing-Keung Law

4. Artificial Viscosity Technique: A Riemann-Solver-Free Method for 2D Urban Flood Modelling on Complex Topography
Bobby Minola Ginting, Ralf-Peter Mundani

5. Modeling of Interconnected Flat Open-Channel Flow: Application to Inland Navigation Canals
P. Segovia, L. Rajaoarisoa, F. Nejjari, V. Puig, E. Duviella

6. Implicit Formulation for 1D and 2D St Venant Equations—Presentation of the Method, Validation and Applications
Thierry Lepelletier, Quentin Araud

7. Development of a Hydraulic Modelling Platform Within an Open-Source Environment
Camille Duran, Thierry Lepelletier, Vincent Mora

8. Multi-step Flow Routing Using Artificial Neural Networks for Decision Support
Euan Russano, Dirk Schwanenberg

9. Modeling the Flow Around Islands in Rivers Using a One-Dimensional Approach
Fabian Franzini, Damien Hoedenaeken, Sandra Soares-Frazão

10. Measurement of the Free-Surface Elevation for Flows in Complex Topography Using Photogrammetry
Olivier Carlier d’Odeigne, Fabian Franzini, Guilherme Coutinho Machado Rosa, Nils Janssens, Sandra Soares-Frazão

11. Numerical Simulation of Landslide Impulsive Waves by WC-MPS Method
Kun Guo, Yee-chung Jin

12. Uncertainty Quantification for River Flow Simulation Applied to a Real Test Case: The Garonne Valley
Nicole Goutal, Cedric Goeury, Riadh Ata, Sophie Ricci, Nabil El Mocayd, M. Rochoux, Hind Oubanas, Igor Gejadze, Pierre-Olivier Malaterre

13. Uncertainties of a 1D Hydraulic Model with Levee Breaches: The Benchmark Garonne
Nathalie Bertrand, Maxime Liquet, Denis Moiriat, Lise Bardet, Claire-Marie Duluc

14. Uncertainty Quantification for the Gironde Estuary Hydrodynamics with TELEMAC2D
Vanessya Laborie, Nicole Goutal, Sophie Ricci, Matthias Lozzo, Philippe Sergent

15. Feedback from Uncertainties Propagation Research Projects Conducted in Different Hydraulic Fields: Outcomes for Engineering Projects and Nuclear Safety Assessment
Vito Bacchi, Claire-Marie Duluc, Lise Bardet, Nathalie Bertrand, Vincent Rebour

16. Navigability Evaluation at a Confluence with Bathymetric Variability
Thomas F. Viard, Matthieu Sécher, Cédric Goeury, Renaud Barate

Part II. Hydroinformatics Systems & Applications

17. Decision Support System Architecture for Real-Time Water Management
Philippe Gourbesville, Mingxuan Du, Elodie Zavattero, Qiang Ma, Marc Gaetano

18. Groundwater Modeling for a Decision Support System: The Lower Var Valley, Southeastern France
Mingxuan Du, Elodie Zavattero, Qiang Ma, Philippe Gourbesville, Olivier Delestre

19. 2D Surface Water Quality Model: A Forecasting Tool for Accidental Pollution in Urban River—Application to the Var River, France
Elodie Zavattero, Yunpeng Zhai, Meichun Qin, Mingxuan Du, Philippe Gourbesville, Olivier Delestre

20. Application of a Two-Dimensional Water Quality Model (CE-QUAL-W2) to the Thermal Impact Assessment of a Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant Project in a Mountainous Reservoir (Matalavilla, Sil River, Spain)
Anaïs Ramos-Fuertes, Antoni Palau, Josep Dolz

21. Design and Monitoring of River Restoration Work
Arnaud Bonviller, Julien Berthelot, Benjamin Seurot, Olivier Barbet, Jean-Phillipe Vandelle

22. Real-Time Reservoir Operation for Drought Management Considering Operational Ensemble Predictions of Precipitation in Japan
Daisuke Nohara, Tomoharu Hori, Yoshinobu Sato

23. Development of Reservoir Management Optimal Rules: Case of Hammam Boughrara Dam, Wilaya of Tlemcen, Algeria
Saad Dahmani, Ahmed Ferhait, Djilali Yebdri, Rabah Bounoua, Hakim Djafer Khodja

24. A Multilevel Uncertainty-Based Approach for Optimal Irrigation Scheduling
Sedigheh Anvari, S. Jamshid Mousavi, Saeed Morid

25. Implementation of River Information Services in Europe
Martin Misik, Stanislav Vanecek, Jozef Stoklasa, Marián Kučera, Aurelien Gasc

26. Assessment of Land Use Change Impacts on Hydrological Regimes in Haihe River Basin, China
Zhengmiao Li, Qiang Ma

27. Assessment of Deterministic Model over Long Time Period Hydrological Simulation at Ungauged Mediterranean Catchment
Qiang Ma, Elodie Zavattero, Mingxuan Du, Philippe Gourbesville

28. Comparing Model Effectiveness on Simulating Catchment Hydrological Regime
Ngoc Duong Vo, Quang Binh Nguyen, Chi Hieu Le, Tien Dat Doan, Van Hoa Le, Philippe Gourbesville

29. Dam Break Simulation Using DHI-MIKE21 in the Eg Hydropower Plant, Mongolia
Janrai Soninbayar, Philippe Audra

30. Flow Forecasting System Downstream the Itaipu Dam
José M. Quevedo, Giovanni Gomes, Auder M. Lisboa, Mariana M. Werlang

31. Modularity Index for Optimal Sensor Placement in WDNs
Antonietta Simone, Daniele Laucelli, Luigi Berardi, Orazio Giustolisi

32. Robustness of Parameter-Less Remote Real-Time Pressure Control in Water Distribution Systems
Philip R. Page, Adnan M. Abu-Mahfouz, Olivier Piller, Matome L. Mothetha, Muhammad S. Osman

33. Pressure Management Strategies for Water Loss Reduction in Large-Scale Water Piping Networks: A Review
Kazeem B. Adedeji, Yskandar Hamam, Bolanle T. Abe, Adnan M. Abu-Mahfouz

Part III. Flood Simulation & Forecasting

34. Creation and Life of an Operational Crisis Management Centre in Nice Metropolis: Consolidation of Flood Events Handling Using Feedbacks Following the 3rd October Flood Event
Yannick Dorgigné, Morgan Abily, Leslie Salvan, Philippe Gourbesville

35. Semi-automatic Maps for 2015 French Riviera Floods
Frédéric Pons, Mathieu Alquier, Isabelle Roux

36. Combining Numerical Rainfall Forecasts and Realtime Observations to Improve Early Inundation Warnings
Tsun-Hua Yang, Gong-Do Hwang, Xiu-Man Huang

37. Urban Flood Analysis Model for Plain Tidal River Network Region
Nianqiang Zhang, Na Li, Jing Wang, Sheng Chen, Hailei Huang

38. Flood Forecasting and Water Management System for Thailand
Hansen Finn, Børge Storm, Bertrand Richaud, Anders Klinting, Aurelien Gasc

39. Flood Modelling Framework for Kuching City, Malaysia: Overcoming the Lack of Data
Dongeon Kim, Yabin Sun, Dadiyorto Wendi, Ze Jiang, Shie-Yui Liong, Philippe Gourbesville

40. Error Correcting and Combining Multi-model Flood Forecasting Systems
Konrad Bogner, Katharina Liechti, Massimiliano Zappa

41. Modeling of Flash Floods in Wadi Systems Using a Robust Shallow Water Model—Case Study El Gouna, Egypt
Franziska Tügel, Ilhan Özgen, Reinhard Hinkelmann, Ahmed Hadidi, Uwe Tröger

42. Experimental and Numerical Study of Stability of Vehicles Exposed to Flooding
Manuel Gómez, Eduardo Martínez, Beniamino Russo

43. Xynthia Flood, Learning from the Past Events—Introducing a FRI to Stakeholders
Jelena Batica, Philippe Gourbesville, Marc Erlich, Christophe Coulet, Adrien Mejean

44. Coastal Risk Management Plan in Saint-Malo
Jean-Paul Ducatez, Erwan Lecornec, Guillaume Kerambrun, Sandrine Vidal

45. CFD Simulation of a Tsunami Impacting a Coastal City Including Numerous Buildings
Charles Audiffren, Valérie Forgues, Richard Marcer

46. Coupled 1D/2D Hydraulic Simulation of the Model Muri
Tariq Chibane, André Paquier, Saâdia Benmamar

47. Development of a Modelling Tool of the Seine River and Its Main Tributaries
Renaud Rohan, Arielle Masson, Christian Arlet, Adlane Rebaï, Claudine Jost, Carine Chaléon

48. Analysis of Flood and Dry Threshold Definition in Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flood Modeling Tools
Leslie Salvan, Elodie Zavattero, Olivier Delestre, Philippe Gourbesville

49. Hydrodynamic Coupling Method for Stormwater Studies in Suburban Catchments—Study Case of the Magnan Basin, Nice
Leslie Salvan, Morgan Abily, Philippe Gourbesville

50. Large-Scale GIS-Based Urban Flood Modelling: A Case Study on the City of Ouagadougou
Christophe Bouvier, Nanée Chahinian, Marko Adamovic, Claire Cassé, Anne Crespy, Agnès Crès, Matias Alcoba

51. Review and Optimization of Carrying Capacity of Urban Drainage System Based on ArcGIS and SWMM Model
Jiayi Wang, Lianjun Zhao, Chao Zhu, Bingxue Shi

52. Flood Risk Assessment: A View of Climate Change Impact at Vu Gia Thu Bon Catchment, Vietnam
Ngoc Duong Vo, Philippe Gourbesville

Part IV. Advanced Approaches to Special and Complex Hydraulics Applications

53. Modelling in Applied Hydraulics: More Accurate in Decision-Making Than in Science?
Erik Mosselman

54. 15 Years of Composite Modelling to Enhance Hydraulic Structures Studies
Sébastien Erpicum, Benjamin Dewals, Pierre Archambeau, Michel Pirotton

55. Practical Capacities and Challenges of 3D CFD Modelling: Feedback Experience in Engineering Projects
Vincent Libaud, Christophe Daux, Yanis Oukid

56. Determination of the Overflow of a Stormwater Regulator Using Numerical Modeling
Julien Schaguene, Guillaume Barjot, Benoit Dumout, Olivier Bertrand, Caroline Girard

57. Study on Recirculation Between Intakes and Outfalls of Desalination Plants
Jie Song, Chunyan Tang, Carlos Serrano Moreno, Myung Eun Lee, Adrian Wing-Keung Law

58. Experimental Investigation of Free Surface Gradients in a 90° Angled Asymmetrical Open Channel Confluence
Stéphan Creëlle, Lukas Engelen, Laurent Schindfessel, Pedro X. Ramos, Tom Mulder

59. Modelling Flow Under Baffle Sluice Gates
Pierre Le Faucheux, David Dorchies, Xuefang Li, Souha Gamri, Cyril Dejean, Séverine Tomas, Gilles Belaud

60. Hybrid Model Study of the Clichy Sewage Pretreatment Plant
Sébastien Roux, Pierre Balayn, Bernard Brachet, Pauline Bertrand, Frédéric Prin, Hélène Darras, Luca Pinardi

61. Physical and 3D Numerical Simulations of the Flow in the Tailrace of a Hydroelectric Power Plant to Design Fishway Entries
Agnès Leroy, Pierre Bourqui, Lionel Dumond, Giovanni Cesare

62. Hybrid Modelling Approach to Study Scour Potential at Chancy-Pougny Dam Stilling Basin
Davide Wüthrich, Sabine Chamoun, Erik Bollaert, Giovanni De Cesare, Anton J. Schleiss

63. Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling for Flow Analysis Inside a Pumping Station
Olivier Bertrand, Pierre-Etienne Loisel, Caroline Girard, Pierre-François Demenet, Julien Schaguene

64. Experimental Study at Prototype Scale of a Self-priming Free-Surface Siphon
Giovanni De Cesare, Khalid Essyad, Paloma Furlan, Vu Nam Khuong, Sean Mulligan

65. Numerical Simulation of Mixed Flows in Hydroelectric Circuits with Temporary Flows Flowmix Software
Christian Bourdarias, Stéphane Gerbi, Victor Winckler

66. Modelization and Simulation of Francis Turbine Inter-blade Vortices in Partial Load Conditions
Sofien Bouajila, James Brammer, Emmanuel Flores, Claire Ségoufin, Thierry Maître

67. Hybrid RANS/LES Approach: An Accurate Methodology to Predict S-Shape Region of Reversible Pump-Turbines
Clément Jacquet, Regiane Fortes Patella, Laetitia Balarac, Jean-Bernard Houdeline

68. “Low Cost” Approaches for the Prediction of Rotating Instabilities in the Vaneless Diffuser of a Radial Flow Pump
Banglun Zhou, Antoine Dazin, Annie-Claude Bayeul-Lainé, Jianping Yuan, Yaguang Heng, Patrick Dupont, Najib Ouarzazi

69. New Prototype of a Kinetic Turbine for Artificial Channels
Cécile Münch-Alligné, Sylvain Richard, Anthony Gaspoz, Vlad Hasmatuchi, Nino Brunner

70. Combination of a Particle Swarm Optimization and Nelder–Mead Algorithm in a Diffuser Shape Optimization
Prokop Moravec, Pavel Rudolf

71. Multiphase Modeling of Hydrosystems Using OpenFOAM
Tabea Broecker, Katharina Teuber, Waldemar Elsesser, Reinhard Hinkelmann

72. Tridimensional Model Coupling Using Schwarz Methodology—Application to a Water Intake of a Hydroelectric Plant
Mehdi Pierre Daou, Olivier Bertrand, Eric Blayo, Antoine Rousseau

73. Investigation of the Cavitation Within Venturi Tube: Influence of the Generated Vortex
Jiří Kozák, Pavel Rudolf, Martin Hudec, Ondřej Urban, David Štefan, Rostislav Huzlík, Martin Čala

74. U-RANS Simulations and PIV Measurements of a Self-excited Cavitation Vortex Rope in a Francis Turbine
Jean Decaix, Andres Müller, Arthur Favrel, François Avellan, Cécile Münch

75. Evaluating 3D Hydraulic Conditions to Favour Sediment Transport and Erosion Through a Reservoir: Hybrid Modelling of Champagneux Run-of-River Dam on the Rhône River, France
Damien Alliau, Magali Decachard, Carole Wirz, Christophe Peteuil, Sylvain Reynaud, Antoine Vollant

76. Numerical Modeling of a Granular Collapse Immersed in a Viscous Fluid
Edouard Izard, Laurent Lacaze, Thomas Bonometti, Annaïg Pedrono

77. Simulation of Levee Breach Using Delft Models: A Case Study of the Drava River Flood Event
Igor Kerin, Sanjay Giri, Damir Bekić

78. Comparision Between Models Used to Simulate Dam-Break Flows over a Mobile Bed Made of Different Materials
Ilaria Fent, Sylvie Emelen, Sandra Soares-Frazão

79. Experimental Study of Flows in a Converging Channel Followed by a Prismatic Channel with Stairs
Meriem Chetibi, Sébastien Proust, Sâadia Benmamar

80. Protocol Development to Determine Dispersion Coefficient of Conservative Solution in Mobile Bed Model Tank Experiment Using Resource Modeling Associates (RMA) Program
Baiti R. Maudina, Dwinanti R. Marthanty, Herr Soeryantono

81. Distributed Hydrodynamic Model of the Rich and Coarse Sediment Area of the Yellow River Basin
Wenyi Yao, Lingling Wang, Jingwei Yao, Mian Li

82. Flow Near Groynes: Experimental or Computational Approaches
Quang Binh Nguyen, Ngoc Duong Vo, Philippe Gourbesville

83. Preliminary Experimental Study on the Effect of the Sediment-Laden River on WES Practical Weir’s Discharge Capacity
Chao Zhu, Lianjun Zhao, Jiayi Wang

84. Assessing Impact of Construction Work on River Morphology with TELEMAC-3D
Quang Binh Nguyen, Ngoc Duong Vo, Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Hydrology/Water Resources, Computational Science and Engineering, Simulation and Modeling

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