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Advances in Structural Integrity

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Table of contents

1. High-R Fatigue Crack Growth Threshold Stress Intensity Factors at High Temperatures
Stuart R. Holdsworth, Zhen Chen

Part I. Aerospace

2. Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Fuselage Structural Joints with Cracks
H. Ramesha, N. C. Mahendra Babu, H. V. Lakshminarayana

3. Effect of Silica Nanoparticles on the Fatigue Life of a Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composite Under an Aircraft Spectrum Load Sequence
N. Jagannathan, K. Sakthivel, Ramesh Bojja, C. M. Manjunatha

4. Fatigue Life Estimation of Typical Fighter Aircraft Main Landing Gear Using Finite Element Analysis
T. Sivaranjani, D. V. T. G. Pavan Kumar, C. M. Manjunatha, M. Manjuprasad

5. Designing for Strength: ASME’s DBA Guidelines and Beyond
Kotur S. Raghavan

6. Premature Fatigue Failures in the Hot Zone of Low Pressure Turbine Rotor (LPTR) Blades of Aero-Engine
M. Madan, R. Bharathanatha Reddy, K. Raghavendra, M. Sujata, S. K. Bhaumik

7. Fatigue Life Prediction of Composite Airframe Panel
P. K. Sahoo, Shriram Gujar, M. Manjuprasad

8. Integrity Evaluation of Feature Level Test Specimen of an Aircraft Primary Composite Structure
S. Venkatesh, S. C. Lakshminarayana, Byji Varughese

9. A Study on the Effect of Crack Stopper for Enhanced Damage Tolerance Behavior of a Fuselage Stiffened Panel
G. Akshitha, A. Shailesh Rao, N. Srinivasan, M. Mohan Kumar

10. Failure Analysis of a Squirrel Cage Bearing of a Gas Turbine Engine
Swati Biswas, Jivan Kumar, V. N. Satishkumar, S. N. Narendra Babu

Part II. Civil Structures

11. On-line Deformation Monitoring of Building Estate Above Mining
R. Tsvetkov, Igor Shardakov, A. Shestakov, V. Yepin

12. Mechanical Properties of Nano Concrete
Ajaysinh R. Vaghela, Gaurang R. Vesmawala

13. Estimation of Critical Microcrack Length in Concrete by Considering Interfacial Properties
Keerthy M. Simon, J. M. Chandra Kishen

14. Fracture Analysis and Remaining Life Assessment of Ultra High Strength Concrete Beams
A. Ramachandra Murthy, N. R. Iyer, B. K. Raghu Prasad

Part III. Composites

15. Rupture in Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Qusay Alfaori, Ashok Saxena, Hanna Jensen, Morten Jensen

16. Damage Tolerance Assessment of Laminated Composite Plates Subjected to Ballistic Impact
H. L. Vinayaka, Shivashankar R. Srivatsa

17. Prediction of Mode II Delamination Onset Life Under Spectrum Fatigue Loads Using Equivalent Strain Energy Release Rate Concept
A. R. Anilchandra, M. Seshagirachari, Ramesh Bojja, N. Jagannathan, C. M. Manjunatha

18. Dependence of Crack Velocity on Stress Intensity Factor in PMMA Using Single-Edge-Notched Clamped Beams
G. R. Rahul, V. Jayaram, S. Bose

19. Effect of Wrap Thickness and Ply Orientation on Cracking and Failure of FRP-Wrapped Columns
Pradeep B. Kodag, Gaurang R. Vesmawala

20. Studies on Fracture Features and Fracture Toughness of CFRP Composites Fabricated by Resin Infusion Technique
K. Panbarasu, Suresh Kumar, V. R. Ranganath, R. V. Prakash

21. Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Double-Sided Stepped Lap-Repaired CFRP Laminates Under Tensile Loading
Matta Seshadri, M. Ramji

Part IV. Computational Mechanics

22. Lower and Upper Bound Estimates of Material Properties of Pristine Graphene: Using Quantum Espresso
T. Chaitanya Sagar, Viswanath Chinthapenta

23. Studies on Behaviour of Steel Tubular Compression Members Subjected to Accelerated Corrosion
A. Cinitha, P. K. Umesha, G. S. Palani

24. Effect of Delamination Defects on Buckling Behavior of Wind Turbine Blades
Vinodkumar Boniface

25. Analysis of the Performance of the Cantilever-Type Piezoelectric Generator Based on Finite Element Modeling
A. N. Soloviev, I. A. Parinov, A. V. Cherpakov, V. A. Chebanenko, E. V. Rozhkov, L. V. Duong

26. Energy Absorption Characteristics of AA7075-T6 Tube Filled with Aluminum Foam
S. Vignesh, C. Lakshmana Rao, Simhachalam Bade

27. Strain Intensity Factor and Interaction of Parallel Rigid Line Inclusion in Elastic Matrix Using FEA
Prataprao Patil, S. N. Khaderi, M. Ramji

Part V. Creep-Fatigue

28. Creep-Fatigue Damage Assessment of Reactor Hot Pool Components During Crash Cooling
Rosy Sarkar, S. Jaladeen, K. Velusamy

29. The Influence of Prior Plasticity on the Creep Resistance of Two Elevated Temperature Power Plant Steels
Valliappa Kalyanasundaram, Stuart R. Holdsworth

30. Structural Integrity Mechanics and Creep Life Prediction of 304HCu Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Multiaxial State of Stress
Kanhu Charan Sahoo, Sunil Goyal, P. Parameswaran, S. Ravi, K. Laha

31. Stress Analysis for Integrity Assessment of High-Energy Hot Reheat Pipe Bends of 210 MW Coal-Fired Unit
Rajesh Daga, Mahendra Kumar Samal

Part VI. Energy and Transportation

32. Structural Integrity Study for Additional Piles on an Existing Jacket Structure in Western Indian Offshore
Praveen Bhat, Bakul Master

33. Structural Integrity Assessment of a Reactor Pressure Vessel Using State-of-the-Art Methodologies—A Case Study
V. Chaudhry, S. M. Ingole, A. K. Balasubrahmanian, U. C. Muktibodh

34. Sodium-Free Level Fluctuations: Concern on Structural Integrity for the Pool-Type Sodium-Cooled Fast Breeder Reactor
V. R. Chandan Reddy, R. Suresh Kumar, Anil Kumar Sharma, K. Velusamy, P. Selvaraj

35. Monotonic Fracture Studies on Bi-metallic Pipe Weld Joints Having Circumferential Through-Wall Crack
G. Raghava, S. Vishnuvardhan, M. Saravanan, P. Gandhi, Suranjit Kumar, P. K. Singh, I. A. Khan, V. Bhasin

Part VII. Experimental Techniques

36. Assessment of Strain in a Corrosive Environment of Structural Steel
A. Cinitha, P. K. Umesha, K. Kesavan

37. A Test Stand for Studying Subcritical and Critical States of Full-Size Reinforced Concrete Structures
Igor Shardakov, Irina Glot, Aleksey Shestakov, R. Tsvetkov, V. Yepin

38. Mode I SIF Determination of Orthotropic Laminates with Double-Ended Cracks Using a Single-Strain Gage
Debaleena Chakraborty, D. Chakraborty, K. S. R. K. Murthy

39. Mechanical Testing of Elevated Temperature PMC, Metallic, and CMC Coupons
Erik A. Schwarzkopf, Michael J. Shepard

40. In Situ Measurement of Deformation Under Tension of ABPBI and Its Composites
Abhijeet Dhiman, F. G. S. Wasim, M. Neergat, Krishna N. Jonnalagadda

41. Determination of Effectiveness of Viscoelastic Dampers in Controlling the Seismic Response of Piping System by Shake Table Testing
R. K. Verma, P. N. Dubey, G. R. Reddy

42. Experimental Study of Deformation Processes in Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with a Carbon Fiber Sheet
Anton Bykov, Igor Shardakov, Aleksey Shestakov, Irina Glot

43. Partial Delamination Detection and Quantification in Composite Laminates Using Laser Doppler Vibrometer
Yashdeep P. Nimje, Gangadharan Raju

44. FEA and Experimental Analysis on Buckling and Post-buckling Behavior of CFRP Composite Panel Using Digital Image Correlation Technique
Muhammad Shuaib NK, Ramji M, Naresh Reddy Kolanu, Gangadharan Raju

Part VIII. Fatigue

45. High Cycle Fatigue Strength of Spring Steel with Small Scratches
Yoshiro Nishimura, Masahiro Endo, Keiji Yanase, Yuichi Ikeda, Susumu Miyakawa, Nobuyuki Miyamoto

46. Estimation of Load Sequence Effect on Fatigue Crack Growth Life According to Various Prediction Models
A. N. Savkin, A. A. Sedov, A. V. Andronik, K. A. Badikov

47. SHM—Prognostic Analysis of Tapered Attachment Lugs Under Fatigue Loading
K. Bharath, B. V. Sravan Kumar, L. Chikmath, B. Dattaguru

48. Experimental Study on Fatigue–Vibration Interactions of Cyclically Loaded FRP Composite Cantilever Beams Made of Glass/Carbon-Layered Arrangements
R. Murugan, R. Ramesh, K. Padmanabhan

49. Investigation of Cyclic Stress–Strain Behavior in FCC Single Crystals
Nipal Deka, Krishna N. Jonnalagadda

50. Analysis of the Plastic Zone Size Ahead of the Crack Tip in Notched Components and Its Application to Fatigue Problems
Masahiro Endo, Keiji Yanase

51. Effect of Loading Frequency on the Fatigue Crack Growth Rate of Type 304L(N) Material
Mukhar Sharma, Punit Arora, P. K. Singh, D. K. Sahoo, Gargi Choudhuri, V. Bhasin

52. Fatigue Life Characterization of Additively Manufactured Acrylic like Poly-Jet Printed Parts
J. A. Suresh, Gurunathan Saravana Kumar, Palaniappan Ramu, Jayaganthan Rengaswamy

Part IX. Material Processing

53. Influence of Machining Process on Surface Integrity and Fatigue Life of a Turbine Rotor Blade
Benudhar Sahoo, S. K. Panigrahi, R. K. Satpathy

54. Spark Plasma Sintering Process as a Tool for Achieving Microstructural Integrity
P. Parameswaran, T. Ezhilarasi, Srinivasa R. Bakshi, V. Thomas Paul, E. Mohandas

Part X. Structural Health and Condition Monitoring

55. On Increasing Quality of Measurement Results at Testing State of Construction Materials
I. P. Miroshnichenko, I. A. Parinov

56. Damage Growth Study in Unidirectional CFRP Composites Using Infrared Thermography
Sukanta Das, Naresh Reddy, Gangadharan Raju

57. Online Damage Detection in Metallic Cylindrical Shells Using Guided Wave Modes by Time Reversal Method
P. Jayesh, Christudas R. Bijudas

Keywords: Engineering, Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control, Structural Mechanics, Quality Control, Reliability, Safety and Risk

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