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Proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Signal Processing

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Table of contents

1. Hybrid Compression Method Using Compressive Sensing (CS) Theory for Various Biometric Data and Biomedical Data
Rohit Thanki, Vedvyas Dwivedi, Komal Borisagar

2. Design, Implementation and Testing of Signal Processing Module for an Impact Ionization Dust Detector
J. P. Pabari, A. D. Jadav, U. Y. Kakaiya

3. Automatic Fire Detection Using Combination of Color Cue and Flame Flicker
Ripal Patel, Kashyap Mandaliya, Pushkar Shelar, Rushi Savani, Chirag I. Patel

4. Performance Analysis of Supervised & Unsupervised Techniques for Brain Tumor Detection and Segmentation from MR Images
Brijesha D. Rao, Mukesh M. Goswami

5. EEG Signal Classification for Epileptogenic Zone and Seizure Zone
Hardika B. Gabani, Chirag N. Paunwala

6. Design and Development of DAQ and Processing System for FMCW RADAR
Rucha Joshi, Amit Patel, Keyur Mahant, Hiren Mewada

7. Side-Lobe Interference Minimization in MC-CDMA Based Cognitive Radio
Bhumika D. Kavaiya, Vinay M. Thumar

8. Evaluation of RTT-Based Techniques for Network State Classification
Dipali Shah, Purvang Dalal, Mohanchur Sarkar, Sejal Dalal

9. CMOS Image Sensor Parameter Configuration Using LabVIEW
Dhvani R. Patel, Brijesh N. Shah, Karan Jasani

10. Bridge Software Between Zigbee and CAN Protocols for Distributed Embedded System
Hiteshkumar J. Lad, Vibhutikumar G. Joshi

11. A New Global Shutter 8T CIS Architecture with CDS Operation
Kishankumar Suthar, Rajesh Thakker

12. Time Series Regression of Weather Parameters Over the Last Century for Cotton Crop
Riddhi Patel, Geetali Saha

13. Enhancement of Data Streaming in Clustering for Uncertain Data
Jeny Ganatra, Chintan Thacker

14. Performance Analysis of Word Spotting Techniques Using HOG and Shape Descriptor on Gujarati Script
Himanshu M. Kathiriya, Mukesh M. Goswami

15. Investigation of Surface Degradation in Polymer Dielectrics with Micro-fillers
Nitin V. Nair, R. R. Patel

16. Characterization of Power Cable Using Various Diagnostic Techniques
R. R. Patel, Vidushi Badmera

17. Radial Feeder Protection by Definite Time Overcurrent Relay
Param Mehta, Vijay H. Makwana

18. Conditional Analysis of Dust Accumulated on Solar Photovoltaic Panel
Kaushal B. Jani, Jatinkumar J. Patel

19. Modeling of Three-Phase Distribution Transformer for Analysis of Core and Ohmic Losses Using FEM
Priyal V. Patel, Sameer B. Patel

20. Day-Ahead Wind Energy Forecasting Using Feed Forward Neural Network
Ankitkumar M. Makwana, P. R. Gandhi

21. To Find Parameters of Transformer Using Open-Circuit and Short-Circuit Tests
Pooja N. Upadhyaya, Vijay H. Makwana

22. Parametric Study of Virgin and Aged Transformer Oil
Nikita Rajda, R. R. Patel

23. Optimal Placement of Capacitor Using Backward/Forward Sweep Method
Priyanka Parmar, Chintan Patel

24. Improved Model of Modular Multilevel Converter
Rushikesh Chakubhai Kalariya, Mukesh Bhesaniya

25. Closed-Loop Control of Flow Under the Influence of Varying Temperature in Air Blower System Using PLC and VFD
Hiren G. Patel, Mihir Raval

26. Harmonic Analysis and Simulation of a Chemical Plant—A Case Study
Vidhi D. Patel, Sumit K. Rathor

27. Computational Analysis and Intelligent Control of Load Forecasting Using Time Series Method
Parth A. Joshi, Jatinkumar J. Patel

28. Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Operating Under Faulty H-Cell Condition
Soniya V. Atodaria, Nilesh V. Shah

Keywords: Engineering, Communications Engineering, Networks, Computational Intelligence, Signal, Image and Speech Processing

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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Technology, Energy, Traffic
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