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DNA Replication

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Table of contents

1. Historical Perspective of Eukaryotic DNA Replication
Thomas Kelly

2. Regulation of Replication Origins
Anna B. Marks, Haiqing Fu, Mirit I. Aladjem

3. Molecular Mechanism for Chromatin Regulation During MCM Loading in Mammalian Cells
Nozomi Sugimoto, Masatoshi Fujita

4. Initiation of DNA Replication at the Chromosomal Origin of E. coli, oriC

Tsutomu Katayama

5. Initiation of DNA Replication in the Archaea
Stephen D. Bell

6. Mechanism of Lagging-Strand DNA Replication in Eukaryotes
Joseph L. Stodola, Peter M. Burgers

7. Functions of Multiple Clamp and Clamp-Loader Complexes in Eukaryotic DNA Replication
Eiji Ohashi, Toshiki Tsurimoto

8. Termination of Eukaryotic Replication Forks
Agnieszka Gambus

9. Structure of the MCM2-7 Double Hexamer and Its Implications for the Mechanistic Functions of the Mcm2-7 Complex
Yuanliang Zhai, Bik-Kwoon Tye

10. Architecture of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Replisome
Lin Bai, Zuanning Yuan, Jingchuan Sun, Roxana Georgescu, Michael E. O’Donnell, Huilin Li

11. Replication Domains: Genome Compartmentalization into Functional Replication Units
Peiyao A. Zhao, Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, David M. Gilbert

12. Rif1-Dependent Regulation of Genome Replication in Mammals
Sara B. C. Buonomo

13. G-Quadruplexes and DNA Replication Origins
Marie-Noëlle Prioleau

14. Interaction of Rif1 Protein with G-Quadruplex in Control of Chromosome Transactions
Kenji Moriyama, Mong Sing Lai, Hisao Masai

15. Chromatin Replication and Histone Dynamics
Constance Alabert, Zuzana Jasencakova, Anja Groth

16. The Temporal Regulation of S Phase Proteins During G1

Gavin D. Grant, Jeanette G. Cook

17. Roles of SUMO in Replication Initiation, Progression, and Termination
Lei Wei, Xiaolan Zhao

18. The Multiple Roles of Ubiquitylation in Regulating Challenged DNA Replication
Sara Villa-Hernández, Avelino Bueno, Rodrigo Bermejo

19. Regulation of Mammalian DNA Replication via the Ubiquitin-Proteasome System
Tarek Abbas, Anindya Dutta

20. Coordinating Replication with Transcription
Yathish Jagadheesh Achar, Marco Foiani

21. Fragility Extraordinaire: Unsolved Mysteries of Chromosome Fragile Sites
Wenyi Feng, Arijita Chakraborty

22. Cyclin E Deregulation and Genomic Instability
Leonardo K. Teixeira, Steven I. Reed

23. Replication Through Repetitive DNA Elements and Their Role in Human Diseases
Advaitha Madireddy, Jeannine Gerhardt

Keywords: Life Sciences, Cell Biology, Cytogenetics, Biochemistry, general

Publication year
Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Page amount
12 pages
Natural Sciences
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