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Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Asia Urban GeoEngineering

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Table of contents

1. Compaction Characteristics of Aeolian Sand with Different Sediment Percentage
Xiu-kun Dong, Li-ying Liu

2. Dynamic Effect in Capillary Pressure – Saturation Relationship Using Lattice Boltzmann Simulation
Guanxi Yan, Zi Li, Thierry Bore, Sergio Galindo-Torres, Alexander Scheuermann, Ling Li

3. Effect of Water Content on the Strength of Bio-Cemented Sand in Various Drying Process
Chen Zeng, Jun-jie Zheng, Ming-juan Cui, Xiang-chuan Yao

4. Electro-Osmotic Chemical Treatment of Marine Clayey Soil Using CaCl2 Solution
Lei Zhang, Liping Jing, Ningwei Wang, Chen Fang, Zhendong Shan, Yongqiang Li

5. Experimental Study of Fiber-Reinforced Sand Subject to Seepage
K.-H. Yang, W. M. Adilehou, S.-T. Jian, B.-C. Hsiung

6. One Dimensional Consolidation Theory Considering the Strain Rate Effect
Quan Liu, Yue-bao Deng, Fei Chen, Sen-jie Tong

7. Statistical Damage Constitutive Model for Warm Frozen Clay Considering Effect of Damage Threshold
Hongfa Xu, Hansheng Geng, Xiao Chen, Zhun Bai

8. A Simplified Expression for Ground Movements Induced by Excavations in Soft Clay
Fuchen Teng

9. A Three-Dimensional Axisymmetric Arc Sliding Method for Checking Basal Heave Stability of Circular Foundation Pits
Ming-ju Zhang, Zhen-bo Zhang, Meng Yang

10. Analysis of Sand Boiling Failure in Deep Excavations
Ignatius Tommy Pratama, Chang-Yu Ou

11. Case Record of a Strut-free Excavation with Buttress Walls in Soft Soil
Aswin Lim, Chang-Yu Ou

12. Characterization of Barrier Effect of Underground Wall in Pumping Tests
Mingfei Zhang, Liyuan Tong

13. Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Analysis Results of Deep Excavation for Nhon – Hanoi Urban Railway Project in Hanoi, Vietnam
Nguyen Chau Lan, Truong Quang Manh

14. Consideration of the Pile-Soil Friction for Earth Pressure of Limited Soil for Double-Row Piles
A. Yi-jun Zhou, B. Ai-jun Yao, C. Gang Lei

15. Different Methods of Excavation for Basement in Jakarta: Design, Reality and Associated Problems
Paulus P. Rahardjo

16. Evaluation of Performance of Walls in Deep Excavations Using Wall Deflection Paths
R. Hwang, L. W. Wong

17. Influence of Excavation Construction on Adjacent Existing Retaining Structure
Chen Xiaoyu, Hu Minyun, Zhang Yong, Yuan Jing

18. In-situ Experimental Investigation on Pullout Performances and Horizontal Bearing Properties of Bored Piles
Linze Shi, Changguang Qi

19. On Methods of Estimating the Base Stability of Excavations in Clay
T. N. Do

20. Railway Underground Adjacent Construction and Design Issues in Soft Soil of Taipei Urban Area
Chung-Ren Huang, Jimmy Chen, Wen-Jen Chang, Tai-Shen Pan, Chen-Yuan Liao, Chung-Yi Tsai

21. Reliability-Based Design of Basal Heave Stability for Braced Excavation Using Three Different Methods
Wan-Huan Zhou, Yu Mu, Xiao-Hui Qi, Shuaidong Yang

22. Risk Assessment of Slope Accounting for the Cross-Correlation of Soil Properties
Hong-zhan Cheng, Jian Chen

23. A Study on the Influence of Water Layer on the Seismic Response of Immersed Tunnel
X. Cheng, L. Jing, J. Cui, Y. Li, R. Dong, G. Wang

24. An Empirical Estimation of Settlement-Time Relationship Due to Shield Tunneling in Gravelly Soils
Yung-Show Fang, Lin-Yao Kuo, Chuo-Ming Lin, Ying-Chu Shih

25. Application of Horizontal MJS Piles in Tunneling Beneath Existing Twin Tunnels
Pin Zhang, Yuan Liu, Xin Kang, Ke Zhong, Renpeng Chen

26. Evaluate the Impact on Adjacent MRT Station from Shield Tunneling by Numerical Analysis and Risk Management – Taking Taipei MRT Circular Line for Example
Chen-Wei Hung, Chien-Ming Lai, Fu-Lai Su

27. Shield Tunneling in Gravels – Difficulties and Resolutions
J. F. Chang, C. R. Chou, Y. F. Lai, Y. H. Hsieh

28. Three Dimension Seepage Flow Numerical Modeling of Slurry Shield with the Permeable Filter Cake
Xinsheng Yin, Fanyan Meng, Renpeng Chen

29. A Load Transfer Approach for Studying the Load-Deformation Response of Vertically Loaded Single Pile
Qingyuan Lu, Qiang Luo

30. A Nonlinear Calculation Approach of Long-Term Settlement for Pile Groups in Layered Soft Soils
Shengyang Feng, Suhua Zhou, Hongquan Li, Limin Wei

31. Calibrating Resistance Factor and Factor of Safety of Driven Piles Considering Set-up Effects
X. Y. Bian, X. Y. Chen, H. L. Lu, J. J. Zheng

32. Deformation Behavior of Geocell Reinforced Granular Cushion Over Soft Soil with Stone Columns
Ling Zhang, Qiang Ou, Minghua Zhao

33. Investigation of Mechanical Behavior of Foundations Over Unsaturated Sands Reinforced by Stone Columns Using Artificial Neural Networks
S. Hashemi, A. Fotovvat

34. One Dimensional Consolidation of Composite Foundation in Multilayered System
J. Jun, Y. Minghui, Z. Xinjun

35. Performance of Raft Foundation for a High-Rise Building
Kheng-Boon Chin, Yoshikatsu Ogawa, Peng-Boon Ng

36. The Application of Large-Scale Caisson in Anchorage Foundation for Suspension Bridge in China
Zheng-zhen Wang, Wei-ming Gong, Guo-liang Dai

37. A Modified p-y Curve Method for Offshore Pile Foundations Under Cyclic Lateral Loading in Soft Clay
Si-qing Nie, Xin-jun Zou, Qiong He

38. Digital Survey for Retaining Walls - Using Commercial Cameras as Instrument
P. C. Chi, C. Y. Hsiao, C. W. Shen, C. T. Wu

39. Effect of Foreshocks of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes on the Aso-Bridge Slope
C. Hung, B.-C. B. Hsiung, K.-H. Yang, L. Ge

40. Field Measurements and Numerical Analyses of a Pumping-Recharge Test in a Deep Confined Aquifer
Yangqing Zhang, Mingguang Li, Jianhua Wang

41. Synthesis and Characterization of Metakaolin Modified Waste Concrete-Based Geopolymer
Wu Chen, Zhiduo Zhu

42. Deformation and Failure Behavior of the Isolated Single Stone Column with and Without Geosynthetic Encasement
Xin Tan, Minghua Zhao

43. Numerical Analysis on Strut Responses Due to One-Strut Failure for Braced Excavation in Clays
A.T.C. Goh, Zhang Fan, Liu Hanlong, Zhang Wengang, Zhou Dong

44. Numerical Simulation on the Development of Soil Arching Induced by EPBS Tunnelling
Xingtao Lin, Yuan Liu, Xin Kang, Jun Chen, Renpeng Chen

45. Analyses of Ground Response Induced by Diaphragm Wall Installation
A.-J. Li, H.-D. Lin

46. Research on Flow Push Pile Effect of Post-liquefied Sand Based on VOF Method
Enquan Zhou, Wen Yan, Wang Qiong

Keywords: Engineering, Geoengineering, Foundations, Hydraulics, Geotechnical Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences, Structural Mechanics

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Springer Series in Geomechanics and Geoengineering
Technology, Energy, Traffic
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