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Humanizing Digital Reality

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Table of contents

Part I. Material Practice

1. Computational Material Cultures
Achim Menges

Part II. Structural Innovation

2. Make Complex Structures Affordable
Jean-François Caron, Olivier Baverel

Part III. Data Farming

3. Data Morphogenesis
Kasper Jordaens

4. Mutually Assured Construction
Usman Haque

5. Seven Short Reflections on Cities, Data, Economy and Politics
Tomas Diez

Part IV. Data Shaping Cities

6. What Big Data Tell Us About Trees and the Sky in the Cities
Fábio Duarte, Carlo Ratti

7. Urban Sensing: Toward a New Form of Collective Consciousness?
Antoine Picon

Part V. Thermodynamic Practice

8. On the Nature of Thermodynamic Models in Architecture and Climate
Nadir Abdessemed

9. The Tool(s) Versus The Toolkit

Chris Mackey, Mostapha Sadeghipour Roudsari

10. Capturing the Dynamics of Air in Design
Jane Burry

Part VI. Scientific Contributions

11. Stone Morphologies: Erosion-Based Digital Fabrication Through Event-Driven Control
Steve Micoli, Katja Rinderspacher, Achim Menges

12. Designing Grid Structures Using Asymptotic Curve Networks
Eike Schling, Denis Hitrec, Rainer Barthel

13. The Grand Hall of the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg: Development of Parametric and Digital Fabrication Tools in Architectural and Acoustical Design
Benjamin S. Koren

14. Bloomberg Ramp: Collaborative Workflows, Sharing Data and Design Logics
Jonathan Rabagliati, Jeroen Janssen, Edoardo Tibuzzi, Federico Paoli, Paul Casson, Richard Maddock

15. Nature-Based Hybrid Computational Geometry System for Optimizing Component Structure
Danil Nagy, Dale Zhao, David Benjamin

16. Enabling Inference in Performance-Driven Design Exploration
Zack Xuereb Conti, Sawako Kaijima

17. Aspects of Sound as Design Driver: Parametric Design of an Acoustic Ceiling
Moritz Rumpf, Markus Schein, Johannes Kuhnen, Manfred Grohmann

18. La Seine Musicale
Sylvain Usai, Hanno Stehling

19. The Design Implications of Form-Finding with Dynamic Topologies
Seiichi Suzuki, Jan Knippers

20. City Gaming and Participation
Areti Markopoulou, Marco Ingrassia, Angelos Chronis, Aurel Richard

21. The Potential of Shape Memory Alloys in Deployable Systems—A Design and Experimental Approach
Philippe Hannequart, Michael Peigney, Jean-François Caron, Olivier Baverel, Emmanuel Viglino

22. A Multi-scalar Approach for the Modelling and Fabrication of Free-Form Glue-Laminated Timber Structures
Tom Svilans, Paul Poinet, Martin Tamke, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

23. Assessment of RANS Turbulence Models in Urban Environments: CFD Simulation of Airflow Around Idealized High-Rise Morphologies
Farshid Kardan, Olivier Baverel, Fernando Porté Agel

24. Automated Generation of Knit Patterns for Non-developable Surfaces
Mariana Popescu, Matthias Rippmann, Tom Mele, Philippe Block

25. Enlisting Clustering and Graph-Traversal Methods for Cutting Pattern and Net Topology Design in Pneumatic Hybrids
Phil Ayres, Petras Vestartas, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

26. Simulation and Real-Time Design Tools for an Emergent Design Strategy in Architecture
Ole Klingemann

27. Robotic Fabrication Techniques for Material of Unknown Geometry
Philipp Eversmann

28. Locally Varied Auxetic Structures for Doubly-Curved Shapes
Jan Friedrich, Sven Pfeiffer, Christoph Gengnagel

29. This Room Is Too Dark and the Shape Is Too Long: Quantifying Architectural Design to Predict Successful Spaces
Carlo Bailey, Nicole Phelan, Ann Cosgrove, Daniel Davis

30. Modelling and Representing Climatic Data in the Tropics: A Web Based Pilot Project for Colombia
Roland Hudson, Rodrigo Velsaco

31. Thermally Informed Bending: Relating Curvature to Heat Generation Through Infrared Sensing
Dorit Aviv, Eric Teitelbaum

32. Localised and Learnt Applications of Machine Learning for Robotic Incremental Sheet Forming
Mateusz Zwierzycki, Paul Nicholas, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

33. Energy Efficient Design for 3D Printed Earth Architecture
Alexandre Dubor, Edouard Cabay, Angelos Chronis

34. Ice Formwork for Ultra-High Performance Concrete: Simulation of Ice Melting Deformations
Vasily Sitnikov

35. Toward a Spatial Model for Outdoor Thermal Comfort
Evan Greenberg, Anna Mavrogianni, Sean Hanna

36. Survey-Based Simulation of User Satisfaction for Generative Design in Architecture
Lorenzo Villaggi, James Stoddart, Danil Nagy, David Benjamin

37. Navigating the Intangible Spatial-Data-Driven Design Modelling in Architecture
Jens Pedersen, Ryan Hughes, Corneel Cannaerts

38. Tailoring the Bending Behaviour of Material Patterns for the Induction of Double Curvature
Riccardo Magna, Jan Knippers

39. Design of Space Truss Based Insulating Walls for Robotic Fabrication in Concrete
Romain Duballet, Olivier Baverel, Justin Dirrenberger

40. Collaborative Models for Design Computation and Form Finding—New Workflows in Versioning Design Processes
Jonas Runberger, Julian Lienhard

41. Modelling Workflow Data, Collaboration and Dynamic Modelling Practice
Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard, Kenn Clausen

42. Equilibrium-Aware Shape Design for Concrete Printing
Shajay Bhooshan, Tom Mele, Philippe Block

43. Monolithic Earthen Shells Digital Fabrication: Hybrid Workflow
Maite Bravo, Stephanie Chaltiel

44. Application of Machine Learning Within the Integrative Design and Fabrication of Robotic Rod Bending Processes
Maria Smigielska

45. Data and Design: Using Knowledge Generation/Visual Analytic Paradigms to Understand Mobile Social Media in Urban Design
Eric Sauda, Ginette Wessel, Alireza Karduni

46. Simulating Pedestrian Movement
Renee Puusepp, Taavi Lõoke, Damiano Cerrone, Kristjan Männigo

47. Structural Patterning of Surfaces
Renaud Danhaive, Caitlin Mueller

48. Free-Form Wooden Structures: Parametric Optimization of Double-Curved Lattice Structures
Klaas Rycke, Louis Bergis, Ewa Jankowska-Kus

49. The Mere Exposure Effect in Architecture
Michael-Paul “Jack” James, Christopher Beorkrem, Jefferson Ellinger

50. [Kak-Tos]: A Tool for Optimizing Conceptual Mass Design and Orientation for Rainwater Harvesting Facades
Christopher Beorkrem, Ashley Damiano

51. Redundancy and Resilience in Reciprocal Systems
Joseph Benedetti, Pierre André, Audrey Aquaronne, Olivier Baverel

52. Negotiating Sound Performance and Advanced Manufacturing in Complex Architectural Design Modelling
Pantea Alambeigi, Canhui Chen, Jane Burry

53. Pneu and Shell: Constructing Free-Form Concrete Shells with a Pneumatic Formwork
Maxie Schneider

54. A Computational Approach to Methodologies of Landscape Design
Ignacio López Busón, Mary Polites, Miguel Vidal Calvet, Han Yu

55. Design Tools and Workflows for Braided Structures
Petras Vestartas, Mary Katherine Heinrich, Mateusz Zwierzycki, David Andres Leon, Ashkan Cheheltan, Riccardo Magna, Phil Ayres

56. Erratum to: Humanizing Digital Reality
Klaas Rycke, Christoph Gengnagel, Olivier Baverel, Jane Burry, Caitlin Mueller, Minh Man Nguyen, Philippe Rahm, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen

Keywords: Engineering, Building Construction and Design, Structural Mechanics, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAD, CAE) and Design, Energy Efficiency

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